How to withdraw money from the Borgata online casino

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So, you won big and are finally ready to enjoy your winnings! Now you need to figure how to get your money out of Borgata’s online casino and into your account. Every online casino has different procedures, policies, and expectations for deposits and withdrawals. You can check it here for each legal casino operator in New Jersey: BetMGM, PartyCasino, 888 Casino, William Hill, Caesars, SugarHouse Casino, Golden Nugget, Tropicana and Virgin Casino

Knowing that it is a good idea to educate yourself as much as you can regarding Borgata’s procedures so you are not met with any annoying surprises or disappointments. To help with that learning, we’ve compiled everything you need to effortlessly go through the process. Here is everything you’ve always wanted to know about withdrawing your money from Borgata online casino.

Which withdrawal options are available for Borgata online?

Borgata goes to great lengths to make certain that your withdrawal request is processed in the shortest time possible. Most can be approved in 48 hours. Any withdrawal request you make must be subjected to a security review. When your request is reviewed, the funds will be transferred to you using the withdrawal method you select.

You can use any of the following methods to withdraw funds from your account:

You can visit the cashier window at Borgata Hotel Casino to withdraw your funds in cash. If you opt for this method, you will be required to carry your government-issued ID, as well as your online gaming account information to complete the transaction.

  •   VIP Preferred

VIPPreferred is the recommended ACH or eCheck withdrawal method used at

Top withdrawal options for bettors

E-wallet withdrawal

Examples of popular e-wallet withdrawal methods Borgata’s online casino clients use include Skrill and PayPal. Such e-wallets allow bettors to safely store their cash online for easy deposits and withdrawals to and from their Borgata betting accounts. E-Wallets are popular because they are secure and fast.

Bettors can link their e-Wallets to their checking accounts for ease of completing transfers of funds. Withdrawing your funds to an e-wallet takes about 3 working days but a few more days will pass before it will be reflected in your bank account.

Credit/debit cards

Credit cards are perhaps the easiest way to withdraw your cash. The good news is that you never have to worry about security issues with Borgata because it is one of the most reputable online casinos available.  It employs advanced security systems and technologies to keep your information and cash safe. You should know that you cannot use your MasterCard for withdrawals but Visa is welcome.

Wire transfers

Like credit card withdrawals, you must provide the New Jersey casino with your banking details to make wire transfers. When you do, give your funds 10 working days to appear in your account. If you used a deposit option (like MasterCard) that cannot be used for withdrawal, wire transfers are an excellent substitute.

How to withdraw your winnings from Borgata in a few simple steps

Step 1: Login and select cashier

Whenever you need to withdraw funds from Borgata it is best to do so through the NJ casino’s official website. Whenever dealing with real money online, you always want to stay away from links of any kind because they could compromise your valuable information.

First, you need to log in to your online account so that you can access the cashier button, which is where all the magic will begin. After login in, direct the pointer over to the cashier button and select withdraw or payout.

Step 2: Enter the payout amount

Enter the amount that you want to withdraw from the payout section and remember to keep in mind the payout limits for the withdrawal method you intend to use. If your input amount is rejected, then it most likely means you have set the amount too high for what is available or too low to meet the minimum required amount. Either way, you will have to check your earnings to proceed.

Step 3: Initiate withdraw funds

This is a pretty self-explanatory step. Simply follow the instructions after selecting your preferred payment method. Different methods will have different instructions. For instance, if you opt to withdraw using Bitcoin, you will have to provide an address to where your withdrawal will be sent.

Step 4: Wait to receive your cash

The time frame for your cash to appear in your account will depend on the withdrawal method you use. Generally, it takes 24 to 48 hours for Bitcoin and 5 to 7 days for eChecks and wire transfers.

How long should you wait before receiving your withdrawn funds?

Sometimes withdrawals can be frustrating, especially since the NJ casino works so hard to quickly relieve you of your money.  Unfortunately, when it comes to giving back, the process is not instantaneous. But that’s how things go.  Besides, the wait is for your benefit since every transaction made must be verified to keep the New Jersey casino and its customers safe.

Borgata online casino, and most other New Jersey casinos for that matter, typically take up to 48 hours to internally work on your request before submitting it to the bank. The bank will take some time to process your requests depending on which payment method you pick. For example, debit and credit cards are generally much faster than wire transfers.

  •   Credit or debit cards: 3 to 6 business days
  •   E-wallets: 1 to 3 business days
  •   Bank Transfers 5 to 8 business days

Some points to remember before withdrawing from Borgata online casino

Here are some important points you need to consider before you go ahead and click on the payout button if you want to avoid setbacks or headaches. These include:

Understand your limits 

Before you request a withdrawal, make sure that you fully understand your limits. Even though Borgata has gone out of its way to provide you with as many withdrawal methods as possible, each method has a minimum and maximum limit that must be followed. Make sure you know these limits before choosing a withdrawal method.

Review the processing periods

Every withdrawal method will also have a different processing period, which is how long it will take before your funds appear in your account. If you gamble often or need your funds urgently, the quickest method is best because certain withdrawal methods such as e-Checks and wire transfers tend to take much longer than credit card withdrawals.

Know the wagering requirements for bonuses

If you intend to take advantage of the bonuses available, make sure you understand your wagering requirements for completing withdrawals. For instance, if you received complimentary or bonus cash into your account, make sure that you comply with any bonus restrictions established in the offer or the terms and conditions on the site.

It is essential that you fully comprehend these terms and conditions because they must be met before any transaction can be completed. If you are unable to meet the restrictions, you won’t be able to withdraw your funds until the restrictions are met.

Do not hesitate to ask questions

If you encounter any issues during the process of withdrawing money from Borgata online casino, contact the NJ casino support for assistance. The support team is always ready to assist with your withdrawal questions and concerns. Sometimes the process can be very confusing, especially if you are making a withdrawal at Borgata for the first time.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help whenever necessary.

Is it possible to cancel or modify a withdrawal request after it’s made?

If you change your mind and decide that you would like your funds to sit in your account a little longer, you may be able to modify or cancel your request before it has been approved or processed. Contact the customer care desk or go to the cashier and click on deposits. If your request is still pending, then you may be able to cancel part or the entire sum so that the money can be deposited back into your account. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it.

How do you check on the status of your withdrawal request?

To check on the status of your withdrawal request, simply log into your account and head over to the cashier. Select the transaction history option to see whether your withdrawal request has been approved or not.

You can also easily keep up with your transactions under the history tab in the cashier section. Online gambling owes at least part of its popularity to the ease with which one can manage bankroll and spending habits with the tools provided. If you find something amiss, make sure that you contact live support immediately.

My cash still hasn’t been received and it’s past due, why?

There are several good reasons why your cash may not have arrived at your bank in the timeframe expected. However, the two most likely reasons are:

You provided incorrect information

You would not believe how long it takes for a casino to rectify bad requests after they’ve been processed. If you don’t want to waste time waiting for your funds to arrive, check and double-check the information you supply when submitting your withdrawal request form.

Reverse withdrawal features

Check that you have turned off the reverse withdrawal feature on your online account. All the best reputable casinos including Borgata have put this setting in place to give bettors a chance (usually 24-48 hours) to change their minds about the withdrawal. If you are not sure how you can disable this service, contact live support so that they can guide you through it.

Are there any restrictions for withdrawals from Borgata online casino?

There are restrictions that you may encounter when making your withdrawals. Some of these include:

Betting requirements

This is basically the number of times that you need to play through a bonus before you are allowed to withdraw it. For example, if there is a 20x betting requirement for $100, you must wager 30×100, which is $2,000 before you can withdraw funds originating from the bonus.

Withdrawal limits

There may be limits to the amount that you can withdraw within a specific period. Borgata sets weekly, daily, and monthly withdrawal limits.

Amount limits

This refers to the amount of money players can withdraw with each transaction. Sometimes Borgata will allow bettors to make one large withdrawal in specific circumstances, such as after scoring huge.

Security checks

All regulated casinos, including Borgata online casino, are required to conduct security checks on all new and existing clients to ensure that bettors are truly of legal age to gamble and to confirm that the payment methods being used belong to the client.

Final Thoughts

When enjoying the seamless experience that Borgata online casino has curated for you, you want to enjoy the spoils of your victory. If you are lucky enough to win big, you will need to make a withdrawal so that you can start putting your cash to good use.

The good news is that the withdrawal process is relatively uncomplicated especially once you figure out what you are doing. By picking a banking method that works for your needs, accessing your winnings is as easy as 123.

Plus, Borgata has worked to offer you a range of withdrawal methods; all you have to do is pick the best format for your needs. Each format comes with a minimum and maximum withdrawal amount, as well as possible fees, so your decision is not something to be taken lightly.

Carrying out a little bit of research so that you can educate yourself about each of the methods will allow you to pick the quickest, easiest, and most reliable method. Lucky for you, we’ve ensured that this guide is as detailed as possible so that you can learn to make withdrawals at your favorite online casino free of stress or issues. 

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