FoxBet sportsbook

FoxBet sportsbook

FoxBet: Get $20 free cash +$100 deposit match bonus.

FOX Bet – Expert Review & Sign-Up Bonuses

FOX Bet is a sportsbook collaboration between FOX Sports and the Stars group, so there is a lot of brand name recognition behind it. They offer a wide range of betting options on all kinds of sporting events from around the world, for bettors located in NJ or PA.

  • Easy, quick and secure deposits and withdrawals with lots of available methods
  • Very good mobile app
  • Great selection of sports and leagues to choose from
  • Good intro bonuses
  • Great tie-ins with FOX Sports personalities
  • Site is attractive, intuitive, and easy to use
  • Reputable companies FOX and The Stars Group are behind it
  • Loyalty program is ok, but doesn’t have a dedicated program
  • Customer service options are not great
  • They do not offer teasers
  • Lack of bonuses after sign-up
  • Only available in 2 U.S. states: New Jersey and Pennsylvania

FoxBet sportsbook Highlights

Huge Selection of Sports and Leagues. If you like sports, no matter what sport it is or where it’s played, you can probably find a way to bet on it on FOX Bet.

Nice Intro Bonuses. When you first sign up, you can receive a $20 sign-up bonus. The site will also match your first deposit up to $100.

Bet Boosts from FOX Sports Personalities. The cast of the FOX Sports betting shoe Lock It In, as well as other FOX Sports personalities, give you their favorite picks for the week. These special picks are then offered at better odds and with better payouts than other bets on the site.

Gamified Loyalty Program. While they do not have their own loyalty program, they are part of the program from The Stars Group. It is a fun, gamified program where you try to fill up a progress bar to open treasure chests with secret rewards.

Very Good Website and Mobile App. Both the website and mobile app are user-friendly and get good reviews in almost all aspects outside of customer service.

Sign-Up Process

There is a big blue “Join button located at the top right corner of the FOX Bet home page. When you click the “Join” button, there is a sign-up box that pops up and walks you through the 2-step process, encouraging you to claim your $20 Free Cash.

The sign-up window process includes the following steps:

Step 1: Enter an email address, a Stars ID (this is “both your account login name and how you’ll appear publicly to others throughout our products”), and a password.

Step 2: Here, you must consent to a range of legal statements including:

  • Whether you consent to receiving special offers, news, promotions, marketing communications, emails, and mobile notifications.
  • That you are at least 21 years of age and have read and understood the End User License Agreement.
  • That you have read and understood the Privacy Policy.

After you have created your account, you need to submit your information to create a Real Money account. The steps in this process include the following:

  • Adding your first name, last name, gender, date of birth, last 4 digits of your social security number, and cell number.
  • Entering the country, zip code, street address, city, and state.
  • Creating and submitting answers for 2 security questions.
  • Submit to the Terms of Service again, such as being 21 years old, reading the agreements, and not being an ineligible casino employee.

Ease of Use

For the uninitiated sports bettor, the first glimpse of the FOX Bet website can be overwhelming and seem like it is a very difficult site to use. The site is crammed full of numbers for point spreads, overs/unders, and money lines, all with either pluses and minuses in front of them. There may be unfamiliar teams, players, and stats as well.

While the site does do a good job explaining most of these things in various sections of their website, if you are not an experienced sports gambler, it will probably take a while to get up to speed on how to use the site and what bets you want to make.

If you are a knowledgeable and experienced sports bettor though, the site is very user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use. You will find most of the biggest games right on the homepage along with the FOX Sports personalities’ favorites. To find a game you want to bet on, it is easy to navigate the sports and various leagues by clicking on their icons across the top of the page.

Once you have your game, all you need to do is click on which side you want to bet. The bet populates to your betting slip on the right side of the page and you enter how much you want to wager. It will automatically calculate what you would win. Click “Place Bet” after that, and you are ready to go.

The only difficult aspect of the site is Customer Service. They do have very good FAQ and info pages but emailing through a form is your only option to get in touch with someone, because there is no live chat or even a phone number to contact someone.

Deposit Options

There are several different, convenient ways to put money into your FOX Bet account. Some of the methods, which are noted below and clearly marked on the website, are eligible for “Fast Deposits”. These are “a fast and convenient payment option that allows you to fund your Stars Account instantly without leaving your game.” The methods of deposit for FOX Bet include:

  • Stars Transfer. On FOX Bet, you can access your bank accounts if you bank with a participating financial institution. Through online banking and enabling the “Bill Pay” feature, you will be able to directly deposit into account from banks such as Bank of America, BB&T, Capital One 360, Chase, PNC, Regions, SunTrust, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo.
  • MasterCard. One of the most recognized payment brands in the world, MasterCard allows you to fund your FOX Bet account with your prepaid, credit, or debit card. Limits and eligibility come from MasterCard and this method is eligible for Fast Deposit. FOX Bet does not allow withdrawals, however, back to a MasterCard.
  • Visa. FOX Bet accepts Visa prepaid, and debit and credit cards for deposits. Just like MasterCard, Visa may regulate how much you can deposit or if you can deposit at all. Visa is also eligible for Fast Deposit and you can also not make withdrawals back to your Visa card.
  • PayPal. You can quickly and easily link your PayPal account directly to your FOX Bet accounts and deposit funds. This method is not eligible for Fast Deposit.
  • Skrill.  Another popular eWallet, Skrill can be linked to your account to deposit funds and is eligible for Fast Deposit.
  • PayNearMe at 7/Eleven. PayNearMe is a service offered by 7/Eleven convenience stores, offering a service to deposit cash to fund your account here. This deposit method is currently only available at Pennsylvania 7/Elevens. It is not eligible for Fast Deposit and you cannot make withdrawals this way.
  • Instant eChecks. This deposit method allows you to make quick and secure electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your bank account to your FOX Bet account with an electronic check. These are not eligible for Fast Deposit.
  • PokerStars Play+ Card. This is a personalized prepaid card account from the Stars family of online gaming. The card account is specific to your Stars Account and can be used for secure deposits.
  • Cash at Cage. In New Jersey, you can deposit money directly into your FOX Bet account at the cashier’s cage at Resorts Casino and Hotel, Atlantic City.

Withdrawal Options

Withdrawing your money from the site is quick and easy. The process involves clicking the “Cashier” in the desktop Lobby and then selecting “Withdraw”. From there, you will then be prompted to enter how much you would like to withdraw. Click “Submit” and you are done. There are a variety of methods to withdraw your money as well, although not as many options as there are for deposits. The withdrawal methods include:

  • PayPal. You can quickly and easily link your PayPal account directly to your FOX Bet accounts and withdraw funds into this popular eWallet.
  • Skrill.  Another popular eWallet, Skrill can be linked to your account to withdraw funds.
  • Instant eChecks. This withdrawal method allows you to make quick and secure electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your FOX Bet account into your bank account with an electronic check.
  • PokerStars Play+ Card. This is a personalized prepaid card account from the Stars family of online gaming. The card account is specific to your Stars Account and can be used for secure withdrawals. Available in New Jersey only.
  • Cash at Cage. Withdraw money directly from your FOX Bet account at the cashier’s cage at Resorts Casino and Hotel, Atlantic City. Available in New Jersey only.

Popular Games

Obviously, a sportsbook is very different from an online casino and there aren’t any games to play, unlike those you would find on other online gambling sites. What FOX Bet does offer in the way of popular games, though, fall into two general categories.

They offer a huge selection of sports, big sporting events, and sports leagues to bet on, as well as multiple types of bets you can make on each match. This is further subdivided into several categories. You can bet multiple ways on the contest before it starts, or, you can do in-game betting where you make bets as the competition progresses. You can also bet on future outcomes or on individual players’ performances.

Sports and Leagues

FOX Bet offers betting on 14 sports in total. These are general sporting categories and each sport usually has multiple leagues or events within it. Here are the sports that FOC Bet offers, and the events and leagues they include.

Baseball – FOX Bet only offers betting on Major League Baseball (MLB). They have all types of betting during the season, including in-game. When this review was written, baseball was in its off-season so the site was only offering futures and player props for the upcoming season.

Basketball – There is currently only betting on American basketball on FOX Bet, and not any international leagues. They do offer all types of betting on both NBA and NCAA college basketball.

Boxing/UFC – The site has betting on fights from multiple boxing associations, and both Bellator and UFC MMA fights. For smaller fights, you can only bet on the winners. For bigger prize fights, they will have all types of round-by-round betting to partake in as well.

Cricket – While not all that popular in most of America, the site does offer betting on multiple cricket leagues. You can bet on international matches in both the ODI Series and T20 Series.

Cycling – On FOX Bet, you can find 2020 One-Day Classics as they come up, and they also have bets you can make on the Tour De France well in advance of the popular event.

Darts – Another niche sport that is much more popular in other areas of the world, FOC Bet does have darts betting. You can bet on match winners and futures for the Premier League.

American Football – Probably the most robust section of betting on the entire site, the football bets are plentiful here. You can bet on NFL, NCAA college football and now, even the XFL. You can make all types of bets here and in the off-season, bet team futures, player futures, Heisman trophy futures, and even bet on the NFL Draft.

Golf – Here, you can bet on the current tournament in the PGA and LPGA as well as a few lesser tours from time to time. You can also bet player futures on all the big majors on the PGA Tour.

Hockey – Hockey is the 4th major pro sport in North America, but it’s also popular around the world. Because of this, the site also offers betting on popular leagues around the globe in addition to the NHL. These leagues include the top pro leagues in Russia, Sweden, and Finland.

Motor Sports – FOX Bet will occasionally have big international events available to bet here, but they mostly stick to NASCAR year-round.

Rugby Union – One more mostly for the international crowd, they offer betting on big matches for both men’s and women’s rugby.

Soccer – It’s not the most popular sport in the U.S., but the big international leagues are getting more popular in the states all the time. It is also the most bet-on sport in the world. FOX Bet has betting on the top leagues, England, Spain, Germany, France, and Italy. It also has the domestic cups and Champions Leagueas well as betting on leagues from 20+ regions from Mexico to Turkey and beyond.

Tennis – There is plenty of tennis betting on FOX Bet as well. You can bet men’s or women’s matches from ATP, WTA, Challenger, or ITF. There are lots of futures on major tournaments too.

Track & Field – Bet on Track & Field events during the Olympics, or before via Olympic futures.

Types of Betting

There are four main types of betting you can do on FOX Bet. These include futures, player betting, traditional match betting, or live or in-game betting.


This is the likelihood of something happening in the future. It can be a bet on the number of team wins, teams winning divisions or championships, or individual players reaching some statistical milestone or achievement.  All bets are given odds based on how likely it is to happen.

Player Betting

These bet on what a player will do statistically in a single given game or match. They are usually in the form of a player surpassing a statistical milestone like touchdowns, goals, rebounds, or other categories.

Traditional Match Betting

FOX Bet has three main types of betting which include several sub-genres of bets. The one main type of betting they are missing, though, is teasers. Teasers are when you bet on two or more games and can adjust the lines by a certain amount of points.

The betting they do offer includes:

  • Straight Bet

A straight bet is a bet on one selection per event. If your selection is correct, you get a payout. This can include betting in the spread, the Moneyline, over/unders, and more.

  • Parlays

These involve two or more selections from different events. All must be successful to get a payout and you can do between two and twenty bet parlays. The more teams you have involved in the parlay, the more difficult it is to win them all–but the odds get better with more events.

  • Round Robins

The website will create all possible bet combinations for you. The site gives the example, “If you make ten selections and want to combine them into all of the possible Six Bet Parlays, enter your bet amount in the Six Bet Parlay bet slip and all of the possible 210 Six Bet Parlays will be created as bets for you. In this example, a 1-unit bet will cost you 210 units.”

In-game betting

As the name suggests, these are bets that you can make as the game goes along. Depending on the sport and the game, you can bet on things like the result, period scores, or player props in real-time as the contest goes on. The odds adjust in real-time too, based on what is happening. The bigger the event, the more live betting options there usually are.

Custom Bets

One cool thing that FOX Bet also does is offer custom bets. If you have a bet you like, the site encourages you to tweet it to them via their Twitter account @FOXBet using the hashtag #CustomBet. These bets are usually either player or team prop bets. If accepted, FOX Bet will assign odds and allow users to bet either side of it.

FOX Bet Loyalty Program

While there is not a dedicated FOX Bet loyalty program, players can join The Stars Group loyalty program and earn rewards that way on FOX Bet. This program will also allow you to earn reward points on their other platforms such as PokerStars.

Star Rewards

The way Star Rewards works for any of their online gambling properties is that users earn points based on how much they wager over time. The more points you earn, the more rewards and prizes you get from the site.

The unique part of this rewards system is that The Stars Group gamifies their program so users’ points go to opening treasure chests. They have a progress bar you try to fill as you wager more money, and when the bar completes, open the chest to find random prizes inside, such as cash or free bets. The prizes get better with the more chests players open.

FOX Bet Website

FOX Bet has a very good website that is attractive, well-laid-out and easy to navigate. Do note though that there are two separate sites depending on where you are located, one for New Jersey and one for Pennsylvania. They look very similar but there are some slight differences and you will only be able to play on the appropriate one when you are in that given state.

The site looks like most FOX Sports properties and has a very familiar blue, white, and gold color scheme. The site is full of FOX Sports personalities too, and you can easily follow your favorite’s advice on what to bet on.

The personalities include the main FOX Sports stars, Charissa Thompson and Colin Cowherd as well as gambling expert Nick Wright. The cast of the FOX Sports gambling show Lock It In are also prominently featured. This includes “Cousin” Sal Iacono, Clay Travis, Rachael Bonnetta, and Todd Fuhrman.

The site has clearly laid-out sections and search tabs which make whatever sport or bet you are looking for easy to find. They also have a great Bet Slip calculator on the side, which tells you how much you stand to win with your bet.

The only real issue is that customer service can be a little hard to find, and the site does not offer a phone number to call or live chat with reps. They do have a very good FAQ section along with a lot of easy-to-find explainers.

Overall, this is a great website that is easy and fun to use, especially if you like the FOX Sports personalities they tie in with and watch or listen to their shows.

FOX Bet Mobile App

FOX Bet offers a mobile app for both Apple iOS and Android. For the Apple app, simply download it from the app store. The Android app is not quite that simple though, because the Google Play store does not allow users to download gambling apps even if they are legal in your state, like FOX Bet is in NJ and PA.

If you have an Android, you need to download the app from the FOX Bet website. This involves a 4-step process where you download it from your browser, go to settings when your phone blocks it, accept apps from unknown sources, then download it.

Once it’s on a phone, most players report a very good experience with the app. It has a good geolocation feature that rarely loses touch with GPS coordinates in NJ and PA, so you can almost always bet while physically in those states.

The app is very easy and intuitive to use and players seem to have no trouble navigating all the options and features–even though there are lots of them. Overall, this is a very solid app which is not surprising due to the fact that FOX and The Stars Group are involved.

FOX Bet Contact Information

Toll-Free Customer Support Line: Not Available

Address: 312 Woodland Road, Mt. Pocono, PA 18344

1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Customer Support Email: Not Available

Customer Support email form can be found here

Here is the main help/customer support page

Live chat support is not available.

The Verdict

If you’re in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, the verdict on FOX Bet is that it is a great online sportsbook. It is also a site you can trust due to the fact that it is a partnership between two reputable and trustworthy companies, FOX Sports and The Stars Group. They also partner with Resorts Casino in NJ and Mt Airy Casino in PA for an even stronger brand.

There are a lot of wins for FOX Bet. Both the website and the mobile app generally get rave reviews and are simple to explore and operate for sports bettors. They offer pretty much everything you could possibly want in terms of sports, leagues, and bets. The tie-ins with FOX Sports personalities are also very cool if you are a fan of those programs.

There are only a few small downsides to FOX Bet. You have to search a little for what the different terms and numbers mean if you are not a knowledgeable sports bettor, and in that case, the site may be a little confusing. Also, there is no customer service number and that can be frustrating at times. There are also no teasers which some sports bettors like a lot.

The final verdict for FOX Bet is that overall, it is a top-notch sports gambling site. It is a great site to bet on when in NJ and PA and with the brands behind it, the site definitely has the potential to expand and go national as more states legalize gambling or it is legalized federally.

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