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DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings: Get $500 bonus cash if you deposit $2,500.

DraftKings Sportsbook Online (New Jersey) – Expert Review & Sign-Up Bonuses

Long dominant in Daily Fantasy Sports, DraftKings has landed on the New Jersey sports betting market like a ton of bricks. While it didn’t have the same reputation in this arena as it did in DFS, this major, resource-rich gaming company has established itself as a force to be reckoned with.
DraftKings Sportsbook Online NJ clearly strives to be the most user-friendly online sportsbook in New Jersey. It caters to both neophyte and veteran bettors alike with a user-friendly interface, easy presentation of betting options, and a top-flight mobile experience.

  • Betting Carousel offering you a menu of betting options based on your preferences and most recent bets.
  • Noob-Friendly. DraftKings Sportsbook Online NJ distinguishes itself with a commitment to beginner-friendly language
  • Easy to Link your DFS Account. If you already have an account with DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports, one click on the app is all it takes to link the accounts.
  • Robust Mobile Platform. All DraftKings bets can easily be placed on your tablet or smartphone on both Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Trusted Name in Sports Betting. DraftKings is a reputable company and a major player in the sports betting market.
  • Limited Banking Options. DraftKings only recently began accepting PayPal, and still offers frustratingly few options for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Odds are Worse. You will notice that New Jersey’s top sports betting platform offers worse odds than some of its competitors.
  • No Loyalty Rewards System. Strangely, DraftKings does not offer a loyalty rewards system. Nothing; not even a sliver of hope.
  • No Customer Support Number. Don’t call them; they’ll call you. There is a form you can fill out to have them call you back. No way to call them directly.

DraftKings Sportsbook Online New Jersey — Highlights

The first thing you will notice about DraftKings Sportsbook Online NJ (because it’s screamed across the loading page) is the lucrative welcome bonus. You can claim up to $1,000 in “free money” as a brand-new user of DraftKings Online.
Of course, the money isn’t really free—it’s subject to wagering and playthrough requirements designed to turn you into a loyal and loving DraftKings bettor. But still, that’s a pretty healthy amount of bonus cash for a serious sports bettor to play with.

You can access the full bonus as a kind of “one-two punch”:

  • Deposit Match. DraftKings will match your first deposit at 20%, up to a total of $500 in bonus cash. That means you need to deposit $2,500 to maximize the bonus. If you do so, you will end up with a betting bankroll of $3,000 with both your deposit and the bonus.
  • No-Risk Bets Up to $500. DraftKings will also refund, dollar-for-dollar, the first $500 you place in bets, allowing you to bet risk-free. This promotion is good for about 90 days after you sign up.

Actually, it’s $1,025, not $1,000. New players also get $25 in free-play cash just for signing up. DraftKings requires no bonus code or promo code to unlock this bonus cash—just sign up at sportsbook.draftkings.com and it’s yours.

Since the bonuses do expire, though, try not to create an account until you are ready to bet.

Once you create your account and log in, the star of the show is the betting carousel. This preloaded series of recommended bets can get you started quickly and keep you in the action with minimal headaches.

An industry leader in sports betting, DraftKings allows you to bet on every point, play, or beat of every game across all major leagues, including NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, MMA, and Pro Golf.

In short, you have a lot of betting options. The carousel makes easy-to-follow suggestions on what bets to place. As you place more and more bets, it learns your preferences and you’ll notice your favorites begin to pop up as top choices in the carousel, a cool feature available on both the desktop and mobile versions. Well done, DraftKings.

Sign-Up Process

DraftKings Sportsbook Online NJ is extremely easy to sign up for. Although you can’t place bets without being physically located in the state of New Jersey, you can create an account from anywhere in the world in seconds.

A sign-up button appears as soon as you navigate to sportsbook.draftkings.com. Click it, and you will quickly be walked through a four-step sign-up process:

  • Set Up Account. On this page, you will create a username, password, and link your account to an email address. You must also check a box with several acknowledgements, including certifying that you are over 18 years of age (remember, though, gambling is restricted to 21 years of age in New Jersey. Further checks will confirm your age of eligibility).
  • Verify Information. Here you will enter your name, home address, and the last four digits of your social security number. We appreciate that you don’t have to enter your full SSN! This information is used to verify your identity, including your legal age to gamble and that you are a first-time user (confirming your eligibility for the welcome bonus package).
  • Secure Account. On this page, you must confirm your account with a mobile phone number, accept privacy policies and Terms of Service, acknowledge that you are over 21, and that the submitted information is true and accurate.
  • Confirm Location. You must approve geolocation on your computer or mobile device so DraftKings NJ can verify your location. Only persons physically located in the state of New Jersey, whether residents or visitors, may place bets legally at a New Jersey online casino or sportsbook.

First-time players do not need to enter a promo or bonus code to have access to Draftking’s welcome bonus. It is hard-coded into the sign-up process for new accounts.

NOTE: If DraftKings cannot verify your identity based on the information you submit, you may be required to send additional identification documents, including uploads of your drivers.

Ease of Use

On both desktop or mobile platforms, DraftKings wins all the ribbons for ease of use. The site is just so freaking intuitive.

New bettors will appreciate the Betting Carousel, with top-line suggestions of popular bets and easy questions to answer, such as “Who will win?” and “Who will cover the spread?” as well as suggested parlays.

Experienced bettors will appreciate how easy it is to use tab navigation to dive deep, discovering opportunities to bet on 2-point spreads, 2.5-point spreads, or 3-point spreads, all on the same game but for different odds, allowing them to be conservative or aggressive.

Veterans will also love how easy the Bet Slip is to use on both desktop and mobile platforms, to build customized parlays, monitor your action, and cash out at will.

DraftKings Sportsbook Online New Jersey Deposit Options

Cash can be deposited into your DraftKings Sportsbook Online NJ account from anywhere on the planet where you have internet access. You don’t have to be in the state of New Jersey to make the deposit … although you do have to be in the state of New Jersey to use that money to place a bet on a sporting event. DraftKings Sportsbook Online NJ uses GPS targeting to nail down exactly where you are.

DraftKings offers a limited number of methods you can use to fund your sportsbook bankroll, but cash is available to you as soon as you post your deposit by any of the following methods:

  • Credit/Debit Card. DraftKings offers a built-in API to make direct deposits to your bankroll using credit cards or debit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. You can also save your favorite credit or debit cards in your account for quick, easy deposits in the future.
  • PayPal. DraftKings launched without PayPal integration, but now the mother of all mobile wallets is accepted right on the DraftKings deposit page. Use PayPal as a go-between for the credit or debit cards you’ve already saved to PayPal, or as a go-between to deposit funds from a checking account or PayPal funds.
  • DFS Contest Winnings. You may have heard conflicting reports about whether or not you can transfer funds from your account with Daily Fantasy Sports, the DraftKings parent company. Here’s the source of the confusion—you can transfer funds from your DFS account … but only winnings. Consider it an adjunct of the playthrough requirements. Cash deposits cannot be transferred from DFS to your DraftKings Sportsbook Online NJ account, but winnings can.

DraftKings Sportsbook Online New Jersey Withdrawal Options

DraftKings offers several options to withdraw from your online bankroll, each method taking a few days to process and fund. The good news is that DraftKings does not impose withdrawal limits.

  • Check. Withdrawal by paper check can take a week or even several weeks to arrive by mail.
  • PayPal. Deposit funds directly into your PayPal account from which they can be transferred to a bank account or kept there for future PayPal-based transactions.
  • ACH. Short for “automated clearing house,” ACH is a kind of digital (cloud-based) link between two bank accounts. When you link your checking account to DraftKings by ACH, you can withdraw funds directly to that account without PayPal as a middleman or stopping point. Withdrawals by ACH still take a few days to process.
  • Cash at the Cage. If you find yourself in Atlantic City, NJ, and specifically at Resorts Casino & Hotel, you can visit the DraftKings Sportsbook brick-and-mortar location and withdraw cash from the cage. Resorts is located at 1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401.

DraftKings Sportsbook Online New Jersey Popular Games

DraftKings Sportsbook Online can be used to place bets on just about any sporting event imaginable, including:

  • NFL Football
  • MLB Baseball
  • NBA Basketball
  • College Football
  • College Basketball
  • NHL Hockey
  • Pro Golf
  • MMA and other combat sports
  • Pro Soccer
  • Pro Tennis.

A few categories of sporting events are restricted and unavailable for betting on DraftKings Online Sportsbook, including:

  • Bets on high-school sporting events
  • Bets on New Jersey-based universities and colleges — notably Princeton and Rutgers
  • Bets on collegiate sporting events taking place in the State of New Jersey.

For allowed games, types of bets available include:

Point Spread

In the most common type of sports bet, the sportsbook picks a number of points by which it expects the favored team to win. Bettors can then bet on whether or not the favored team will exceed that number and by how much.

In this sense, bettors do not try to pick the winner, but rather bet on whether an athlete or team will perform better or worse than expected by the sportsbook.

The further afield from the spread prediction a bettor wagers, the bigger his/her potential winnings because he/she is betting on an outcome that the sportsbook has ruled less likely.


These types of bets try to “pick the winner.”

A bet’s “Moneyline” number (represented as a green “positive” or red “negative” number) is pegged to bets or payouts of $100.

For example, in a given game, the favored team’s moneyline might be +150, while the underdog’s moneyline might be -150.

If you want to win $100 on your bet, you need to bet at least the moneyline. So if you bet $150, you stand to win $100 on top of your bet and take home a total of $250.

Alternatively, you could bet on the -150 underdog. Negative moneyline numbers represent how much you could win if you bet $100. So if you bet $100 on the underdog and they win, you win $150 and take home $250.

In this example, you take home the same sum in your pocket as in the example where the favorite won, but you had to wager less money because the outcome was considered less likely.


Also known as “Over/Under” bets, a “Totals” bet is a bet on the total number of points scored in a game, by both competitors.

The sportsbook sets a total for a game. Bettors who predict the total is too high can bet “under” the total or “take the under”; bettors who predict that the total is too low can bet “over” the total or “take the over.”


“Futures” bets attempt to predict a longer-term outcome, like whether a team or player will win a championship, meet a certain performance goal, be eliminated in a certain round, etc.

Governor Phil Murphy placed the first two legal sports bets in NJ on two future outcomes—Germany to win the 2019 World Cup, and the New Jersey Devils to win the Stanley Cup.


A proposition or “prop” bet is a wager on an outcome that has nothing to do with the game. These fun and freewheeling propositions invite bettors to wager on outcomes such as:

  • Whether or not X player will hit a home run
  • Whether or not X player will score the first touchdown
  • Who will win the coin toss
  • Whether or not the coin toss is correctly called.

In-Play bets are placed during an actual sporting event. DraftKings supports in-play bets down to the very minutiae, where you can bet on:

  • The outcome of a half, quarter, or inning
  • The outcome of a particular play or at-bat
  • Up-to-the-minute bets on what kind of pitch the pitcher will throw
  • What kind of play the quarterback will call.

DraftKings uses live ticketing for in-play bets, meaning you can cash your bet out at any time. If you are ahead, take your winnings and go. If you left your wager in play, you might win more … but also risk losing.

The granular in-play betting options and live ticketing system, combined with the user-friendly mobile app, make in-play bets some of the most popular choices on DraftKings Sportsbook Online NJ.


A parlay is a bet on more than one outcome. For example, instead of betting on the spread or the over, you could take the spread and the over. You could also bet on the outcome of two different games (moneyline, total, spread, etc.) in a single bet.

The payout is exponentially larger, because the chances of both outcomes transpiring is much lower. You only win if both or all the outcomes you bet on come about.

DraftKings offers boilerplate parlays, allowing players to quickly bet on the outcome of more than one game, or on two or more outcomes for the same game.

Experienced bettors can also use the Bet Slip to piece together customized parlays.

DraftKings Sportsbook Online NJ Loyalty Program

Now for the cold bucket of water to the face. There had to be something amiss, right?

While DraftKings shines in many areas, it does not shine in the loyalty rewards program market. Which is to say, at the time of writing this in January 2020, it does not have one. Not a sausage!

DraftKings teased at the possibility of a future loyalty program in the summer of 2019. It even went so far as to introduce a limited-time promotion called “The Program”—the name perhaps better suited to a detox than a sign-up!—and available only to selected Draftkings VIP members.

These bettors got 50 points for each bet placed, and 75 points for each parlay. Points could be redeemed for various gift packages, including DraftKings swag, DFS contest entries, free bets, and tickets to sporting events and the DraftKings Kickoff Bash.

However, The Program ended in August of 2019, as planned, with no announced intentions to make loyalty points a permanent fixture of DraftKings Sportsbook Online NJ. So, if you want loyalty rewards and an established VIP track for your sports betting, for the time being look elsewhere.

DraftKings Sportsbook Online NJ Website

DraftKings expended a great deal of effort in making its mobile apps easy to use. Since mobile is usually the harder needle to thread, you’d expect this effort to translate to a fantastic desktop browser experience … and you would be right.

The desktop version of DraftKings Sportsbook Online NJ is everything you would expect—immersive, easy to navigate, and intuitive.

Forget opaque jargon—the home screen displays major games across the top central pane and asks alluringly easy questions like “Who do you think will win?” and “Who will cover the spread?”

You can place bets live in-play right from the home screen, entering and exiting the action at any time. You can even cash out parlay bets at any time (albeit with fewer winnings than if you won outright).

The header features a horizontal navigation menu, allowing you to jump to one of a list of popular sports. The more you navigate (and the more you bet), the more the website learns your preferences and offers you your favorite options right at the top.

Directly below, you can use horizontal tab navigation to browse Game Lines, Game Parlays, Player Props, Team Futures, and more with just a few clicks. Odds and payouts are clearly listed in green digits.

This is a lot of information to sift through, but DraftKings lays it out so easily that you never feel lost. You can basically bet any amount on any spread, as conservatively or aggressively as you like. It’s the most user-customizable sports-betting experience currently available online.

Bets you choose populate in the Bet Slip right-hand column, so you always know what action you have. It’s even easy to build parlay bets using the Bet Slip to mix-and-match, or use pre-selected parlays built by the website algorithm.

There’s also a “Promos” tab featuring targeted promotions and features like Odds Boost and Parlay Insurance—often a good idea, since DraftKings is a crowded marketplace and you need to remember you’re betting against pros.

DraftKings Sportsbook Online NJ Mobile App

DraftKings took a “mobile first” approach to their online sportsbook. The idea was to create a sportsbook that users could carry in their pockets and use at the bar, on the train, or at the game.

You have to hand it to them—they didn’t disappoint. Some mobile betting apps feel half-baked, but not the DraftKings mobile apps.

DraftKings Sportsbook Online NJ offers apps for both iOS and Android, so you can use them from your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone or tablet.

These mobile apps feature all the action available on the desktop browser site, but in a collapsed and condensed fashion. Click on the “hamburger” toolbar menus and you’ll discover lists of sports to bet on, the betting carousel, and top-line bet suggestions.

You can also tap through to discover opportunities to bet on a long list of options and spreads, as well as accepting suggested parlays or building your own.

The Bet Slip can easily be minimized or maximized, but it’s never gone completely. From anywhere in the app, you always have some idea of your action, with details only a screen tap away.

Bravo, DraftKings. This is how you do a sports betting app the right way.

DraftKings Sportsbook Online NJ Contact Information

24/7 email support available at sportsbook@draftkings.com

Customer feedback can be submitted here. No customer support number is provided, but you can fill out a short form and request a callback.

US Mailing Address:

DraftKings Sportsbook

PO Box 399

Hoboken, NJ


DraftKings Sportsbook Online New Jersey: The Verdict

There is just no better mobile platform for placing sports bets in New Jersey than the DraftKings Online Sportsbook iOS and Android apps. The desktop browser version of the platform does not disappoint either.

What does disappoint is the lack of a loyalty program and lackluster customer support. For our money, if DraftKings could add these services to their already impressive resume, they would rule the NJ online sportsbook roost.

Still, when it comes to an immersive, user-friendly, easy-to-customize online sportsbook, DraftKings knocked it out of the park. All hail the Kings.

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