PointsBet Sportsbook

PointsBet Sportsbook

PointsBet: Get $25 FREE + $100 when you deposit $50 cash

PointsBet NJ – Expert Review & Sign-Up Bonuses

Australia-based PointsBet has been operating in partnership with Meadowlands Racetrack to offer online and mobile sports betting in New Jersey since January 2019. They offer a range of standard, fixed-odds betting options as well as their own high-risk, high-reward style of wagering with variable odds known as PointsBetting.

  • Great mobile app
  • Personalized “Name a Bet” feature
  • Wide variety of sports and leagues to choose from
  • Great selection of everyday and rotational bonuses and promotions
  • Responsive customer service and live chat feature
  • Responsive, intuitive and easy-to-use desktop and mobile sites
  • Lots of ways to bet, including their own PointsBetting style
  • Safe, secure and reputable site
  • PointsBetting is a high-risk venture where you can lose a lot of money
  • Does not accept eWallets such as PayPal
  • The site does not offer teasers or round-robin parlays
  • Only available in 2 U.S. states, New Jersey and Iowa
  • Only in business in the U.S. since January 2019

PointsBet Sportsbook  Highlights

Lots of Ways to Bet. PointsBet offers all types of sports betting, ranging from standard bets to their own style called PointsBetting. Just be aware: it is high reward but high risk as well, as with any form of betting! They even have a “Name a Bet” feature that allows you to bet on any sports action under the sun.

Huge Selection of Sports and Leagues. You can find seemingly any type of game or league to bet on at any time with PointsBet.

Good Bonuses All Around. When you sign up, you get your first two bets risk-free, up to $500 each. After that, there are a number of rotating seasonal promotions based on popular sports and betting styles.

Great Website and Mobile App. PointsBet prides itself on the functionality of their web and mobile presence and they definitely come through in that category. Both web and mobile interfaces are leaders in their class.

High-Quality Service. From the customer service to the security and trustworthiness of the site, PointsBet is, all around, a very high-quality online sportsbook.

Sign-Up Process

The process to sign up for PointsBet is fairly straightforward and painless.

Click on the red “SIGN UP” button on the upper right corner of the site, and you are redirected to a sign-up page and guided through a 2-step process to get you registered with the site.

On the sign-up page, you will be prompted to enter information in the following steps:

  • Step 1: Enter your initial promo code, first name, last name, and email address.
  • Step 2: This step is called Create Your Account and is divided into two sections.
    • Personal Details: You are prompted to enter your salutation (Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Unspecified), your cell phone number (where you can enable multi-factor authentication as well), the last 4 digits of your social security number, and your home address.
    • Account Details: Create a username, password, and confirm your password. Also, you must check boxes affirming the following:
      • You have read the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions
      • You are 21 years old and will use the account yourself
      • You are not an ineligible casino or sports governing body employee
      • All the information above is accurate and truthful.

Once you have done all this, you click the “JOIN POINTSBET” button and you are on your way. Now deposit money into your account, and you can go ahead and place your first wager.

NOTE: When you get to the address section, you must enter a valid New Jersey address or it will be rejected and you will be prompted to enter another. This is, of course, standard for any online casino since they operate under strict jurisdiction-based laws.

Ease of Use

Initially, PointsBet may seem difficult to use if you are not a seasoned sports bettor. The homepage is full of team and athlete names, and all manner of numbers sit next to them representing point spreads, odds, and other betting options. For the uninitiated, this can seem very confusing and overwhelming. It may even be enough to send you screaming from the site.

If this is an issue for you, the good news is there are a lot of places on the site that will help explain what everything means and how to bet on the site. There is even a branded explainer section called the Darrelle Revis Betting Academy, named after their ex-NFL defensive back spokesperson. We highly recommend everyone takes time to visit the ‘Academy’ here; after that, you cannot really assert that the site failed to explain things! And anyway, it’s a good and fun way to learn tips and tricks.

If you do know how to read sports-betting information, the site is incredibly easy to use, however. The homepage lays out the top bets of the day and the events that are coming up the soonest. They have a dropdown menu where you can easily search sports and leagues to find the exact bets you’re looking to make.

Another part of the site that’s easy to use is the customer service segment; here, many users’ questions are already answered and easy to find in the help section. They also offer multiple ways to get in touch with a customer service agent, including a live chat feature.

Depositing and withdrawing are easy to do on the site as well, but there are not a huge amount of options to do so, which again is not uncommon. Payment processors can be notoriously finicky about who they’ll do business with, and gambling providers are top of the hit list for many banking services. This means that often, a casino will elect to limit its deposit and withdrawal providers to those they know are problem-free, thus enhancing the quality of players’ experience on the site. So, sometimes, if methods appear limited, it may be because the site is only trying to help you out.

The only other small downside is that the PointsBet NJ site does not offer much in the way of tips and research, so you will have to go elsewhere for that.

Deposit Options

The ways that PointsBet allows you to deposit money into your account are both easy and popular, but as mentioned above, there’s not a wide variety of options. The most glaring omission is that there are no eWallets such as PayPal. The methods of deposit for PointsBet include:

  • Online Banking. This is the best way to put money into your account. There are multiple methods of online banking that PointsBet accepts, including a standard bank transfer, an eCheck or an ACH transfer.
  • MasterCard. PointsBet accepts prepaid, credit, or debit MasterCards to fund your betting account. If your card is turned down, you’ll need to contact MasterCard directly to see what the reasons are. Some issuing banks do not allow cards to be used to fund gambling site accounts, but with others, this is an anti-fraud measure so a simple call from you can sort it out.
  • Visa. PointsBet accepts Visa prepaid, debit and credit cards for deposits. Just as with MasterCard, you will have to contact Visa directly if the card does not work. Visa is even more renowned than other brands for turning down gambling sites.
  • PointsBet MasterCard. You can load your prepaid PointsBet branded card up with cash and use that to fund your account.
  • Cash at Cage. Deposit money directly into your PointsBet account at the cashier’s cage at Meadowlands Raceway in East Rutherford, NJ.

Withdrawal Options

The ways of withdrawing your winnings are the same at PointsBet as their means of depositing. Just as with deposits, the fact that you cannot withdraw money into an eWallet is a weakness of the site but invariably beyond their control.

The site says that most withdrawals are processed within a 24-hour period but other times, if the withdrawal is made during non-business hours or another issue arises, it may take up to five business days. The withdrawal methods include:

  • Online Banking. This is the best way to take money out of your PointsBet account. There are several methods of online banking that the site accepts, including a standard bank transfer, an eCheck or an ACH transfer.
  • MasterCard. PointsBet allows withdrawals onto prepaid, credit, or debit MasterCards.
  • Visa. PointsBet allows funds to be withdrawn onto Visa prepaid, debit and credit cards as well.
  • PointsBet MasterCard. Take your funds out of your PointsBet account and put them back on your prepaid PointsBet-branded card. There is an extra step in this process to get the money, because you have to then take the money from the card and transfer it back to your personal account. But you can use the card wherever MasterCard is accepted, and make use of the funds that way–also bypassing any messing about with bank accounts.
  • Cash at Cage. Withdraw money directly from your PointsBet account at the cashier’s cage at Meadowlands Raceway, East Rutherford, NJ. Processing money out in person takes around an hour to complete.

One additional thing to note about withdrawing from PointsBet is that you may not be able to withdraw all of your funds until any outstanding wagers are settled.This seems fair enough to us.

Popular Games

PointsBet offers a range of popular games in two different senses. First, they have an incredible quantity of games to bet on. While they offer the most options in the major North American sports (football, basketball, baseball, and hockey) and soccer, you can bet on games, events, and leagues from all around the world and in a number of different sports.

Also, they have multiple ways to bet so the wagering stays interesting even if you stick to the same sports or leagues. Here are the sports and leagues you can bet on and the types of bets you can make.

Sports and Leagues

PointsBet offers betting on 15 different sports categories as well as a section where you can wager on “Entertainment” events. These are general categories and each sport usually has multiple events or leagues under that heading. Here are the sports categories PointsBet offers, and the events and leagues they include.

Aussie Rules Football – As an Australia-based company, of course PointsBet offers wagering on their home sport, Aussie Rules Football! You’d have to be crazy to think otherwise. In the off-season, you are also able to bet on AFL premiership-winning futures. Bonzer!

Baseball – Like other leagues, PointsBet offers futures on the upcoming MLB season. Unlike other leagues, though, you can bet on a lot more than just teams’ chances to win the title. There are division futures and win total over/unders as well.  You can also take over/under action on statistical feats by star players such as strikeout totals or Cy Young possibilities for star pitchers, and MVP odds or home-run totals for position players.

Basketball – On PointsBet, you can currently bet spreads, futures, live, and more on American professional basketball (NBA) as well as both men’s and women’s NCAA college basketball. NBA is a specialty of the site and they offer over 500 types of bets per NBA game. They even have NBA legend, Allen Iverson, as one of their spokespersons.

Boxing – The site takes bets on fights from multiple boxing associations. With less important fights, you can only wager on the winners but for bigger title fights, PointsBet will have multiple types of bets to make, including method of victory, round betting, and when the fight will end.

Cricket – They offer a wide range of betting options on multiple cricket leagues. You can bet on one-day international matches, the ICC Cricket World Cup, men’s and women’s Twenty20 matches, and multiple future World Cups in 2021 and 2023.

Cycling – PointsBet currently is only hosting general classification winner future bets for the 2020 Tour De France.

Darts – You can find match and futures bets for darts in PointsBet, including futures for the 2021 PDC World Championships.

Entertainment – This is a category that sets PointsBet apart. They offer odds on top entertainment events such as winners at the Emmys, Grammys and Academy Awards.

Football – Because this is the most popular betting sport in America, PointsBet has a great section for football betting that involves every type of bet you could want. They even now include betting for the newly formed XFL in addition to NCAA college football and the NFL.

Golf – You can wager on the tournaments currently going on or those that are about to tee off in the PGA and LPGA as well as the Senior Tour and other tours. You can also bet winner futures on all the major tournaments as well as the Ryder Cup.

Hockey – Hockey betting on PointsBet includes all the betting options you would expect from the major North American sports, as well as action available on European leagues from Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, and Finland.

Motor Racing – PointsBet offers betting on NASCAR, the predominant American form of racing as well as the more internationally popular Formula One racing series.

Rugby Union – There are four competitions you can bet on in the rugby world on PointsBet. This includes the Super Rugby league, the Rugby World Cup, Guinness Pro14, Six nations, and Gallagher Premiership.

Soccer – The most popular sport to bet on in the world, PointsBet gives you access to betting action in leagues from over 21 countries, all types of cup tournaments and continental tournaments as well as the World Cup. This includes the top world leagues such as the English Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, the German Bundesliga, Italy’s Serie A, and the French Ligue 1. The MLS and USNMT tournaments are available for American fans as well.

Tennis – On PointsBet, you can find a big range of ATP and WTA events to bet on as well as futures for tennis majors and international competitions like the Olympics.


This is a style of betting that PointsBet says is exclusive to their site. They fairly bill it as a high-risk, high-reward style of betting where the odds are variable and continue to change until the final whistle.

The way it works is that if you win a bet on a point spread or an over/under, you win a multiplier of how high the result goes over. If you lose, however, you lose by that same multiplier system. So, if you put a $10 bet on a 200-point over in an NBA game and the score goes 8 points over, you win $80. If the score is 8 points under, though, you lose $80. Sounds like fair gameplay and an innovative, fun way to bet. Maybe set out your maximum losses before you leave home, though–and don’t take along extra means of payment that allow you to keep on betting.

They also offer a host of timed PointsBetting bets where you take an over/ under on an event happening such as the first touchdown or first 3-point attempt. Just as with the example above, the further you are away from the correct answer, the more you stand to win or lose.

As you can see, both the wins and losses can get pretty big, pretty quickly in this system. All these bets do have a max win and a max loss number but those are still fairly high.

Fixed-Odds Betting

As opposed to the variable odds of PointsBetting, PointsBet also offers a variety of more traditional types of bets to wager on. These include:


Bet on something happening in the future. This could be a team winning a title, how many wins they will have, or a statistical feat by a player. How much you win is based on the odds set by the site.

Player Props

This is betting on the performance of an individual player in a single game. The style is usually an over/under for a specific stat such as points, home runs, tackles,  etc.

Traditional Match Betting

With PointsBet, you can do traditional event betting via two types of bets. It is worth noting the site does not offer two additional, popular forms of betting in this category, teasers, and round-robin parlays.


  • Straight Bet


A straight bet is a bet on a single feature of an event.  This can be based on the point spread, the money line, or the over/under. The site sets odds and lines.


  • Parlays


These bets involve two or more different events in the same bet. The more events you place in the parlay, the better the odds and higher amounts you will win–but they all must be successful to get a payout which makes a winning payout harder to come by.

In-game betting

These are wagers you can make as the game is in progress. The type of bets differs depending on the sport and the game. In most instances, you can bet on things like the result, period scores, or player props in real-time as the event goes on. The odds also adjust in real-time based on what is going on. The more high-profile an event is, the more live betting options there usually are.

Name a Bet

Like many online sportsbooks today, PointsBet is increasingly promoting its feature where you can create any type of prop bet you want to see on their site. To create your own performance-related prop bet, send it to PointsBet via their Twitter account, @PointsBetUSA using the hashtag #NameABet.

If accepted, PointsBet will price the prop you ask for (apply odds to it) and make it available for betting for you and any other site users who want to wager on it. This is an interesting and innovative way that PointsBet, and other sites, are allowing users to personalize their sports- betting experience.

PointsBet Loyalty Program

There are several loyalty programs that PointsBet offers its members. There is the standard loyalty program where you earn points that can be redeemed for money and free bets, and there are also seasonal ways to earn rewards points by betting on the most popular sports. Finally, there is a refer-a-friend program that will earn you cash for each referral.

Rewards Points

This is a standard loyalty program where bettors receive points for the money they wager on the site. There are three ways to earn rewards points depending on what types of best you make. One thing to note is that they reward betting on their proprietary betting style, PointsBetting, more than the other, more traditional fixed-odds styles. The points are awarded according to the following three ways:

  1. 1 Rewards point for Every $5 Fixed-Odds Bet
  2. 1 Rewards Points for Every $1 Parlay Bet
  3. 1 Rewards Point for Every $ Won or Lost with PointsBetting.
Seasonal Loyalty Programs

During certain seasons, PointsBet offers Bonus Bets or other bonuses and rewards for loyally betting on certain sports. For example, during the 2019 American football season, PointBet offered increasingly bigger bonus bets for every 25 NFL or NCAA college football games you bet on. Those bonuses looked like this:

  • 25 NFL or NCAA college football bets – $100 Bonus Bet
  • 50 NFL or NCAA college football bets – $200 Bonus Bet
  • 75 NFL or NCAA college football bets – $300 Bonus Bet
  • 100 NFL or NCAA college football bets – $500 Bonus Bet.
Refer-a-Friend Program

In addition to the traditional loyalty program, PointsBet also offers a refer-a-friend program where loyal users get rewarded if they recruit their friends to join the site. There are several requirements that imposes on both for the referrer and the referred.


  • Must have been a member for at least 14 days
  • Must have a betting history on PointsBet
  • Must have a registered address in the state of NJ
  • Must have deposited and turned over at least $1,000 on the site
  • Must not have a negative balance.


  • Must make a minimum $50 deposit at one time (e.g. – 2 X $25 deposits do not qualify)

If you meet all the requirements on both sides, the referrer will receive $50 from PointsBet. There is a limit of $500 in a 24-hour period for the refer-a-friend rewards and a $2,500 yearly limit imposed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

PointsBet Website

Overall, the website is very functional and user-friendly. There is a good-looking black and red color scheme and fun pictures of their spokesmen, NBA and NFL legends Allen Iverson and Darrelle Revis. There are also static buttons on the top right corner that make it easy to sign in, sign up, or consult your betslip.

The site has well-laid-out menus with simple icons that make everything easy to find. They also clearly advertise their range of good promotions on top of the site. They have a cool ‘Quick Parlay” feature where you can put together a multi-team bet for the most popular sports quickly and easily.

The site is available in English or Spanish and you also have the option of seeing the odds in the American-style, decimal-style, or as fractional odds. These features make the site usable by both American and international sports fans.

There really are no complaints about the website either. Everything on there is well thought out and easy to use. It is a seamless online sportsbook experience.

PointsBet Mobile App

PointsBet has a mobile app that works for both Apple iOS and Android. With the Apple app, you download it from the app store like you would any other app. For the Android app, however, the process is not quite as easy. This is due to the fact that the Google Play store does not allow users to download betting apps even if they are legal in your state like PointsBet is in NJ and IA.

To get the Android app, you need to follow the downloading instructions on https://nj.pointsbet.com/android. The instructions on the site are as follows:

Step 1: Download the PointsBet App by tapping the ‘Download’ button above or below.

Step 2: Open the ‘PointsBetAndroidApp.apk’ file once the download is complete.

Step 3: If your ‘Unknown sources’ setting is off, switch it on in your security settings.

Step 4; Once you are in the installation screen, click install.

After you have downloaded the app onto your phone or mobile device, you are in for a real treat with this app. PointsBet say that they pride themselves “on having the quickest and most user-friendly app” and they definitely deliver on this promise.

This is one of the most intuitive, easy to use, responsive and well-reviewed mobile sportsbook apps as well as a leader in the mobile gambling industry in general. They are constantly improving the app as well, and in early 2020 put out a major upgrade of it. In this upgrade, PointsBet has moved to a single codebase which increased page speed, reduced latency and streamlined the UI for easier use of the site’s betslip calculator.

Along with the backend improvements, the user interface of the mobile site is clean and easy to use. There are very few complaints about the app losing track of GPS coordinates, which is important with location-based legality issues like you find in the online sports betting world. Overall, it is a fantastic mobile experience.

PointsBet Contact Information

Toll-Free Customer Support Line: 833-338-PBET

Address: 111 Marin Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Customer Support Email: service@pointsbet.com.

Here is the main Help/Customer Support page

Live Chat support is available.

The Verdict

For sports bettors in New Jersey, you cannot get much better than PointsBet for your sports gambling needs. Everything about the site is high quality and easy to use.You could do far worse than to choose PointsBet as your one-stop shop for sports betting.

Both the website and mobile application get rave reviews all around, which is something you do not see all that often in this category. They offer a huge variety of sports and leagues to bet on, as well as a small selection of entertainment-related bets as well. Their selection here is on par with any other major online NJ sportsbook.

Where they really set themselves apart is with the innovative ways to bet on games. They offer all the traditional methods you expect (except teasers and round-robin parlays) as well as lots of props, futures, and in-game action. The PointsBetting feature is truly unique and, as long as you don’t get in trouble losing too much, too often, it can be a really fun way to bet.

Like any site, there are a few small quibbles. In addition to not having teasers, the deposit and withdrawal methods are lacking as well. While they are safe, secure, easy, and quick, the fact that they don’t offer eWallets (especially PayPal) is a slight negative; however, this is almost certainly due to the eWallets’ own decisions, possibly due to the site’s newness.

The final verdict is that PointsBet is one of the best online sportsbooks in the industry. They have only been around for a year or so but they are quickly making their mark on the New Jersey online gaming scene. Because their Australian parent company is so good, it would not be surprising to see this become a huge national site as well, once betting laws change around the country, outside of New Jersey.

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