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Borgata Online Sportsbook

Borgata Sports: Get $300 bonus cash

Borgata Sports Online (New Jersey) – Expert Review & Sign-Up Bonuses

Atlantic City’s biggest casino has offered a top-notch land-based sportsbook at 1 Borgata Way, following on from the legalization of sports betting in 2019. With Borgata Sports Online, the New Jersey casino leader seeks to recreate its dominance in online sportsbook form.

We’ll have to spoil the suspense here by saying they do a pretty great job at it.

Borgata Sports Online is easily in the running to be the most user-friendly online sportsbook in the state, presenting the data-heavy hobby of sports betting accompanied by a surprising amount of visual flair.

It’s not a perfect rollout, however. We wish they offered a bigger sign-up bonus, but hey—we’re greedy. We also miss the lucrative iRewards program you see at Borgata Online Casino.

Still, with an online sportsbook this well put together, any criticism is going to be minor. Let’s dive deep into the qualified success of Borgata Sports Online NJ.

  • Native Media Player. Stream games in progress right on the Borgata Online website!
  • Great Graphic Interface. The perfect marriage of visual appeal and comprehensible presentation of sports betting data.
  • Many Deposit Options, including two mobile wallets and a Play+ account that comes with a dedicated ATM/charge card.
  • Unimpressive Sign-Up Bonus. $300 in risk-free betting underperforms compared to many of the site’s competitors.
  • No Loyalty Program. Particularly disappointing, considering the sophisticated loyalty rewards program available at Borgata Online Casino.
  • Multi-Step Process to Receive Support. Borgata Online attempts to filter out support requests by directing you to FAQ before you can access direct support.

Borgata Online Sportsbook New Jersey — Highlights

Borgata Sports Online distinguishes itself by offering a media player built into its website. How cool is that—a sports betting platform where you can actually watch your sports?

It’s an awesome feature for the growing proportion of the population that streams content in lieu of watching TV; it’s also a cool feature to have on the go with the Borgata Sports Online mobile app for iOS and Android.

Outside of the media player, the MGM subsidiary GVC built Borgata a world-class, ready-for-primetime online sportsbook, with features we have come to know and love like a static betslip and graphic links.

Borgata takes graphical interface even further by offering appealing extra touches—team logos, color-coded jersey graphics, etc. This is how you correctly make an online sportsbook more visually appealing.

Borgata Sports Online offers brand-new users a welcome bonus of $300 in risk-free bets at sign-up. You have to be a brand-new user, as confirmed by an identity check.

As with all New Jersey online gambling applications, you have to be at least 21 years of age and located in the state of New Jersey to place legal bets. The site or app won’t accept bets if geolocation can’t place you in the state of New Jersey (including if geolocation is turned off).

$300 in risk-free betting means that the app will refund bets of $25 or more if you incur losses within a set window of time from sign-up. Of course, if you win, you get no benefit from this bonus. It almost pays to lose…? Hmm, maybe not.

The problem with this sign-up bonus is that several competitors offer sign-up bonuses of $500 or more in risk-free bets. So, if Borgata Sports Online wants to compete on sign-up bonuses, it has to get with the program.

Borgata tries to make up for this with a few extra promotions such as Parlay Insurance and a Power Play Leaderboard with prizes up to $3,000.

Sign-Up Process

Signing up for Borgata Sports Online is quick and painless. Simply click on the yellow “Register” button on the upper right-hand corner of the static site header.

Clicking this button takes you to a four-part registration process.

  • On Page 1, select your salutation (“Mr.” or “Ms.”) and enter your first name, last name, email address, and date of birth.
  • On Page 2, create a user ID, password, and enter your mobile number and the last four digits of your Social Security number to verify your identity.
  • On Page 3, enter your mailing address.
  • On Page 4, you are prompted to create two security questions and to enter a bonus code. Enter the bonus code BONUSSEEKER2 to claim the welcome bonus. Checkboxes must be selected to affirm your age, indemnify Borgata, and agree to Terms and Conditions.

After completing all the steps, click “Create My Account.” Congrats—you’re ready to make your first deposits and place your first bets!

Ease of Use

Borgata Sports Online offers a traditional approach to an online sportsbook, with a few extras that make it extra cool. It isn’t necessarily easier to place a bet because the site includes a built-in media player for you to watch the game … but it doesn’t hurt!

Multiple menu bars direct you around the site, with multiple quick links to take you to football, soccer, etc. including graphic icons in the static header. It’s nearly impossible to get lost on Borgata Sports Online NJ.

One downside to the user-friendliness of the site is how many hoops you have to jump through to get support. The “Help & Support” icon is conveniently located in the static header … but you have to go through two rounds of troubleshooting questions before you can access chat, phone, or email support.

This is only a minor defect. In general, Borgata Sports Online NJ offers an excellent user interface, including a static betslip, search bar, and quick links to promotions.

Borgata Sports Online New Jersey Deposit Options

You have many options to get money into your Borgata Sports Online NJ bankroll …

Credit or Debit Card—Visa, MasterCard, American Express

Credit and debit cards can be linked directly to your Borgata Sports Online account for immediate deposits into your Borgata Sports NJ bankroll. Accepted processors are American Express, MasterCard, and Visa.

Discover Cards cannot be used to make direct deposits into Borgata Sports Online at this time, though a mobile wallet could be used to make Discover Card deposits.

Beware of the fact that many banks and credit card issuers will refuse to process deposits to online gambling accounts, even for sites and apps licensed in New Jersey where online sports betting and gambling is legal.

If your bank restricts online gambling deposits, you may need to consider a different card or a different deposit method. Fortunately, Borgata Sports Online NJ offers many deposit options.

Borgata Online Pay+

Pay+ offers online-gambling-specific payment and holding accounts insured by the FDIC, making them very safe and secure. Not every online casino or sportsbook provider offers Pay+ accounts, but the big boys do, and Borgata Online is a very big boy.

You can create your Borgata Online Pay+ account when you make your first deposit. Your account can be funded by eCheck, debit card, or credit card, and then used to fund your bankroll without having to worry about whether or not your payment will be declined due to online gambling.

One of the best features of a Pay+ account, discussed more in-depth later, is that you get a card linked to your account mailed to you. This card can be used as an ATM or charge card when you want your money back.

Online Banking Transfer

Certain banks, mostly based in the State of New Jersey, can be directly linked to your Borgata Online account to make account transfers. If you have an account with one of these banks, this could be one of the most convenient ways to fund your bankroll.

PayNearMe (7/Eleven)

If you prefer to deposit cash into your Borgata Sports Online NJ account, you don’t necessarily have to visit the land-based sportsbook in Atlantic City. One easy way to make cash deposits to your Borgata Online account is to go to your nearest 7/Eleven Convenience Store.

7/Eleven sponsors PayNearMe, a cash-based bill-payment service that you can use to link accounts and pay many bills that would otherwise only have been payable by check.

Bill or no bill, Borgata Online is one of the accounts you can link to PayNearMe, allowing you to make cash deposits with Borgata Online from any 7/Eleven store.

ACH (VIP Preferred Program)

ACH has replaced wire transfers as the preferred way to directly link and transfer money between two checking accounts. Borgata Online uses VIP Preferred to create ACH (“automated clearing house”) moneylines to directly transfer money to your Borgata Online NJ account as an e-check.


Many people have had a PayPal account for years; they love it and trust it. This popular mobile wallet can be used to make payments from a checking account, credit card (including Discover), or native balance.

Borgata Online NJ supports direct payments from PayPal, which can be used, among other things, to fund your Borgata Sports Online bankroll using a Discover card or other unsupported methods of deposit. In short, it’s a handy middleman service.


Skrill is a mobile wallet and a competitor to PayPal, known for offering competitive rates on foreign currency transfers. Bettors who don’t have a PayPal account but do have a Skrill account will be pleased by Borgata Online NJ’s native acceptance of payments through Skrill.

Cash at the Counter

Borgata hosts a land-based sportsbook at its famous hotel, casino, and resort located at 1 Borgata Way in Atlantic City, NJ. If you can make your way to Atlantic City and stop by the largest resort-casino on the boardwalk, you can deposit cash into your Borgata Sports Online NJ account at the Borgata Sportsbook counter.

Borgata Sports Online New Jersey Withdrawal Options

Withdrawals from Borgata Sports Online NJ usually take several days and are available through a variety of methods (albeit fewer than their deposit methods) …

Borgata Online Pay+

One of the easiest ways to withdraw cash from your Borgata Sports Online NJ account is to use your Borgata Online Pay+ account as the go-between.

If you transferred bankroll funds into an associated Pay+ account, you can also withdraw funds using the Pay+ card mailed to you when you created that account.

Get hold of your funds by using the Pay+ card in any ATM machine, or use the card to charge purchases at any point of sale where Discover Cards are welcome.

ACH (VIP Preferred Program)

A VIP Preferred ACH moneyline can be used to withdraw Borgata Online funds directly to the linked checking account, in the same way the moneyline can be used to deposit money into the account. ACH transfers are fast and free.


Native support of PayPal means you can withdraw bankroll funds directly to your linked PayPal account. From there, you can use those funds to make other PayPal purchases or transfer to a bank account you’ve already linked to PayPal.


Similarly, you can transfer funds directly to your linked Skrill account, where they can be used to make other Skrill purchases or transferred to a linked bank account.

Cash at the Counter

Head over to the Borgata Sportsbook counter at the land-based casino inside the Borgata Resort at 1, Borgata Way in Atlantic City and withdraw cash funds from your Borgata Sportsbook Online NJ account.

Check by Mail

This option has the longest turnaround time, but if you’re old-school, a check can be mailed to your address on record to withdraw funds from your Borgata Sports Online NJ bankroll.

Borgata Sports Online New Jersey Popular Games

You can bet on just about any sporting event you care to at Borgata Sports Online NJ, including but not limited to …

  • NBA Basketball
  • NHL Hockey
  • NFL Football
  • Pro Soccer
  • MMA and UFC Combat
  • Pro Tennis
  • Pro Golf
  • Major League Baseball
  • Formula 1 and NASCAR Racing
  • Rugby Union
  • Pro Cricket.

The front page of Borgata Online Sports offers a selection of popular games, including links to live in-play games where you can place bets on the outcomes of single plays, innings, at-bats, and more.

If you scroll down further, you can place bets on upcoming games in a variety of ways. The front-page window of each game typically features:

Moneyline Odds

Also known as American Odds, moneyline odds express your potential winnings or losses with respect to bets or winnings of $100, with positive or negative numbers indicating the favorite or the underdog. It’s one of the easiest ways to place bets on the winner or loser of a game.


Moneyline odds are also offered on the “spread,” a number calculated by the sportsbook based on the number of points by which a favorite is expected to win. Players can bet on the favorite to cover the spread, the underdog to beat the spread, or place a “teaser” or “pleaser” bet on a smaller or larger spread.


Totals bets, available from the front page of upcoming games, allow players to bet on the total number of points scored in the game by both teams. If the bettor expects a high-scoring game, (s)he might “take the over” to bet that the total points will be over the total predicted by the sportsbook. If the bettor expects a low-scoring game, (s)he might “take the under.”

Borgata Sports Online allows you to dig deep into each sporting event or championship and bet on:

  • Futures: Winners of bigger competitions such as championships.
  • Propositions: Also known as “prop” bets—bets on micro outcomes, i.e. the winner of the coin toss or who will score the first point.
  • Parlays: A single bet on a series of outcomes. Your potential winnings are multiplied because it is much harder to win two bets than to win one.
  • Round Robins: A bet that pits each selected team against every other team, with a large payout going to the round robin bettor who correctly selected the final winner.

Borgata Sports Online NJ Loyalty Program

Borgata Online Casino is distinctive for having one of the coolest tiered loyalty rewards systems of any New Jersey online casino. It’s called iRewards. One of the best things about iRewards is that the more points you earn, the more valuable the points become, and they’re redeemable for more and more free play, cash back, or high-roller perks at the Borgata.

Now for the cold glass of water to the face … Sorry, folks.

Borgata Sports Online NJ does not participate in iRewards or any other Borgata-sponsored loyalty program. Your Borgata Online sports bets do not contribute to any balance of loyalty currency. Quite a blow, huh?

Considering how awesome iRewards is, this is really disappointing. It seems like Borgata Sports Online could easily integrate iRewards into your sports bets on a dollar-for-dollar basis. But Borgata either disagrees, or it isn’t there yet.

If iRewards comes online for Borgata Sports, we will get a lot more interested in the platform.

Borgata Sports Online NJ Website

The first things that jump out at you at Borgata Sports Online are the graphical touches. Like our favorite online sportsbooks, it doesn’t try to reinvent the sportsbook as a work of visual art. That’s counterproductive. Sports betting is an inherently data-driven pastime.

If you undermine the numbers, you only muddy the betting process. The challenge of an online sportsbook is to take a lot of math and make it both easy and visually appealing, without undermining the data at the core of the product.

Borgata Sports Online tackles this problem head-on by presenting a fairly traditional sportsbook esthetic, and only spicing it up with useful graphics. What’s there is essential and functional.

For example, the static header features quick links to specific sports—uncommon in a static header, where space is at a premium. But the text takes up very little space. The focus of the static header quick links are graphic icons—a football, a soccer ball, a hockey stick, etc.

This is both visually appealing and useful, making swift and accurate selections easy and intuitive. It’s also a modular way to present information—creative and useful in a static header where too much horizontal length eats up your header space. This is a well-thought-out site, and that goes a long way toward optimizing its users’ experiences here.

Just below the page, creative use of graphics continues to make its presence known. A scrollable banner shows various matchups players can bet on, including live games, upcoming games, and futures. It’s an enticing graphic but also highly useful. We don’t get the feeling there’s anything extraneous here.

Borgata Sports then further spices up this scrollable banner by adding the team’s logos beside the team’s name. If it’s a player matchup for All-Star or MVP competitions, it displays a colored-jersey icon by each player. This not only adds graphic texture, but also color in a presentation of data that would otherwise be sorely lacking in it. However, there at the core again is functionality.

If this sounds overly busy to you, it truly isn’t. It’s just the right balance of graphics and data to make the online sportsbook both coherent and fun, and if anything can be made easy for the user, they’ve already gone and done it.

The static header also includes links to Borgata’s online casino and poker rooms, as well as a log-in/register bundle and your bankroll and profile when logged in.

There’s also a “Help & Support” link in the header. Unfortunately, you are walked through two steps of troubleshooting before you’re linked to chat, email, or phone support–really the one thing letting down a great and cohesive side.

We know this may help Borgata weed out easy questions unworthy of the time of phone agents, but we find this annoying and hard to swallow. When we need help, we’re usually past the FAQ stage. Just give us the number or chat link! No one wants a crazy game of ‘find the customer service rep’. It only eats into gameplay time and frustrates people no end–so is always counter-productive.

Whinge over, let’s get back to the positives…

Below the header and the scrolling live games are links to popular sports and events, as well as a scrolling banner advertising promotions. Scroll further down and you have two big stacked windows, the upper one showing live games, the lower promoting upcoming games. Each window features tab navigation to take you to different sports.

Basically, if you can’t find the sport you are looking for from anywhere on Borgata Sports Online, you aren’t looking hard enough. Borgata makes it very easy to find your way around. And if all else fails, there’s a search function indicated by a magnifying-glass icon in the static header.

The betting windows feature buttons to place bets then and there, as well as star icons so you can mark games you want to keep watching.

An extra-cool feature of Borgata Sports Online is a live media player, affixed to the upper left of the window. You can use this window to actually stream games in progress, a very helpful and innovative feature for players who want to actually watch the very game they’re betting on.

Below the media player is a static betslip, a useful feature allowing you to line up a series of bets, place them at once, and then monitor them in the “My Bets” tab from anywhere in the website.

It’s awesome when a sportsbook offers a static betslip, and Borgata follows well-established online sportsbook best practices by supplying a static betslip column on the right-hand side of its desktop website.

Borgata Sports Online NJ Mobile App

Borgata Sports is also available in mobile form, thanks to apps designed for both iOS and Android devices. You can log into the app with an account created on the desktop version and access your bankroll, bets in progress, etc. The reverse is true as well when transitioning from the app to the desktop site.

Borgata Sports Online uses the same branding with its mobile app as it does on the desktop site—gray background, white tiles, black headers, with pops of red and green, and so on.

The many primary menus are collapsed into condensed hamburger menus that open and cover the entire screen when touched. Even this doesn’t limit the functionality of the app in a significant way.

Scrolling banners become touch-scrollable, a nice feature. The static betslip is replaced by a betslip link in the static footer, as is the media player. The graphic links, including the footballs, golf balls, etc., remain, enabling the app to cram a lot of information into a small space.

The Borgata Sports Online apps make it easy to bet on sporting events while on the go. It helps that the app is lightweight and fast-loading, allowing you to place lightning-quick bets on games in progress.

Borgata Sports Online NJ Contact Information

You can request email support from Borgata Online Casino NJ using their contact form found here.

Direct email inquiries to

Chat support is also available here.

Borgata Sports Online New Jersey: The Verdict

Anyone who loves to bet on sports will have an easy time catching feelings for Borgata Sports Online. From the graphics and micro-interactions to its native media player, Borgata Sports Online has pulled out all the stops. This feels like one of the best-thought-out online sportsbooks in the industry … probably because it is.

You see highlights of the best online sportsbooks—static betslips for example—married with thoughtful touches such as immediately-recognizable jersey graphics.

Just please, Borgata—give us a better sign-up bonus and iRewards on our sports bets. Would it help if we promised to redeem those points at 1 Borgata Way? Would it?

Either way, with a betting platform as good as this, we’re pulling for Borgata to correct its minor weaknesses and make the experience even better.

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* New customers only. 100% match bonus based on first deposit of $300.
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