About Us – NJ Gambling Fun

NJ Gambling Fun was founded by a team of veteran casino online players.

Do you remember April 15th 2011 (also dubbed as Black Friday)? We do. We were among the 8-10 million Americans who woke up one morning, trying to access Full Tilt Poker or PokerStars to get our morning poker fix.

But online poker was no more, after the FBI had seized the two websites.

It would be years before the legal battle would sort itself out, followed by the 2018 Supreme Court decision to allow individual states to pass online sports betting legislation, thus paving the way for the legalization of online gambling overall.

So who are we?

We’re a group of journalists, marketers, PR executives in New Jersey and California who LOVED playing poker online before Black Friday and who cannot wait to enjoy that pleasure once more.

We are not affiliated with any casinos, but we do derive revenue from online casinos in New Jersey that reimburse us for any leads turning into net-depositing customers for their platforms.

That said, we’re not compensated for our reviews, commentary or analysis. No one from within the NJ gambling industry has ever approached us asking for favors. Nor will we ever entertain such requests.

We have a team of twelve part-time journalists who watch the New Jersey gambling industry like a hawk each morning and cover the most important news.

We have four full-time staffers working diligently to make our New Jersey website the most up-to-date, informative and accurate source of news, casino gambling promotional offers and  sports-betting promo codes on the internet.

We think gambling online is fun, but also that it should be done in moderation. Check out our Gamble Responsibly page for more details.

And whereas we love to hit Atlantic City casinos every once in a while, it’s our pleasure and privilege to play poker, slots games or roulette from the comfort of our chairs, couches or lazy-boys.

We thank the tens of thousands of monthly readers who share our enthusiasm about online gambling in the state. And we hope that our contribution to the industry will motivate other states to pass similar legislation.

Because playing poker online is a right that every American should enjoy.

And we’re glad to see some of the biggest industry leaders agreeing with us by launching online casino rooms, sports-betting apps and websites dedicated to the good citizens of New Jersey.

For those of us in California, and indeed the rest of the US, the day will come where we will also prevail.

We are often approached by various SEO managers asking for contributions to our platform. We believe in the integrity of our platform and, as such, we do not entertain any such requests. That way, every reader can know–for a fact–that the information presented on our site is impartial, genuine and untainted.

Thank you for your time and patronage. And may the Force be with you!