William Hill Sportsbook Online

William Hill Sportsbook Online

William Hill Online: Get $500 in FREE Bets with $250 deposit + deposit match

William Hill Online Sportsbook (New Jersey) – Expert Review & Sign-Up Bonuses

William Hill founded his sportsbook in London in 1934, when sports betting was illegal in the UK.

How times change. The company that bears his name has since flowered into a titan of sports betting listed on the London Stock Exchange, with headquarters in gambling-friendly Gibraltar. It crossed the pond to Las Vegas in 2011.

When sports betting became legal in the US in 2018 after the repeal of PASPA, William Hill was right there to plant its flag into the burgeoning New Jersey sports-betting market.

William Hill NJ now operates three land-based sportsbooks and offers one of the most sophisticated online betting platforms in the state. So how does it stack up against the competition?

  • Impeccable Reputation. With nearly a century of sportsbook experience behind it, William Hill knows how to deliver for its bettors.
  • Multiple Land-Based Locations. With three land-based sportsbooks, it’s easy to deposit cash for people located close to either Atlantic City or Oceanport.
  • User-Friendly Website. One of the most easy-to-use online sportsbooks in the business, with the option to switch odds formats.
  • Fantastic Mobile App. All the functionality of the website makes a seamless transition to mobile.
  • Play+ Account Available. Allows you to seamlessly stock your bankroll, then withdraw it to a card that works as an ATM or charge card.
  • Loyalty Rewards Program. You don’t get rewarded for repeat betting by William Hill Online.
  • $3,000 Withdrawal Limit at the Counter. Larger withdrawals may need extra approval online, as well.
  • Middle-of-the-Road Odds. Not the most lucrative sportsbook out there.
  • Weak Sign-Up Bonus. Only $10 plus $150 in deposit matching when you enter the promo code PLAYNJ150 at sign-up.

William Hill Sportsbook Online New Jersey — Highlights

William Hill Online NJ is built on software that William Hill commissioned from Computerized Booking Systems. They’re the only online sportsbook to use this platform … but you can imagine an online sports-betting platform as good as this one attracting both fawning admirers and copycats.

There’s just so much to like about this online sportsbook, from the branding to the static betslip to the soothing colors. Both the site and the mobile app enjoy uniform branding and fast loading times—critical if you want to make a crucial in-play bet.

With one of the best navigational user experiences on the market, it is nearly impossible to get lost on William Hill Online. If somehow you can’t find what you are looking for, phone and chat support are easy to obtain.

Comparison shoppers may notice that William Hill does not offer the best odds in New Jersey. They aren’t garbage, but if you’re looking for the most profitable bet possible, William Hill Online NJ might not have it.

They might not have the sign-up bonus you are looking for, either. The raw numbers of the William Hill Online NJ sign-up bonus fail to make an impression at only $160 total. That’s $10 in free-play money and $150 in 100% deposit matches for first-time users who enter the bonus code PLAYNJ150 at sign-up.

For context, several of William Hill’s competitors offer over $500 in bonus value. The crucial difference is that many of these bonuses are risk-free bets. This means that if a player loses a certain amount of money on their bets in a certain time period, they get refunded their losses. If they win all their bets, however, they get nothing.

The $150 from William Hill, by contrast, is free money you get for making your first deposits. It may not seem like much compared to $500, but most players will be able to at least get the full value out of the bonus, especially if they are able to deposit at least $150 into their bankroll right away.

Some players may value this bonus more. Whether you prefer a smaller deposit match or a larger risk-free betting bonus, at least you get a first-rate online sportsbook when you sign up with William Hill Online NK.

Sign-Up Process

If you wind up at the William Hill landing page, click on one of the several “Bet Now” buttons to take you to the betting platform. That’s where you begin the registration process.

After you click the “Register” button in the upper right-hand corner of the “Bet Now” site, a pop-up window appears to quickly walk you through a two-step sign-up process.

The first page, “Account Information,” requests your first name, last name, email address, date of birth, and mobile phone number.

The second page, “Personal Information,” asks you to create a password, create two security questions, input your last four digits of your social security number for the identity check, then add your mailing address and a promo code (if you have one).

This second page also includes checkboxes where you must acknowledge William Hill’s Terms of Service, as well as affirm the accuracy of the information, your legal age, and your eligibility to gamble online in New Jersey.

That’s it! Click “Submit,” and you’re taken to a confirmation page. You’ll then receive a confirmation email, and you’re ready to claim your bonus, fund your account, and (provided that GPS places you in the state of New Jersey) place your first bet!

Ease of Use

You have to hand it to William Hill—years in the business have not let them down in terms of understanding how to lay out an online sportsbook.

William Hill Online is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, in both desktop and mobile app format. It’s easy to find the games you want to bet on using the search bar, graphic or text menus.

Once you find the competition, the betting options are either available at a click from the front-page betting platform, or just one click away on the “More Betting Options.”

You can even switch up the odds format to decimals or fractions if you prefer, so you aren’t stuck with moneyline odds if you don’t like them. The static betslip keeps your live action in front of your face at all times when you’re immersed in the William Hill Online desktop app.

If anything is unclear or if you do get lost, a “Help & Feedback” dropdown menu offers numerous support options, including chat support.

William Hill Online Sportsbook New Jersey Deposit Options

William Hill Online NJ offers several convenient methods of deposit to fund your online bankroll. Most of these methods post immediately, so you can start betting right away. Your options include:

Credit or Debit Card

William Hill Online supports direct deposits by charging your credit card or debit card. You can link cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

William Hill Online NJ currently does not support direct payments via American Express card.

What may make direct credit card payments even more difficult is the fact that many issuers, including major banks, automatically decline online gambling transactions. You can argue with them until you are blue in the face that online gambling is legal in New Jersey, but you’re not likely to get anywhere if your bank’s policy prohibits the transaction.

William Hill Play+ Account

One way to circumvent stubborn credit card issuers is to apply for a free Play+ account with William Hill. Play+ offers site-specific, FDIC-insured accounts specifically for the banking of online gambling bankrolls.

You can create your William Hill Online Play+ account at the time of sign-up, or at any time afterward.

One of the best parts about a Play+ account is the payment card, which can be used as an ATM card or as a charge card wherever Discover cards are accepted. It acts like a debit card or prepaid credit card.

Your Pay+ account can be linked to a credit or debit card or a bank account and loaded up from anywhere with internet access.

ACH (VIP Preferred)

Another quick way to get money into your William Hill Online bankroll is to set up an ACH link. “Automated Clearing House” payments are a popular form of cloud-based eCheck that connects two bank accounts directly through an internet money line.

William Hill Online NJ uses VIP Preferred as its ACH vendor. Transfers are fast and cheap.


William Hill Online does not support PayPal payments, but it does accept Skrill, a competing mobile wallet made popular for its ability to send quick, inexpensive payments to foreign recipients.

You can link your payment card or bank account to a Skrill account, then link your Skrill account to your William Hill Online account, where it acts as a go-between to fund your bankroll.

Cash at the Counter

William Hill operates land-based sportsbooks in three locations:

  • Monmouth Park Racetrack, 175 Oceanport Ave, Oceanport, NJ 07757
  • Tropicana Atlantic City, 2831 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
  • Ocean Resorts Atlantic City, 1-99 Virginia Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401.

If you happen to be within range of any of these addresses, you can go to the William Hill Sportsbook counter and deposit cash directly into your online account.

William Hill Online Sportsbook New Jersey Deposit Options

It usually takes a few days for withdrawals from William Hill Online to post. You have several options to get your winnings out of your account and into your pocket …

William Hill Play+ Account

One of the fastest and easiest ways to retrieve your money from your William Hill Online account is to use the same Play+ account you created at sign-up.

Money transfers directly into your William Hill Play+ account and can be retrieved using your Play+ card at any ATM machine or at any point of sale that accepts Discover cards.

ACH (VIP Preferred)

If you set up a VIP Preferred ACH money line to deposit money into your William Hill Online bankroll, you can use the same ACH money line to take money out.


If you linked Skrill to your William Hill Online account, you can withdraw funds from your William Hill Online bankroll into your Skrill account.

From there, transfer those funds to a Skrill-linked bank account, or keep the funds in your Skrill account to use on other Skrill transactions.

Cash at the Counter

Make your way to Atlantic City or Oceanport in New Jersey, and you can visit one of the William Hill Sportsbook locations either at the Tropicana, Ocean Resort, or Monmouth Park Racetrack.

There, you can withdraw cash directly from your William Hill Online account. NOTE: William Hill NJ imposes a withdrawal limit of $3,000 on land-based counter withdrawals.

William Hill Online makes it clear to reach out to them for large withdrawals, so you should contact them in advance if you want to take out more than $3,000 by any method to avoid holdups.

William Hill Online Sportsbook New Jersey Popular Games

As you might expect with a parent company that’s had nearly a century to get things right, William Hill knows what wagers the sports-betting public loves to make, and makes them easily accessible.

Almost any type of bet you love to place, you can find it across a broad variety of markets William Hill makes accessible to members for wagering, including but not limited to:

  • NBA Basketball
  • College Basketball
  • NFL Football
  • College Football
  • Pro Tennis
  • Pro Boxing
  • UFC and MMA Combat
  • NHL Hockey
  • Australian Rules
  • Auto Racing
  • Union Rugby
  • Pro Soccer.

All major championships are also available for betting. If you can’t find an event you want by browsing, try the “Search” bar.

Popular ways to bet include:

InGame Betting

William Hill Online puts special emphasis on in-game betting. Players can enter and exit the action at will on live games in progress, betting on outcomes such as the winner, spread, and live prop bets.

William Hill Online offers a stable platform so you can place bets in a timely manner on the outcomes of any time-limited action such as inning, quarter, or play.

Moneyline Bets

Most sporting events you browse on William Hill Online feature a top-line “moneyline” bet that allows you to bet on the winner of any contest. The “moneyline” number expresses a positive or negative number that pegs your winnings to either a $100 wager or $100 in winnings.

If you find moneylines confusing, William Hill offers you the option of viewing odds as fractions or decimals.


For Totals bets, the bookmaker sets odds on the number of points likely to be scored throughout the whole game. Bettors can “take the over” (bet on the competitors to overperform the totals) or “take the under” (bet on the competitors to underperform the totals).


Spread bets also tend to be top-line betting options at William Hill, requiring only one click to bet without needing to dig through “More Betting Options.”

The “Spread” is the number of points by which the bookmaker estimates the favorite in the competition will win. Bettors can wager that the underdog will “beat the spread,” which could be a winning bet even if the underdog overperforms but still loses.


A parlay bet predicates a win on more than one outcome—say, the winners of two games, or a bet on both the total and the spread, or a moneyline plus a prop. Winnings multiply exponentially with parlays, because it is hard to win multiple bets at a time.

Players at William Hill can get crazy with a parlay of up to ten separate bets. Good luck!


Teasers offer the chance to bet on the spread with a few extra points of cushion. The odds are lower, because by betting closer to the book’s prediction, you are more likely to win.

Round Robins

William Hill will allow you to string together a multi-game round robin with a big payout at the end if you want to try your luck there.


Futures bets attempt to guess the outcome of more long-term contests—say, a championship, a total number of points scored per season by a team or by an individual player, other player performance goals, etc.

William Hill Online Sportsbook NJ Loyalty Program

In perhaps the biggest mark against them, William Hill Online offers no loyalty program. Their product, market saturation, and brand strength are compelling enough that maybe they believe their players don’t care about something like this … but we think they’re wrong, and players do care.

Everyone wants to feel valued and it would be nice to see a loyalty rewards program offered by a brand this well-entrenched. Otherwise, it looks somewhat arrogant, for one thing.

William Hill Online Sportsbook NJ Website

The landing page of William Hill Online NJ actually isn’t the betting center. It’s more of a promotional page, touting William Hill as America’s #1 sportsbook.

To get to the actual betting page, you need to click one of two “Bet Now” links—one in the static header, one in the uppermost body field. William Hill doesn’t want to make it hard for you to start betting—they just want you to get to know them a little first!

Scrolling through the landing page, you can discover more about William Hill NJ’s land-based locations, a brief history of the company, press releases, and a field to sign up for William Hill NJ’s email list.

In addition to the “Bet Now” link, the static header features links to promos, wager disclaimers, house rules, the privacy policy, and a contact page.

More important to many bettors, it also includes dropdown menus to state gambling regulations, an extensive “How to Bet” mini-course, an “About Us” section featuring bios and investor relations, and “responsible gaming resources.”

After you Click “Bet Now” …

When you click one of the “bet now” links, you are directed to the portion of the sportsbook that bettors want to see—William Hill Online’s betting platform, powered by proprietary software William Hill commissioned from Computerized Booking Systems.

Featuring mostly dark text over a light background, this betting platform is easy on the eyes. A scrolling header banner displays trending games, with popular betting options in the main body.

Each event available for betting features top-line clickable options in the event pane, including spread and moneyline betting options. There is also a tiny link in each pane for “More Betting Options.”

One of the things we like about the main betting page is the presence of a static bet slip, featuring an “Open Bets” section glued to the right-hand side of the betting page. Here you can keep track of your action easily from anywhere in the site. Whenever this feature is omitted, we miss it, and we’re glad to see it at William Hill Online.

The “Login” and “Sign Up” buttons are conveniently located in the static header. You will also find “Responsible Gaming” and “Help & Support” menus up there for easy access.

In the static header, you will also find another fun feature of William Hill Online NJ, one that owes to the company’s overseas origin. It’s the option to toggle between different odds formats. You can choose to view odds within the sportsbook in one of three formats:

  • Fraction
  • Decimal
  • American (“moneyline”).

Gamers who are used to thinking of their odds in “2/1” format instead of “+200” may appreciate this feature quite a bit.

The other key navigational real estate on William Hill Online is the left-hand navigational toolbar. At the very top, you will find quick links to InPlay betting, promotions, and a search field.

Below those top search fields are a listing of popular links, including (again) InPlay betting and popular sports to bet on. Each sport is marked with a black “emoji” icon identifying the sport for the visually-inclined—a graphic of a golf ball, a soccer ball, a football, etc.

Below the popular links are ones to all twelve sports available for betting on, again with graphic icons.

Overall, this is an attractive, intuitive, easy-to-use online betting platform. William Hill hasn’t left anything to guesswork in providing a first-rate sports-betting environment for its users.

William Hill Online Sportsbook NJ Mobile App

The iOS and Android mobile versions of William Hill Online NJ preserve the look, feel, and ease-of-use that make sports betting fun and easy on the desktop browser site.

The first thing you notice, if you cut your teeth on the website, is the unity of color schemes and design elements. It really is like a tiny version of the site.

For being so compact, it remains easy to navigate. The “Login” and “Register” buttons are in the upper right-hand corner where they were on the site, but the useful left-hand menu column is collapsed into an upper-left hamburger. It’s a great touch that the collapsed menu is located geographically within the app in the same position in which it appears on the site.

The scrolling promotional header is compressed into the upper fourth of the screen—still there, but it doesn’t muscle out the betting interface. The “Bet Now” button is still there too, but it’s a little redundant considering the app loads into the betting platform.

Instead of the left-hand toolbar, the stars of the show are a horizontal row of six top graphic icons to take you quickly to popular sports—a football icon, a boxing glove icon, etc.

There’s also an icon for InPlay games, as well as tab browsing to take you between InPlay and Popular games. The Spread, Money Line, and “More Betting Options” are preserved in the same light-background-dark-text interface as offered by the website.

At a glance, it might look like that big beautiful static betslip is missing from the stripped-down app interface. Fear not—direct your attention to the static app footer, and you will find quick links to the betslip and open bets. The A-Z sports listings are here too, as well as the search bar.

The William Hill Online NJ mobile app preserves a remarkably large amount of the functionality found on the desktop browser.

William Hill Online Sportsbook NJ Contact Information

You can call William Hill Online NJ customer support at (855) 754-1200.

You can also email William Hill Online NJ using the contact form found here.

Live chat with William Hill Online NJ here.

William Hill Online Sportsbook New Jersey: The Verdict

One of the oldest and most celebrated bookmakers in the world does New Jersey proud. Styled as “America’s #1 Sportsbook,” William Hill doesn’t seem interested in resting on its laurels.

Rather, William Hill has put so much thought into the user experience of its NJ online sportsbook, optimized for Android and iOS and built on its own proprietary software, that it’s hard to imagine how a competitor could beat them.

One way a competitor might try would be to offer better odds, a loyalty program, and a bigger dollar value of sign-up bonus.

Still, there’s a price to be paid when you mess with the king. All hail William Hill.

Bonus up to:
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* New customers only. Bonus up to $500 when you deposit $250.
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4.3 Overall Rating