DraftKings Strikes New Deal To Remain The Exclusive MLB Partner For DFS Bets

The news broke on August 6 with a joint news release about a new deal. In it, DraftKings Inc. (DKNG – Nasdaq) and Major League Baseball (MLB) issued the news of a multi-year extension which makes DraftKings the MLB’s official and exclusive Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) partner.

The extension also allows DraftKings to include more content rights in the form of product integration, prizes, and the ongoing use of branding from the MLB in the DFS game platform. Essentially, the extension cements the continual efforts of both partners. What it does for sports fans is that it enhances the game experience.

According to the DraftKings’ chief business officer, Ezra Kucharz, the MLB partnership dates back to 2012. It was the first such arrangement made by DraftKings. Kucharz added that both parties join in a mutual passion, commitment to innovation, and fan engagement to advance into the future with their partnership.

He emphasized that with data and technology, the product being presented to baseball fans would continue and increase opportunities for fans to participate. And that’s a great deal for everyone involved.


What Will That Deal Look Like?

If you are a participant who plays the betting games at DraftKings, you will see changes to the many different MLB offerings there.

For starters, the new extended partnership will permit the creation of new and exclusive content for each regular season game being played. This will extend to include post-season games as well. Also, fantasy and baseball fans will discover interesting product integration on the MLB platforms which will translate to new engagement methods as a result of this deal.

DraftKings will now be able to use such MLB properties as the iconic official MLB silhouetted batter logo and all of the official baseball team logos as part of their promotional marketing of games and activities including within the DFS products.

All-Star Week activities and the MLB post-season are additional features where both partners will work together to increase integration and engagement. Because of the new deal, fans will have access to VIP extras such as viewing on-field batting practices during the season and trips to the World Series.


Extension Follows Last Year’s Commitment

It was just last year when DraftKings became one of the MLB authorized sports wagering gaming operators as a result of a previous deal. The extension announced August 6 comes on the heels of that arrangement. The MLB Executive Vice President of Gaming & New Business Ventures Kenny Gersh says that fan engagement has been the main connection in the partnership. He added that both sides are continuing to add to the user experience by developing new and innovative gaming and entertainment options. The agreement extension allows the partners to expand on those options to add more excitement and fun to the sports fan experience.


How This Will Play Out

DraftKings is already well established in working with MLB and other professional sports entities. The experience that the Boston-based group has within the sports entertainment and gaming industry have pushed this provider to the top of the heap.

As a leader in the betting forum, DraftKings has forged a strong and respectable reputation within the gaming world and is looked upon by peers and competitors as a solid player. With many creative betting options already available for players, DraftKings will explore new options as part of this deal that will offer additional betting games and levels that will be attractive to all players ranging from beginners up to and including seasoned players.

Expect to see new gaming options rolled out soon.


More About DraftKings

Based in Boston, DraftKings Inc. was launched in 2012 by partners Jason Robins, Matt Kalish, and Paul Liberman. The company focuses on digital sports entertainment and gaming. The concept was to create an outlet online that would feed the competitive spirit of sports fans and do that by offering several different products that cross the spectrum of daily fantasy, regulated gaming, and digital media.

DraftKings provides sports gaming and gaming technology for 50+ operators in a multi-channel format. The operators are located in over 15 regulated US and global markets.

The DraftKings’ Sportbook provides betting in both mobile and retail formats for the major US and international sporting events and is available in many regulated states in the USA. The daily fantasy sports product provided by DraftKings is available in eight countries with 15 different sporting categories.

DraftKings also happens to be the official daily fantasy partner of the NFL and PGA Tour in addition to MLB. They are also the authorized gaming operator of the NBA and PGA Tour official betting operator in addition to MLB.


More About Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball (MLB) has a total of 30 teams based in the US and Canada and is one of the most historic professional sports leagues in the US. The league boasts the best-attended games in all of North America and has set records since 2004 for the highest attendance at games in the history of baseball.

The league is led by Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr. The MLB is proud of its track record on and off the field where they intend to leave a positive impact in the communities they serve.

To perpetuate baseball’s larger role in society, the MLB has a much bigger picture in focus. With the most comprehensive drug-testing program in American professional sports, MLB is doing their part to keep the game clean and fair for all.



Both DraftKings and MLB appear to be perfect matches to continue with the agreement struck last year appointing the sports betting provider as an authorized operator of those services for the league.

Baseball is a sport that has captured the imaginations of many throughout the past several decades. With digital platforms in place to permit a deeper engagement and a partnership built on continuing to enhance the fan experience, the real winners in this announcement of an extension of the partnership are the fans.

New technology has enabled the classic sport of baseball to reach a new generation of fans and with enhanced gaming options to come, engagement with those fans will be possible even with fans who do not live near an MLB team to see a game in person.

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