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Created by a pair of New Jersey real estate developers in 1995, Slingo was among the very first single and multiplayer online games. The game combines elements of both bingo and slots, and over the years developed into many different variations.

For a time, the multi-player version of the game was only available on AOL, but a children’s single-player version was available on the company’s website. The game proved so popular that it spawned Slingo-themed lottery tickets and land-based slot machines, and even a TV game show in the Philippines.

In 2013, RealNetworks bought Slingo for more than $15.5 million.  Just two years later, RealNetworks sold Slingo to Gaming Realms, a London-based company. Since then, Slingo has become wildly popular in the UK, with many gambling websites hosting the game.

Currently, there are nineteen different versions of Slingo, as well as other games. Slingo games have been lauded on both sides of the pond for their originality and playability.

An Old Favorite Constantly Reimagined

Some players enjoy the slow, casual, and social nature of bingo, while others like the nonstop, customizable action of a slot game. Although these sound like very different breeds of players, they’re actually a very similar demographic. That’s exactly what Gaming Realms realized when it acquired Slingo.  Winning is similar to bingo, but the spinning slot machine element adds a bit of excitement 

Instead of watching balls plunk down one by one, Slingo spins out multiple numbers in each round. When you throw in wilds and multiple variations, you have a real winner when it comes to online gaming.

Once the game gets rolling, numbers appear on a row just below the player’s bingo card on a five-reel, single pay line slot. These numbers are marked off on the card. The numbers on each reel typically appear under a card column. If the numbers match the numbers on the card, the spots change color marking a hit. 

There’s more. On each reel, a joker icon can pop up, allowing the player to mark off any number from that column. That’s not all; players can also get a super joker, allowing them to mark off any space on the entire card. Hit three or more jokers and/or super jokers on the same spin, and players win an instant prize. 

Free spin symbols can also come up, earning extra plays at the end of the game. Finally, there’s a nasty little devil symbol; if he turns up, the player wins absolutely nothing.

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Slingo Casino Software

Slingo has been in the business of developing online games since 1995, and the cutting-edge technology allows players to enjoy Slingo on a desktop, tablet, mobile device, or cellphone. Slingo-branded apps are available on Google Play and the Apple Store, including a Slingo Casino app.

Slingo casino software offers an unequaled gaming experience with a seamless UX and crystal-clear graphics. Slingo runs fast on any device; it’s accessible and fun for everyone.

Pros and Cons of Slingo Software


  • Many variations of the well-loved game
  • Slingo software is compatible on desktop and mobile devices
  • Slingo apps are available for both Apple and Android


  • The graphics can look childish and cartoonish
  • Poor customer support

Slingo Fan Favorites

If you’re bored with the same old slot games, then you may want to give Slingo a try. While each of the titles is a variation of the same game, they offer enough differences to keep players coming back. If you like casual games, then you will probably like Slingo.

Slingo Berserk

Ready to raid the coast and seize some Viking treasure? This game is based on a Viking theme; the Viking berserkers were feared raiders who fought in a furious, trance-like state. With amazing graphics and a trance-like soundtrack, this fast-paced game gives players the chance to scoop up some loot. 

Thor’s Lightning Hammer is the Wild symbol, and lightning bolts shoot golden coins into a treasure chest, giving the player a chance to score one of four jackpots. Slingo Berserk is optimized for both mobile devices and desktop.

Slingo Rainbow Riches

You’ll not only find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, on the road to riches, you’ll also come across magic wishing wells, magic toadstools, and a cash crop. This is the well-loved Slingo game, with all sorts of bonuses on the way to the pot of gold. Slingo Rainbow Riches is mobile-focused and loaded with many features. 

Slingo Xing Yun Xian

Slingo Xing Yun Xian was first developed for the lucrative Asian market. Set against a dramatic backdrop of mountains as the sun sets, the grid is nestled on a garden terrace festooned with paper lanterns. Golden gongs mark off the numbers.  The layout is not only beautiful, but it’s also simple and straightforward. Slingo Xing Yun Xian is perfect for both new and experienced Slingo players.

The game is fully optimized for both desktop and mobile device play, so you can play Slingo Xing Yun Xian anywhere and any time you like. 

Slingo Fortunes

This is another Asian-themed Slingo game, featuring the traditional cash-filled red envelope filled given to children during Chinese New Year celebrations.

A 5×5 grid of red envelopes is where the game is played, beginning with 26 envelopes. As the game starts, the player must pick one envelope to be set aside until the very end of the game. Pick wisely; you could wind up winning the amount in that envelope if you’re displeased with amounts left at the end of the game.

Each red envelope is filled with a prize, and the player eliminates envelopes according to the reel numbers matching the numbers on the envelopes. The goal is to eliminate the smallest prize amounts to increase the chance of winning a big cash prize. 

Slingo Extreme

Slingo extreme takes the classic game, and makes it even hotter with huge jackpots! It’s fast and furious, with an unbelievable $50,000 jackpot for the luckiest of players. 

Slingo Deal or No Deal

Styled after the popular TV game show, the numbered red boxes each contain a prize that could be any value on either side of the grid. The player’s task is to choose the right boxes to eliminate low-paying prizes, working your way to a generous offer from the banker. The top jackpot prize is a life-changing $100,000 in cash! Of course, Slingo Deal or No Deal is fully optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

Slingo Centurion

Set in the landscape of ancient Rome, the goal is to lead the Roman army to victory by battling up the bonus ladder. On the march, the army unlocks bonus features like Prizes on Parade, Reelus Maximus, Caesar’s Free Spins, and the Road to Rome. 

The symbols include chariots, Roman helmets, shields and coins, and the Roman colosseum. Playing Slingo Centurion is easy to play on desktop or mobile devices, anywhere the road takes you.

Slingo Cascade

This pirate-themed Slingo game comes with epic bonus features, guaranteeing hours of fun. The game plays out on a pirate ship and a deserted island, with a cascading reel and a 5×5 grid. When a player matches a number on their grid with one on the reels, water barrels on the ship’s deck explode and a fresh number appears. This is an epic Slingo game with the potential to bring home lots of pirate booty.

Slingo Carnival

Spend a sunny, candy-colored day at the county fair, playing games along the midway. All the familiar things you remember are there, from the big top tent, the clowns, and stuffed animals symbolizing bonus prizes.

With seven moneymaking bonus rounds, players uncover a multiplier during the Pick a Toy Bonus, or they can choose to spin the wheel for a thrilling rollercoaster ride on the Coaster Climb Bonus! Slingo Carnival can be played both desktop and mobile devices, wherever you feel like spending a fun day on the midway.

Slingo Advance

With the look of a retro, Tron-style video game, this Slingo classic plays out on a futuristic purple grid. With an intergalactic soundtrack, Slingo Advance is an out-of-this-world chance to win generous cash prizes. 

This game awards prizes for each Slingo match the player completes. The goal is to fill out vertical or diagonal lines, make the letter X or the letter T on the grid, or get a full house. The game advances through five levels for a chance to win a generous jackpot. While this Slingo game looks retro, it’s fully optimized for 21st-century mobile devices, as well as desktop.

Slingo Reveal

This variation of Slingo throws instant wins into the mix, requiring the player to get slingos to reveal the hidden symbols. The basic game board is primarily blue, red, and yellow.  The numbers are marked off with stars. 

When the player marks off 5 numbers in a row, they get a slingo, revealing a hidden symbol with a prize. If the player collects the right number of a certain symbol, they win the corresponding prize. Of course, like every other Slingo game, Reveal is completely optimized for mobile devices and desktops. 

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