Trading Service Provider Amelco Forms Yet Another Partnership With Continent 8 Technologies 

Sports betting software and trading services provider Amelco has partnered with data center provider Continent 8 Technologies. This partnership is designed to help Amelco solidify its already burgeoning presence in the US.

The landmark partnership will allow Continent 8 to manage and host Amelco’s data from four of its operations in Colorado, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Indiana. This means that everything will be handled in-state in an effort to comply with the local regulatory requirements pertaining to customer data.

Because all of Amelco’s data will be operated and managed under a single umbrella, Amelco in turn hopes to offer their customers superior connectivity and bandwidth flexibility, which will in turn allow them to grow much faster than anticipated.

Why would the trading service provider go for a partnership with continent 8? 

As it stands, Continent 8 is unrivaled in the industry when it comes to state center services. As such, if Amelco has any chance of scaling, it needs to have a strong infrastructure in place that enabled them to remain amenable, which is what Continent 8 provides. The partnership will be mutually beneficial for both companies as they have a vested interest in expanding to states all across the country. 

Companies such as Continent 8 are well versed in cloud technology and data storage solutions and the benefits associated with working with such a company are manifold. Online gambling operators and casinos need cloud computing and have been using cloud storage services for several years now.

Organizations such as Continent 8 provide a much-needed service that promises potential cost savings when it comes to the management, maintenance and hosting infrastructure. That’s why casino operators and trading services provider Amelco are working as hard as they can to adopt an all cloud model. Continent 8 boasts a couple of revolutionary cloud products that are perfectly designed for the online gaming industry.

Switching to the cloud is something that European operators have been doing a lot. In Europe, operators typically rely on a split infrastructure that enables them to adhere to regulations while still making use a hybrid model cloud. Where applicable, operators are also known to use cloud in particular jurisdiction. This in-cloud capability is what Continent 8 hopes to provide trading services provider Amelco.

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Under the terms of the deal of this strategic partnership, trading services provider Amelco will utilize Continent 8’s vibrant networks of data centers. This will help Amelco manage its operations, ensure hosting, connectivity as well as cyber secure services for its client in a regulatory compliant manner. 

As well as keep the data from Amelco’s 4 jurisdictions in the state and separate, the new partnership will also allow Amelco to have its entire customer base incorporated under one umbrella.


Software developer for sports betting industries, as well as financial services Amelco stands as one of the world’s most popular online gaming solutions provider. Amelco designs custom-made trading and sportsbook solutions that are designed to customers’’ specifications. Amelco’s sports betting trading solution (ATS) is recognized as a pioneer in the gaming industry.

Headquartered in the Idle of Man, Amelco continues to expand all cross regulated US betting markets by positioning itself as the number one choice for tier-one sportsbook operators. Amelco has been thriving thus far by actively entering new jurisdictions as soon as regulations as introduced.

New entrants in the online gaming sector need a technology platform that they can easily work with and expertise that allows them to effectively set up operations. Above all, Amelco offers these new operators knowledge of how they can leverage their assets and target the right gaming audience. Amelco’s years of experience make it well-positioned to partner with new entrants for mutual growth and benefits.

Amelco was founded in 2006 by Damian Walton and a team of 8 former developer workmates in the global finance sector. They are experienced in creating software solutions for pricing, tradition, and execution platforms providing electronic brokering services. 

In 2007, just a year after it was formed, Amelco successfully implemented its tradition platform for betting giant William Hill, which was just in time for Wimbledon. It built ATS a couple of months later. Currently, the trading service provider’s sports betting tradition solution ATS is recognized as the market leader integrating to more than 50 sports data feeds and more than 2000 casino games.

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