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The ability to swiftly, securely, and safely transfer funds to your gambling account is one of the most important aspects of a great New Jersey online casino. Discerning online players are increasingly searching for safe, fast, and trouble-free payment methods. If you happen to be a seasoned gambler who frequents land-based casinos, then Safekeeping could be your safest bet.

As the name suggests, Safekeeping is a casino banking method that allows heavy hitters to deposit their huge winnings and funds at a casino for later use. Instead of cashing out and subsequently depositing the funds back to the casino, you’d rather have them kept safely and credited to your Safekeeping account.

If you have a Safekeeping arrangement with a participating land-based casino in New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, or other gambling-friendly state, you can fund your online gambling account directly from this account. For instance, you can instantly deposit funds to your Golden Nugget Online Casino directly from your Golden Nugget Atlantic City Safekeeping account. This method is not only safe and super-secure but also ultra-easy and convenient.

Safekeeping is certainly much safer than carrying cash or using a credit card, which forces you to share your sensitive financial details. To help you get started, we’ve listed some of the best online casinos accepting Safekeeping deposits. We’ll also show you what the Safekeeping system is all about, covering deposit methods available for online casino games, security, pros, and cons.

Overview of Safekeeping Deposits

Safekeeping is a casino payment method that has become increasingly popular with US internet gamblers for deposit and withdrawal transactions. Making casino deposits or withdrawals using this option is perhaps the safest and most secure way of making online transfers to participating gambling sites. Specifically, Golden Nugget Online Casino is especially well-known for putting this method on the online casino payment map.

Imagine you have hit a major jackpot at Golden Nugget Atlantic City Casino. What would you do with your windfall? More often than not, you may have to keep it in your casino account as you sort out taxes, method of cashing out, and other issues. Golden Nugget Casino will open a Safekeeping account in your name where you can keep your funds for later withdrawal or play.

Safekeeping was made popular by brick-and-mortar casinos decades ago, offering a safer way for players to keep their winnings, bankrolls, and chips instead of carrying cash around. Obviously, cash carries the risk of getting stolen, lost, or misused. With the kind of cash high-rollers win or bring to the casinos, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your funds are in safe and sound hands. Safekeeping has been an alternative payment and withdrawal method for casinos ever since and is one of the most trusted options in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and other gambling hubs around the world.

As an online casino payment method, this service enables players to make an instant deposit at any partner gambling site from their land-based casino Safekeeping account. Customers can fund their Safekeeping account by making in-person deposits of cash, chips, tokens, and other forms of payment at the casino cashier cage.

If you are looking for a safe and secure way to make a deposit at an online gambling site that doesn’t involve dabbling with bank accounts, credit cards, or debit cards, Safekeeping is a fabulous choice. After being around for decades, many veteran casino players have made Safekeeping their preferred payment method. Of course, you must first have a Safekeeping account with a major and trustworthy casino like Golden Nugget.

Which New Jersey Online Casinos Accept Safekeeping Deposits?

Safekeeping is a casino payment option for people who aren’t keen on using their credit cards, e-wallets, checking accounts, or bank cards to make deposits. It’s a great choice for anyone who likes to make seamless gameplay transitions from an offline gambling institution to an online casino. All you need do is select Safekeeping as your deposit method, enter the amount you wish to transfer, and voila, your funds will be instantly credited to your online casino account.

So far, the biggest and the most trustworthy gambling site accepting Safekeeping deposits is Golden Nugget Online Casino. This is a New Jersey licensed gambling site that allows players to pull funds from their Golden Nugget Atlantic City Safekeeping account.

How to Make an Online Casino Deposit Using Safekeeping

Golden Nugget Online Casino was the first to accept Safekeeping transfers.  The practice has caught on well with players in New Jersey. The system works pretty much like a VIP Preferred Account, making it easy for players to instantly transfer funds to their online wagering wallet.

Simply navigate to the site’s Cashier/Banking section, select “Safekeeping” as the payment method, and enter the deposit amount of your choice. Once you confirm and submit the request, the funds will instantly be made available in your online casino account.

This premier account transfer method may be easy and convenient, but it comes with deposit limits. Often, you are allowed to deposit a minimum of $10, and up to $10,000 within a 24-hour period.

Security and Safety

Due to its casino-to-casino transfer nature, Safekeeping is as secure and safe as a casino payment can get. The only security measure you need to undertake is to safeguard your Safekeeping and online casino account credential from prying “eyes.” There’s no need to share your private financial information (credit/debit card or bank account details), which makes Safekeeping ideal for people seeking a safe and secure gambling experience.

Pros of Using Safekeeping at Online Casinos

Let’s take a look at the positives of using Safekeeping to make deposits at an online casino.

  • Helps you stay on top of your gambling budget – You can set aside a certain amount of funds you’d like to deposit from your Safekeeping account.
  • Fee-free – Online casinos usually don’t levy any fee for Safekeeping deposits or withdrawals
  • It’s a two-way payment method – In addition to casino deposits, the Safekeeping transfer option allows you to make withdrawals of your winnings from online casinos, too.
  • Safe & secure – It’s far safer than cash, and there’s no requirement to reveal your private financial information, such as bank account or card details. This is simply as close to playing with cash chips as you can get in the world of online casino gambling.
  • High daily limits – You can deposit a maximum of $10,000 or sometimes more using Safekeeping. Other methods usually have far lower limits.
  • Instant deposits – Funds transferred from a Safekeeping account will instantly be credited to your wagering account.

Cons of Using Safekeeping at Online Casinos

The downsides you should be aware of before using Safekeeping as a deposit method include:

  • Lack of flexibility – You can only deposit to specific online casinos. For example, Golden Nugget Atlantic City Safekeeping account can only be used at partner gambling sites. It’s not cross-functional.
  • Limited acceptance: Because Safekeeping is tied to land-based casinos, it’s available in very few US sites, most notably Golden Nugget Online Casino. New Jersey gamblers are lucky; others outside this jurisdiction aren’t.


As a payment method, Safekeeping transfer is a fantastic option for anyone cautious about using bank cards and checking accounts online. It’s an easy, secure, convenient way for players to instantly transfer funds from their casino safekeeping accounts.

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