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Discover is a credit card brand that continues to give the likes of VISA, MasterCard, and American Express (Amex) a run for their money. As one of the largest credit card networks globally, it’s a worthy option for New Jersey players to consider for deposits at participating online casinos. It promises a more hassle-free experience, and lower fees than most other leading card payment options.

As with other credit cards, Discover enables its cardholders to make payments or transfer money online, and pay for them later on a monthly rolling basis. Discover cards are offered by an increasing number of banks, credit unions, and financial institutions, primarily in the US.

It’s crucial to note that, for many American players, Discover cards can be extremely tricky to use for transferring funds into online casino accounts. This is an informed decision by the card issuer in a bid to conform to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA), which prohibits US financial institutions from carrying out gambling transactions.

That, however, shouldn’t dissuade you from learning the nitty-gritty of this world-class e-payment method with great potential if it continues to warm up to the online gambling community. Of course, we won’t leave you hanging if you’re hell-bent on using your Discover Card to make deposits at a reputable New Jersey casino. Our list below features the best online casinos, albeit few, that accept Discover deposit.

The sheer volume of information about Discover deposits available out there can be a little overwhelming and sometimes confusing. To help you navigate this tricky casino deposit method, our guide distills it down to the essentials of the Discover system, as well as its deposit methods available for online casino games, which casinos accept it, how it works, fees, types of Discover cards, security, pros, and cons.

Overview of Discover Deposits

One of the largest New Jersey Finserv companies, Discover Network offers reward credit cards, personal loans, student loans, mortgages, and online banking. 

It’s arguably the 3rd largest credit card issuer in the US, trailing only MasterCard and VISA. Their cards mostly revolve around rewards and convenience, with the vast majority offered in partnership with sports franchises, retailers, local credit unions, and banks.

Despite having a large user pool, the credit card company is notorious for distancing itself from the online gambling industry. 

It’s true that all American issued credit cards are generally cold towards online casinos due to US banking restrictions, but Discover casino deposits historically have some of the lowest acceptance rates overall.

In fact, you’ll rarely find a genuine US-facing gambling site that accepts Discover cards exclusively, with the only exception being legitimate online casinos licensed in the state of New Jersey. If you do happen to come across a non-New Jersey gambling site that accepts Discover deposits from US players, we recommend that you tread carefully.

Because the credit card issuer tends to discourage internet gaming transactions, there’s a good chance that some US casinos are accepting Discover as a payment method without prior authorization. 

The odds are high that these online casinos are less than reputable and may strip you of your winnings. If the US, the federal government were to repeal or amend UIGEA regulations, then more online gambling sites will start offering legal Discover deposits.

As of now, we suggest that you stick to New Jersey online casinos when using your Discover cards to fund your gambling activities. If you’d like to expand your horizon a little, we highly recommend that you consider other viable and genuine casino deposit methods like prepaid cards, e-wallets, e-checks, Neteller, Skrill, bank wire transfers, MasterCard, and Visa. 

Furthermore, always inquire with your Discover card issuer if you experience difficulty when attempting to deposit money to your online casino account.

Yes, it would be nice if there were hundreds of trustworthy Discover casinos friendly to US players. That isn’t just feasible for the foreseeable future, or at least until the federal regulators loosen their grip on the US online gambling market. The good news is that you can link your Discover card with PayPal and, subsequently, move the funds into a PayPal casino.

Brief History of Discover

Launched in 1985 by the American department store chain Sears, Roebuck and Co. (Sears), Discover is a credit card brand that focuses predominantly on the US market. 

Even though Discover credit cards were not as popular as those from well-established brands Visa and MasterCard, they quickly appealed to the American masses because they offered above-par credit limits and charged no annual fee.

Currently, Discover Network is hailed as the third-largest issuer of credit cards in the US, taking on the ranks of Amex, VISA, Maestro, and MasterCard. 

Over the years, the company has always tried to differentiate itself from the rest of the pack by revolving their services around convenience and trust in their customers.

There’s something to be said about Discover’s historically lower-interest rates, higher-than-average credit limits, and loads of cashback benefits. 

With rewards and Cashback perks in the range of 2-5% on annual credit spending, these are the key aspects that have played a crucial role in placing the card company on the American payment map. Well, who wouldn’t love to get 5 percent of their expenses paid using their credit cards back?

All up, Discover is working constantly to zero in on the pain points of its customers and find ways to solve them. The company’s reward credit cards are great for online shopping, bill payments, and credit score building. 

When it comes to depositing funds to legitimate Discover casinos, it’s often a fast, secure, and no-hassle process. Note the emphasis on legitimate online casinos as there are hardly any of them out there, save for the ones that legally accept US players.

Which New Jersey Casinos Accept Discover Deposits?

Once again, a very limited number of online casinos offer Discover deposits outside of New Jersey gambling jurisdiction. The vast majority of genuine Discover casinos are based out of Atlantic City, and they operate under gambling regulations and license from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

These Discover-friendly gambling sites include Caesar Casino & Sportsbook, SugarHouse Casino, 888 Casino, DraftKings Sportsbook, and PartyCasino


How Discover Deposits Work

Discover cards evidently come in a wide variety, helping cardholders meet their specific online banking and payment needs, whether it’s for travel, gas, dining, or something else. They have also caught the eye of avid online gamblers, most of whom are always on the lookout for low-cost ways to top up their casino accounts.

In the New Jersey internet casino realm, operators are constantly updating their game offerings and payment options in order to provide their members with additional flexibility and convenience. 

With this in mind, some NJ online casinos have reached out to the 3rd-largest US credit card issuer. This way, players can enjoy fast, secure deposits, and lower processing fees associated with Discover cards.

Of course, you’ll need to apply for a Discover-issued credit card from your local bank, credit union, or other financial institutions. The application procedure is pretty familiar, involving some sort of credit check. 

The big idea here is to prove to the card issuer that you’ve got good credit standing. Some financial institutions may need you to furnish them with your bank statements to support your application.

The upside with Discover is that their credit cards are often issued, registered, and maintained without any fees. On top of that, you will get rewards, cash-back benefits, and other perks that make Discover attractive to discerning credit cardholders.

Using Discover debit and credit cards to make casino deposits, on the other hand, is fundamentally simple and straightforward as the process is similar to using any other leading credit card. First, and perhaps the hardest task is to find a reputable and legal gambling site that accepts Discover deposits from US players. As fate would have it, most of these gambling sites carry New Jersey gambling licenses and are based mostly in Atlantic City, NJ.

While most online casinos prefer credit cards issued by MasterCard, Visa, and sometimes American Express, there are still a few options that take deposits via this method. Once you pick your favorite Discover casino, the next stop is the registration page of the gambling site. Fill out the necessary information and verify your contact details – and voila, there’s your new gambling account!

At your convenience, log into your new or existing Discover casino account and navigate to the banking section where you’ll choose this option as your deposit method. You’ll be asked for your credit card information and the amount you wish to transfer. Once you submit the deposit request, the funds should be credited to your casino account instantaneously, allowing you to hit the slots, NJ casino tables, or online poker right away.

How to Deposit at an Online Casino via Discover Credit/Debit Card

Traditionally, debit and credit cards are some of the most popular methods for depositing funds at gambling sites. As well as being a trusted, safe, and secure option, bank cards are an excellent method if you’re after getting your deposits processed instantly so you play your favorite casino games immediately.

Follow these easy steps to transfer funds into your casino account using a Discover-branded debit or credit card.

1)    Locate the Cashier section. Some online casinos refer to it as a ‘banking’ page. The link should be found on the head or footer. If it’s not visible, just search the phrase: “[casino name] deposit methods” or “[casino name] banking methods.”

2)    Click the ‘deposit’ tab. Choose Discover as your preferred payment method from the list of all deposit options. You’ll be required to enter the standard card details, such as your name as it appears on the card, expiration date, card number, and CVV security code (this is often found on the back of the card). You may be asked to input your Discover private security key.

3)    Choose your deposit amount. Once you’ve entered the amount you wish to deposit in USD, click ‘deposit’.

4)    Receive the money and start playing. If the transaction goes through and the payment is approved, your casino account will be credited instantly.

That’s all there is to depositing at an online casino using Discover credit/debit card. However, thanks to Discover’s strict policy on gambling transactions, there’s a possibility that your deposit will be rejected. The odds of it being accepted differ from one bank to another. If it doesn’t go through, you can try the same method on another casino or use a different card. You can also get in touch with the site’s customer support team to see if they can help.

Discover Deposit Fees

What makes Discover cards appealing is that the provider allows you to make payments at no additional charge. So, in addition to the credit card having no registration or annual account administration fees, most New Jersey gambling sites accept Discover deposits at no charge to the player.

Types of Discover Cards

There are 4 common types of credit cards offered by Discover: Student, Travel, Cash Back, and Secured. Each card type offers holders its own set of benefits, but they must satisfy certain requirements.

Student Credit Cards – As the name suggests, these Discover credit cards were designed with students in mind. The potential APR ranges from 13.24% to 22.40%. They offer standard Discover benefits, including 5% cash on specific purchases plus 2% cashback up to $1,000 spent on restaurants and gas stations quarterly.

Cash Back Credit Cards – These are the signature Discover cards, and the company’s bread & butter. The appeal of these cards is that they earn cashback on purchases made with. A one percent cashback is applied to all transactions while a 5% reward is available for rotating categories each quarter. These cards attract no late fees, no annual fees, and no additional charges for foreign transactions.

Secured Discover Cards – This is quite similar to a prepaid or debit card but comes with a layer of benefits associated with Discover reward cards. The card issuer matches your deposits, so if you deposit $500, you’ll get a $500 credit line. Perks include 2% cashback on restaurant and gas spending, while other transactions attract cash back at the rate of 1%.

Travel Credit Cards – Also known as Miles Discover Card, this credit card rewards you 1.5 free miles for every dollar you use on travel. After the maiden year, your mileage goes up to double points for every $1 spent. Like other Discover cards, Travel credit cards carry no foreign transaction fees, no annual fees, and no late fees.

Security and Safety

There are numerous security measures and protocols that help make credit cards and debit cards the most secure deposit options. Discover is ramping up its security measures to safeguard their customers’ transactions and sensitive data. To start with, the card information is private to the cardholder and encrypted when used online so that they can’t be shared with unwanted third parties.

Discover credit cards come with zero liability for the user. If your card is stolen, hacked, or gets lost, the transactions can be stopped immediately and the cardholder will be responsible for any fraudulent transactions or suffer the adverse consequences. Discover customers have 24/7 access to fraud specialists you can get in touch with when you suspect fraud or strange transactions on your card. If the anti-fraud system flags a suspect fraud, you’ll receive notification of the same via email, SMS, or phone call.

All Discover cardholders enjoy 24-hour transaction monitoring at no additional cost. The company monitors every purchase and money movement made with your card. This implies that fraudulent transactions will be spotted and flagged down immediately. Discover also gives you the option to freeze your account if you think your sensitive details have leaked in whatever way.

Pros of Using Discover for New Jersey Casino Deposits

  • The cards have no annual or registration fee – None of the credit cards from Discover attract a registration or annual fee. This means their cards are hassle-free to use, without having to be concerned about high administrative fees.
  • No deposit processing fee – Aside from the credit card not having any annual fees, your deposits to online casinos are also free.
  • Lucrative cash-backs – Every time you use your Discover card to make purchases, you will be rewarded with a cashback of between 1% and 5%. This means you will not only enjoy free and hassle-free deposits but also get some cashback.
  • Superb customer support – By virtue of being the 3rd largest credit card company in the US, Discover has put together one of the best customer service teams based in the United States. Get royalty treatment every time you contact customer support.
  • Don’t need to have a bank account – You can obtain a Discover credit card even if you don’t have a bank account. That’s because this is an independent financial institution with its own online banking platform that takes care of payments and transfers.
  • Multi-card support – Discover has an impressive variety of credit cards, each offering unique benefits.

Cons of Using Discover for New Jersey Casino Deposits

  • Some Discover Cards come with hidden charges and very high APRs, especially if you don’t select the right type.
  • There’s a very limited number of New Jersey online casinos that accept Discover deposits.
  • This payment option is limited to only New Jersey customers

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