Xpoint Verify Goes Live with Sporttrade in New Jersey

The customers of Xpoint in the United States markets have a new product to keep them hooked to their favorite operator. The dedicated Xpoint Verify solution is the latest addition that the company is making to its geolocation product portfolio. Set to be used immediately, the product will be live in the country with easy access via Sporttrade. The main focus of Xpoint has been to offer the North American market with top of the range geolocation and compliance solutions for the iGaming and sports wagering providers. 

For those who are familiar with the operations of Sporttrade, the general consensus is that the company does a great job of creating opportunities through which sports fans get to take part in the betting ecosystem. The greatest benefit for the fans that follow up on these opportunities is that they are regularly trading in sports bets like stocks. Interestingly, this form of betting is nothing new; in fact, the popularity of sports bets stocks has been increasing exponentially over time. 

Although the operations of Sporttrade are available in many betting markets around the US, the brand has a heavy presence in New Jersey. It appears that the business in which it is involved in, is catching people’s attention; this is not the only betting company in the United States that offers its customers a stock market-like experience. At the beginning of the week, a similar offering was launched in the Garden State courtesy of Chris Rock and Thrive Capital-back platform Mojo.

The introduction of the Xpoint Verify product into the market will play a big role in helping the efforts of Sporttrade of remaining competitive in the market. It will also be much easier for the operator to comply with set geolocation conditions as mandated by law. Xpoint endeavors to offer “game-changing” geolocation and real money NJ sports betting and iGaming solutions experience to its users. The company reported this plan during the launch of the new product.

According to the CEO of Xpoint, Marvin Sanderson who is also a co-founder of the company, the opportunity to serve customers in this capacity is quite exciting for the team. The betting market is huge in the US and growing by the day so Sanderson is eyeing the brand’s future prospects with optimism. In his argument, Sporttrade is a unique brand that has demonstrated its innovative edge in the gambling market. As the sports betting market evolves, it is important for companies to come up with new ideas that will ensure that the industry caters to emerging trends. 

With this latest announcement, the Xpoint team manages to hit another milestone for their business. It is believed that the new product is going to serve as an accelerator for rallying new customers to register, offer support for growth targets projected by the company and help the brand to carry on with its ongoing transformation of the marketplace. 

It is no secret that the gambling market has attracted quite a number of investors who are eager to make a kill out of the market. The pressure in the market is for each of these players to remain in business by raking in profits. It is no wonder that the pressure on companies to remain compliant continues to rise. With such high levels of competition in the market, it is of great benefit that the rise of trusted technology partners is encouraged and supported. 

So far, Xpoint Verify has proven to the market that it is worth being the go-to solutions partner following its latest move. Operators that are looking to remain compliant with geolocation standards in the United States and the region as a whole now have a trusted partner to walk the journey with.

Commenting on the new alliance, The CEO and founder of Sporttrade, Alex Kane, spoke on the timeliness of the deal. His position is that the company was going to draw great strength from Xpoint due to the nature of industry experience and innovation that their products portray. Kane admits that the two companies have a lot in common including their commitment to industry transformation. It is exciting for the two companies to be sharing quite a phenomenal phase in their operations cycle and they both feel they made a great choice for partner. 

Kane also believes that Xpoint does not only simplify the process of verifying a customer’s location but also offers its partners the privilege of collecting relevant input. The partnership between Sporttrade and Xpoint will extend into other states beyond New Jersey. 

About the partners

Xpoint is involved in the provision of geolocation security solutions which are essential in the effective operations of a casino business. The brand also offers intelligent marketing insights of the sports betting and iGaming industries at a global scale. Through the development of innovative solutions, the platform ensures that partners adhere to their regulatory geo-compliance obligations as well as deliver value to stakeholders through generation of data that can inform marketing programs.

Having been founded in 2019 and run by a team of officials in Florida and Miami, Xpoint is revolutionizing the global geolocation market. The fact that the company’s CEO and Co-Founder, Marvin Sanderson is a global sports betting and iGaming industry leader positions the brand for immense growth. Geolocation tools are not just for business but a necessity that facilitates compliance. 

Sporttrade is a new player in the gambling industry having launched its sports betting platform in September, 2022. The team that sits at the helm of the brand’s management is accomplished in sports betting and capital markets expertise. It operates from Philadelphia but maintains an active website where all updates are posted. 


For a long time, there was no common ground between gambling and stock trading but times are changing. Casino players can now get more value for their money with gambling stock trading. There is obviously a need for more user education but the preliminaries are designed to hook potential clients.

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