Soft2Bet Targets ‘Some Sort Of Market Share’ As It Eyes NJ Sports Betting Expansion

Soft2Bet, one of the most recognized sportsbook platform operators hailing from Europe, recently made waves when it announced expansion in the US. Soft2Bet, in particular, is poised to make its mark in the competitive New Jersey sports betting market. Soft2Bet, which is based in Cyprus is drawn to the maturation and sophistication of the New Jersey betting market.

As you can imagine, the sports gambling market in New Jersey has become a key player in the advancing landscape of legal sports betting in the country. As such, Soft2Bet’s decision to expand into the New Jersey sports betting market is underpinned by the state’s well-established and regulated environment, coupled with the commendable leadership of the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE).

Soft2Bet is looking to introduce a differentiated offering to the US betting market, leveraging its experience in the European gambling sector. According to Yatom Hay, the Soft2Bet brand wants to showcase the might and prowess of European operators. As such, setting up its market in New Jersey is one of the best ways for the brand to prove itself.

While Soft2Bet is distinguished for its leading sports betting platform, the operator also brings a broader spectrum of offerings to the table. This includes an advanced “gamification system” featuring a Content Management System (CMS), a payment system, and risk assessment tools. The foundation of Soft2Bet’s business revolves around sports betting and casino gaming platforms designed for both mobile apps and websites.

Soft2Bet announced US expansion at G2E 2023

Soft2Bet first announced its plans for expansion in the US gambling market at the recently concluded Global Gaming Expo (G2E) which was held in Vegas. The event, which was held between October 9th and 12th, showcased the latest industry trends and innovations. During the expo, Soft2Bet stole the spotlight with its presence and radical Motivational Engineering (ME) features.

During the show, Soft2Bet executives, including CEO Uri Poliavich, presented their pioneering Motivational Engineering technology to the American audience. Motivational Engineering is already redefining the modern gambling experience by integrating advanced features that improve engagement and retention, setting a new standard in the iGaming industry.

Poliavich’s presentation at the G2E iGaming Zone not only showcased the uniqueness of ME but also positioned Soft2Bet as a frontrunner in bringing transformative technologies to the American market. Chief Business Development Officer Martin Collins and Product Manager Olga Melnyk further detailed Soft2Bet’s ME offerings and custom products during a presentation and Q&A session. 

The company’s commitment to reinventing iGaming was met with enthusiasm from industry leaders and media in attendance, highlighting the uniqueness of their solutions in the North American market. The company’s presence at G2E went beyond showcasing innovations.

Soft2Bet officials were also actively engaged in private meetings, media interactions, and networking opportunities. These efforts are believed to have helped lay the foundation for potential partnerships and collaborations as Soft2Bet positions itself as a key player in the US iGaming sector.

Soft2Bet’s booth at G2E served as a hub for private meetings, media interviews, and networking opportunities. It was during this meeting that the brand also announced its ambitious expansion into the US gambling market. The move to expand in the US is aligned with the company’s vision of establishing a robust presence in regulated markets worldwide.

As Soft2Bet continues its journey of expansion and innovation, the company has been gearing up for its participation in the SiGMA Malta Europe Summit 2023. The SiGMA Malta Europe Summit is scheduled to take place from November 13 to 17. The event is expected to provide even more opportunities for industry people to explore Soft2Bet’s offerings and learn more about its plans for the online casino market in the US.

New Jersey offers Soft2bet growth opportunities

Soft2Bet’s decision to start its US expansion in New Jersey is strategic. New Jersey has been a trailblazer in legalizing online gambling, and its regulatory framework is well-established. By gaining a foothold in New Jersey, Soft2Bet can showcase its capabilities and potentially use it as a launchpad for further expansion into other states as they legalize online gambling.

New Jersey, with its legal online casinos, offers Soft2Bet an additional avenue for growth. New Jersey is indeed known for having one of the most competitive and vibrant sports betting and iGaming markets in the entire region. However, the competitiveness of the market doesn’t negate the growth opportunities it presents, especially for companies with unique offerings and innovative approaches like Soft2Bet.

What makes Soft2Bet special and potentially appealing to New Jersey punters can be attributed to several factors. In the highly competitive landscape of New Jersey, innovation and differentiation are crucial. Thankfully, however, Soft2Bet can offer features or services that stand out from the competition, such as its groundbreaking Motivational Engineering (ME), which allows the brand to attract attention, as well as gain market share.

Coming from Europe, where online gambling is well-established and regulated, Soft2Bet brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the industry. European gambling companies often have a track record of successful operations in mature online gambling markets, and this experience can be valuable in navigating the complexities of the New Jersey market.

Soft2Bet also boasts a comprehensive suite of products and services for iGaming operators. This includes a flagship sports betting platform, a gamification system, a Content Management System (CMS), and other tools. The versatility of their offerings will no doubt allow the gambling operator to cater to a wide range of preferences among New Jersey punters.

Final Thoughts

While New Jersey’s market is competitive, the state’s status as a leader in legal online gambling provides ample growth opportunities. Soft2Bet’s success will depend on its ability to offer something unique, cater to the preferences of New Jersey punters, and effectively navigate the regulatory landscape.

As Soft2Bet sets its sights on entering the New Jersey sports betting market, the company’s strategic approach involves showcasing its technological capabilities and unique offerings. The move not only aligns with the evolving landscape of legal sports betting in the United States but also positions Soft2Bet as a noteworthy player with ambitions to extend its influence beyond sports betting into the lucrative online casino space.

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