Pariplay Partners with DraftKings to Launch Konami Gaming Content in New Jersey

Pariplay, a renowned iGaming aggregator and provider, recently announced a content supply agreement with DraftKings. This partnership between the renowned iGaming aggregator and provider Pariplay and the leading US iGaming and sports wagering operator has set the iGaming world abuzz with excitement as it marks a significant milestone for both companies.

This deal is set to introduce Konami Gaming’s captivating library of titles to punters in New Jersey for the first time. It is worth mentioning that this isn’t the first time that Pariplay and Konami are teaming up. Their previous success in introducing Konami’s content to Pariplay’s Fusion aggregation platform has laid the groundwork for the company’s newest venture.

As a result of the long-lasting B2B partnership, the foundation was laid for Pariplay’s B2C collaboration with DraftKings, one of the most respected giants in the US gambling scene. DraftKings is looking to capitalize on this partnership to further expand its products and offerings in the New Jersey gambling market, one of the most established and profitable markets in the country.

By integrating Konami’s innovative online casino portfolio of well-reviewed brick-and-mortar casino titles within its platform, DraftKings will now provide its player community with a diverse selection of both classic and modern casino game titles. Celebrated for its unique selection of games, Konami’s titles are expected to be a huge hit among DraftKings customers in New Jersey.

As one of the most recognized gambling operators in the country, DraftKings’ series of successful launches of content in both Michigan and New Jersey have demonstrated the brand’s capacity to expand its online gambling activities. This experience has promoted both Pariplay and DraftKings to embark on the promising new partnership deal in New Jersey, building on the confidence and rapport of past expansions.

This collaboration will not only ensure that DraftKings’ presence and market leader position is strengthened but also serves as a great opportunity for Pariplay to solidify its expansion strategies and become the top aggregation platform in the region. 

VP of North America at Pariplay, Shivan Patel, expressed his excitement about this new deal, recognizing the iconic status of both Konami and DraftKings in the expansive gambling sector. Boasting the potential to reach a vast audience through DraftKings’ already popular platform, Pariplay believes that the debut of Konami’s games will be a tremendous success.

Strategic partnerships crucial for PariPlay’s expansion plan

As one of the most established iGaming aggregators and providers, Pariplay’s success in the online casino industry can largely be attributed to the brand’s strategic approach of forging key partnerships with major industry players. By forming partnerships with renowned operators such as DraftKings and revered content providers like Konami Gaming, Pariplay has managed to expand its presence in the market while reaching a wider audience.

One of the greatest advantages of strategic partnerships is the access to new markets and jurisdictions including lucrative markets in the country, as well as abroad. Through partnerships with the likes of DraftKings, Pariplay has a competitive edge in crowded iGaming markets such as New Jersey. 

This expansion into new regions not only grows Pariplay’s revenue streams but also enhanced the brand’s visibility and reputation in the market. Additionally, such partnerships provide Pariplay with invaluable market insights and customer predilections. By understanding the preferences of customers, Pariplay is then able to tailor its content to suit the specific demands of the market it wishes to operate in.

This customer-forward approach allows the PariPlay brand to deliver unmatched experiences for its customers, which in turn drives player engagement and retention. Plus, these strategic partnerships enable Pariplay to leverage the strength and expertise of its collaborating partners.

For instance, in the case of Konami Gaming, the reputation that the company has earned for developing high-quality games complements Pariplay’s focus on delivering entertaining content to all its partners and players. By integrating Konami’s titles into its portfolio, Pariplay has effectively enhanced its library and solidified its position as the best iGaming aggregator in the world.

Another important aspect of strategic partnerships is the ability to stay one step ahead of the competition. The iGaming market is fast-paced and constantly evolving and collaborations with top-tier operators offer a much-needed edge. By constantly working to expand its network of partners, Pariplay can keep offering fresh and appealing content, which positively works to attract both players and operators.

Moreover, strategic partnerships ensure mutual growth. As Pariplay expands its presence and reach through collaborations, it opens itself up to new opportunities to reach an even wider audience. This mutually beneficial relationship creates an ecosystem with the online casino sector which drives both innovation and advancement.

For instance, the latest addition to Pariplay’s Fusion platform is its recent deal with EQL Games, an iLottery provider based in Louisville, Kentucky. This deal will see Pariplay integrate EQL Games’ instant win content across its platforms. This will allow lottery-focused operations in the country to offer exciting new titles for its customers.

EQL Games has been making strides in the online lottery market and offers an array of instant win content to gamblers. Thanks to this new collaboration, EQL Games aims to expand its reach even more. This deal comes after EQL added UK-based games studio Jelly Entertainment to its online lottery aggregator at the beginning of 2023.

Alternatively, Pariplay has been actively strengthening its position as the top iGaming aggregator by continuing to create valuable partnerships. Before joining forces with EQL Games, Pariplay teamed up with Galaxsys, a move that is expected to see the launch of 30 new fast games before the year comes to a close.

Final Thoughts

Pariplay’s strategic partnerships mark yet another milestone for the iGaming aggregator in the brand’s pursuit to expand its presence while delivering top-quality entertainment for its players and partners. 

As Pariplay and its partners continue to forge new deals and relationships to strengthen its market presence, the online casino industry can expect to see even more exciting announcements and developments in the future. All in all, Pariplay’s future in the industry looks promising and exhilarating.

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