MaximBet Teams up With Global Payments

Gambling funding is a major concern for casino users who would like to place real money bets but fear the risk of identity theft or even loss of money. A new wave is taking place within casino circles in which betting operators are teaming up with virtual payment providers to enhance player confidence. The latest collaboration of this kind is the recently announced partnership between MaximBet and Global Payments.

Since there is a remarkable increase in the number of people who use smartphones to place their bets as well as make and receive virtual monies, it makes sense to offer a device-based payment solution. Patrons of MaximBet will now be able to concentrate on their gaming experience knowing too well that their funding is secure. 

This solution comes at a time when many people are adamant on leveraging the internet because of the grand risk involved in money transfer. By coming up with a solution that can be adopted by casino players regardless of their location, betting is now within the reach of everyone who owns a basic smartphone. 

Following this new partnership, MaximBet users will find it beneficial to carry out transactions with their phone devices. Even though the platform will provide a host of other options for making payments, Global Payments will still remain to be the simplest and most secure method for funding gambling accounts held on the platform. 

The main advantage of using this new system of depositing and withdrawing bet money is convenience of an easy to use platform and real time access to account balances. The pressure of waiting for hours or days before a transaction can reflect is now long gone for those who will choose Global Payments as their money transfer channel. 


About MaximBet

MaximBet is a relatively new entrant in the gambling industry considering that it opened up to operations in September 2021. The brain behind this new casino is the Carousel Group, a privately held sports betting and casino operator licensed in the US. Even though the operator is still fresh in the market, they have already spread out into six markets across the United States. 

Canada is the next big market in the radar of Carousel Group and the management is exploring avenues of setting up operations there. For the areas in the US where they have secured access, the casino brand MaximBet is eager to offer convenience as well as security to its players. 

Among the first states to host MaximBet is New Jersey because of its friendly business environment. The NJ state government is up to date with gambling regulations so as to ensure a smooth betting environment for players and a risk free arena for operators. The other markets that have already tasted the MaximBet experience are Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Colorado. 

Partnerships in business are common among companies that have been operational for a while; that have had an opportunity to experience various seasons in the market. The most successful partnerships take place between companies whose offerings complement each other in the market. In the long run, business partners should be able to benefit mutually. 

Carousel Group is quite new in the gambling scene and most of its business is drawn from proprietary technology. By leveraging tools that are driven by technology, the brand has over its existence managed to personalize the betting experience for its patrons. 

According to the Head of Payments, Risk & Fraud at Carousel Group, Andrei Dinescu, iGaming is currently the most vibrant gambling subsector. Factors such as lifestyle and accessibility to land based casinos are fueling the pace at which this segment of the gaming industry is expanding. It is a fact that many registered casino players made their first gambling move after the pandemic hit- majority of them are still fearful of online money transactions. 

The US gambling market is gradually expanding as more states warm up to the Supreme Court directive of 2018. This massive growth is part of the reason why casino providers are partnering with various solutions providers for mutual gain. A huge chunk of gambling industry consumers have demanded security, simplicity and prompt payments channels. 

Global Payments offers casino players the peace of mind they require as far as money transfer is concerned. Moving money into and out of player accounts is now fast and initiating the process is quite straightforward. Global Payments has a suite of products that has been especially designed for the casino industry. 

If customer demands are met in a satisfactory manner, it means that an operator can effortlessly meet compliance requirements needed for running a profitable online casino sportsbook. The President of Global Payments Gaming Solutions, Christopher Justice, emphasized on the need for casino operators to offer their customers what they need. The modern gambling consumer prefers transacting with digital services and as the iGaming demand increases, so should related innovations. 

Now that Global Payments has introduced a lasting payment solution to cater to the financial needs of players, the Carousel Group just needs to scale into various markets as demand increases. Casino patrons will get to choose their preferred payment channel depending on the location in which they are playing for. 


Final Thoughts

Many people have probably never heard of MaximBet but this alliance that has been formed might just work towards changing that. For the gambling consumer, the name of the operator is only as popular as the unique role they play in the market. Global Payment Solutions is an established brand and those who have interacted with it will be aware of its benefits. If you are looking for a payment solution that can be accessed without having to link your mainstream bank account to an online platform, you got it in Global Payments. Fast, secure and user friendly, customers are guaranteed that their money is safe and within their reach when they need it.

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