Inspired Entertainment Expands Partnership With Fanduel To Enter Four Significant Regulated Markets In North America

It is no secret that the gambling industry thrives on innovation, as well as strategic partnerships. In a sector where the customer experience is paramount, gambling providers are constantly on the lookout for new ways to boost their offerings to captivate audiences, as well as provide them with unique gambling experiences.

In this pursuit, collaborations between giants in the industry often lead to groundbreaking developments and improved gambler experiences. Speaking of strategic partnerships, Inspired Entertainment, a leader in the B2B gambling sector, recently made headlines by expanding its alliance with FanDuel, an established iGaming business.

This collaboration is not merely a merger of 2 companies but is also a convergence of technology, vision, and creativity. Inspire’s decision to combine forces with FanDuel; represents a major step toward redefining the online casino gaming landscape in the country.

Inspired Entertainment, which is headquartered in New York, has created a niche for itself by providing some of the most innovative gambling systems, content, as well as solutions. The brand’s reputation as a provider of visually appealing and mechanically diverse games precedes the brand.

FanDuel, alternatively, stands as a giant in the online casino industry and has become known over the years for its commitment to delivering superior gambling experiences to its customers. FanDuel’s decision to expand its partnership holds immense promise for the betting community in the Garden State.

Inspired boasts an impressive selection of casino games including Scarab Fortunes Win & Spin and Gold Cash Free Spins to its Big Spin bonus series. The synergy between FanDuel and Inspired is set to change the way punters in New Jersey experience gambling. The games from Inspired will be integrated into FanDuel’s platform allowing customers to engage in more variety than ever.

Furthermore, this collaboration will likely lead to more deals in the future as iGaming in the country continues to expand. FanDuel and Inspired are both established pioneers in their fields and together, they are poised to lead the sector into unchartered territories. This partnership will also most likely open doors for the creation of cutting-edge technologies such as cryptocurrency, augmented reality, gamified loyalty programs, and more.

As gamblers in various states such as New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ontario gear up for this transformative experience, this collaboration is set to be a beacon of innovation. Rooted in innovation and plater centricity, the partnership is set to redefine the online gambling sector offering gamblers a ticket to a more entertaining experience.

Inspired attained record profits last year

Inspired Entertainment, a true titan in the gambling industry, has been on a great journey of innovation and growth over the last few years. The achievements that the company has recorded in the last year have been nothing short of impressive. Against the backdrop of its exciting venture with FanDuel, the inspired brand reported record profits and continued market expansion in 2022.

In the dynamic gambling sector where adaptability has never been more important, Inspired stood tall last year. The brand’s financial achievement last year was nothing short of remarkable. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and strategy, Inspired managed to weather the challenges of last year, emerging stronger than ever.

In August this year, Inspired Entertainment made yet another significant step in its business operations when it announced expansion into the Italian gambling market. Inspired entered into a deal with NetBet Italy to gain access to the regulated market. With NetBet looking to reinforce its position in the Italian iGaming market and Inspired looking to expand its footprint, this will be a win-win for both brands.

Under the terms of this deal, Inspired will deliver its portfolio of gaming products to the operator. As a result, NetNet will now offer Inspired’s standout content on its casino platform, which should help the operator attract even more Italian gamblers. Some of the games that NetBet customers will be treated to include Reel LinKing, Big Fish Fortune, as well as Gold Cash Free Spins.

Inspired supplies at least 35 jurisdictions with its innovative content worldwide. Inspired reach is indeed a testament to the company’s quality of content, as well as its engaging and fun features. NetBet debuted operations in 2008 and was one of the first platforms to offer online gambling and has been growing since. This deal with a prominent supplier of Inspired’s caliber marks another milestone in the operator’s growth.

Inspired also has a strong presence in Belgium, where it debuted operations in March last year. Inspired entered the Belgian market thanks to a strategic deal with Napoleon Sports and Casino. Since this deal, Napoleon has been using Inspired’s V-play plug-and-play as an end-to-end mobile virtual and online sports offering.

Inspired’s V play plug and play innovation comes with a large suite of entertainment including V-Play Horse Racing, V-Play Basketball, V-Play Soccer, V-Play Dogs, as well as marble racing games. Napoleon has always enjoyed a strong presence in Belgium and this deal brought Inspired’s innovative technology to its customers.

Last year, Inspired also made a major move into the lottery market where its dominance has been growing slowly but steadily. Inspired invested approximately $12.5 million to purchase Sportech Lotteries incorporated, which has allowed the brand to increase its customer reach while building a turnkey platform that features lottery and online casino gaming solutions. This purchase ultimately accelerated Inspire’s entry into the lottery business.

Final Thoughts

FanDuel, an established name in the online casino sector, recently recognized Inspired Entertainment’s potential and joined forces. This partnership is not just a partnership; it marks a union of 2 industry giants, each bringing their strengths to the table. For Inspired, this deal represents the acknowledgment of the brand’s innovative prowess, as well as the quality of the company’s offerings.

FanDuel celebrated for its innovative approach to iGaming, found a great ally in Inspired Entertainment. The synergy between the 2 brands promises an unprecedented gambling experience for gamblers and all stakeholders involved. Combining Inspires range of games and FanDuel’s extensive expertise in delivering seamless online casino platforms, this deal is poised to change the standards of iGaming forever.

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