DraftKings Teams With NASCAR’s 23XI Racing and Bubba Wallace

The countdown has begun for DraftKings Inc in its latest efforts at partnering with NASCAR. For the provider of sports betting services, iGaming options and Daily Fantasy Sports, this wait is quite the game changer. If the operator is granted approval to operate in all the applicable jurisdictions, it will become the first ever official partner of Bubba Wallace and his association, the 23XI Racing. 

Even before the paperwork has been approved, there is already activity indicating that the deal is long overdue. The first sign of the sponsorship deal was seen at the latest Circuit of the Americas at EchoPark Automotive Texas Grand Prix. The team will in the future be sporting the brand logo for DraftKings in all the races that will take place in 2021. 

According to the details that have been provided on the partnership, the alliance will be valid till the end of 2021. DraftKings betting operations in New Jersey is in another deal with NASCAR as its Official Daily Fantasy Partner. The latest agreement goes down to the participant level; a strategy that is expected to enhance the betting operator’s brand presence in motorsports. 

Speaking on the latest collaboration between his company and a participant in the motorsports, Chief Business Officer of DraftKings, Ezra Kucharz, said that this alliance has come at the right time. In his opinion, the fact that the 23XI Racing organization is just starting out will create a significant impact in both companies’ businesses. 

Kucharz revealed that his company is a big supporter of Bubba Wallace and especially away from the race track where he has been active in campaigns for inclusion, social justice, and equity. As a company, DraftKings was eager to partner with an athlete whose contribution to humanity spans beyond his performance in his game. Kucharz is happy to report that DraftKings finds Wallace to be a great match for this role. 

In line with the provisions of the new alliance, both 23XI Racing and DraftKings will be given an opportunity to jointly promote an original and unique experience for racing fans using the betting app. They will also be required to work across multiple social media channels to promote video content on data and race previews. For bettors who will pick up motorsports betting, they will enjoy the advantage of having all the analysis data they need to go through before placing a bet available to them. 

NASCAR fans already know that there is a motorsports event slotted for the last week of June 2021. Following the new association, it is expected that the event will showcase DraftKings and its promotional material. This is because DraftKings will be participating in the capacity of primary partner of Camry no. 23. 

The current deal between NASCAR and DraftKings names the betting provider as the free-to-air official partner. This explains why there will be a launch of the free-to-air platform before the actual day of the event. Fans of the two deal parties will stand a chance of winning custom prizes and merchandise signed by Bubba Wallace. 

Speaking on the partnership, interim President of 23XI Racing, Steve Lauletta, expressed his company’s appreciation for the position that DraftKings occupies in the market. As an entertainment giant that has a strong legacy of sports technology, DraftKings is going to help 23XI Racing to meet its business projections for the future. He added that the decision to partner with DraftKings was deliberately so that they could add onto their portfolio of brands that share their values. 

This being the first year that 23XI Racing is in the business, it is quite an achievement that they have already pooled support of key sponsors in the gaming industry. Although the company is familiar with those that follow NASCAR news, the target is to build a fan base beyond this familiar platform. They hope that such partnerships will aid in their initiatives that focus on promoting equality, inclusion, and social justice. 

DraftKings has over the years built a name as a credible sportsbook provider in NJ and continues to grow its platform of customers. People are naturally drawn to competition and sportsbooks allow fans to connect to their favorite teams intimately through money betting. It is this unique experience that 23XI Racing is looking to leverage in growing its reach in the market. 

Bubba Wallace is also excited at the new partnership and hopes that it is going to bring positive change to the race track. Wallace is eagerly waiting to see what is going to come out of this new collaboration. He admits to being a huge fan of DraftKings and now that he will be working closely with the team there, his perception of betting has been enhanced. 

This is definitely an epic experience for the people who love DraftKings and racing in almost equal measure. Sports integration into betting makes the customers want to connect with the new trading outfit at even closer quarters. For the management of DraftKings, this is an opportunity to prove that what fans have been saying out there can be monetized by forming business alliances. 

DraftKings has over the years been focusing on growing its brand identity; it is no wonder that many companies that offer sports odds rely on analysis from the sportsbook. As a company that has brought the esports experience to the customers, DraftKings prides itself as a gambling services provider, igaming support provider and esports odds provider. 



The next time that Budda Wallace steps out in his capacity as a race car driver will also bring DraftKings to the same arena. Racing has its special target followers and regardless of their sport tradition, they will have to adopt what DraftKings will be offering. As sports’ betting evolves, it is becoming clear that there are games that have for a long time been loved but under-promoted. Every child grows up riding imaginary cars –DraftKings and NASCAR are tapping into those fantasies and bringing them to life.

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