BetMGM, Topgolf Announce Sports Betting and Entertainment Partnership

The people of New Jersey continue to enjoy online gambling as new investors look at this market with hope. The latest partnership that has increased gambling avenues for players here happened between BetMGM that is based in New Jersey and an online golf facilitator, Topgolf Entertainment Group. The agreement is anticipated to bring a new and exciting player experience for players who are keen on making money through sports betting. 

According to the terms of the agreement, Topgolf will work alongside BetMGM on promotional activities aimed at marketing the new products on offer. New Jersey players can expect to see a lot of marketing material to support the new arrangement on BetMGM online platform as well as Topgolf venues. This latest agreement adds an extra sport to sports betting enthusiasts to gamble on without leaving their indoor comfort. 

Servicing the New Jersey and Pennsylvania markets, BetMGM makes gambling exciting by having special bonuses for different days of the week. Time on the casino can be split between slots, live dealer games, video poker, and fantasy sports. Clearly, the platform has a lot to offer but the market is just not aware that all these offerings can be obtained from a single location.

To bet on golf tournaments, players can use either one of the two companies’ online betting platforms. WGT by Topgolf has been a member of the Topgolf brand from 2016 and offers online users an internet-based golf experience. For a long time, golf had been reserved for a certain type of people in the community but this new partnership is not letting the status quo be. Today, Topgolf has brought golfing to the internet and have partnered with a leading betting giant to advertise the sport to betting fans. 

When speaking about the new partnership, Matt Prevost, who is the Chief Revenue Officer for BetMGM anticipated enhanced customer experience. For Topgolf fans especially, this is an opportunity to get involved into the dynamic world of sports through a single platform. A nice move there as there will not be a dull day on the joint platform; if you cannot find your regular sport to bet on, how about you get familiar with online golf then try your hand on it from BetMGM platform?

Prevost acknowledges the fact that Topgolf also has a unique contribution to the partnership. Players that have been registered on BetMGM will be plunged into an arena of interactive entertainment as offered by Topgolf. In fact, players now have access to the platform’s customized and exclusive offers. Players no longer need to play for the value of their money as there will be various ways to win extra spins which means extra time on the site which could turn your fortunes around.

At a time when the sting of the Covid-19 pandemic is still hot in some areas, partnerships such as the one that has been forged by BetMGM and Topgolf will bring customers the sanity they so much require. The two players are hopeful that the new chapter will come with increased revenue as a result of greater player participation. Part of the plan in working together is engaging as many customers as they can. 

Marketing campaigns will incorporate both in-person and digital outreach to audiences that had previously been underserviced. The chief operating officer at Topgolf Media, JF Prata, has expressed excitement that his company is gradually scaling up to not only energize existing associations but also attract more customers. According to Prata, Topgolf has been consistent in efforts to create an exciting experience for players and visitors. 

With this alliance, Prata is optimistic that working with BetMGM will help Topgolf to keep living up to internal projections and targets. Long term fans of Topgolf will now be served with a complementary gambling experience from BetMGM. As per the agreement signed by Topgolf and BetMGM, BetMGM will roll out a digital branding exercise across select Topgolf venues. While the idea of the partnership is to collaborate in all aspects of market share expansion, branding of venues will only apply to cities where the two entities have operations. 

Some of the most notable physical destinations include Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Detroit, Nashville, Denver, and Virginia Beach. As the operations of BetMGM spread to other states in the United States, customers should expect to see collaborative branding in common operating locations. 


Reaching out to new customers

By joining efforts to do business, BetMGM and Topgolf will now have the financial muscle to connect with their customers in ways they could not single handedly accomplish. It means that their marketing campaigns will now be bigger and reach larger audiences because they have a joint budget for it. Prata has on several occasions underscored the value of being in a business partnership with an established casino operator like BetMGM. 

From the many years that this provider had been in business and the areas in which it operates, BetMGM is a pace setter in the online gaming and sports betting industry. Topgolf on the other and is an equally influential force albeit in a different way. Through the use of technology, Topgolf has managed to facilitate connections to global sports events. Some of the other interests of the larger Topgolf group include gaming avenues, media, racetracks and swing suites. 

In efforts to reach out to new customers, retaining old clients and charging into new markets, BetMGM has entered some meaningful alliances. While the nature of every partnership and association is unique, the focus for the industry leader is to have agreements where both parties are gaining. 


Final Thoughts

For BetMGM, this is not the first business partnership that they are leveraging to grow in business. The operator has joined other players in New Jersey that are forming alliances for various reasons. One of the strongest points for the casino operator here is ground presence. The online casino also receives a huge clientele that the management wishes to retain. While it is true the BetMGM continues to play an important role in revolutionizing the betting industry, it could do better with partners working to put its name out there. 

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