High-Stakes Poker Tourneys Set to Return to the Borgata

High-stakes poker is often breathtaking because of the level of suspense associated with it. For the players who have invested huge sums of money for the possibility of even greater returns, the level of anxiety is unmatched. The pressure from the fans makes the atmosphere quite volatile and this is what The Borgata is bringing back. It will once again unearth fierce emotions as poker pros compete with one another for titles and awards.

The Borgata is one among three casinos that share the same license and have for a long time hosted poker events in conjunction with other casino brands. The high-stakes poker tourney is bound to attract high-caliber poker players who will stop at nothing short of creating memorable experiences for its players. 

As per New Jersey betting industry news, big-time poker is coming back to the Borgata through a joint event of the hotel and BetMGM that has been dubbed, “The Return: A Borgata Championship Event.” The comeback tourney has been scheduled to run for a period of seven days starting from 2nd January. What a great and encouraging way to start the new year! 

January 4th is the day of the big battle of the Championship Tournament and the featured buy-in is going to be $5,300. The participants of the tourney will be battling it out for a guaranteed prize pool of $3 million. As with any competition, there will be a winner whose effort will be rewarded with a top price of $1 million. The final table event will take place on January 8 and poker fans will be treated to a Sunday of amazing action. 

As the final day of the tourney, all fans will want to follow through to the end so that they can see who wins and who makes it to the leaderboard of the game. It is expected that legendary players will be present; at least to entice regular players to participate and try their luck at winning. To make it this far into the tournament, players must have trained hard to polish their strategy.

During the event that was specifically organized to announce the return of the championship poker to Borgata, director of poker operations at Borgata casino, Vincent Alonge Jr. said that they had indeed taken longer than was necessary to have it accomplished. As the premier gaming destination of the East Coast, Borgata is a choice casino for those who are particularly interested in best-in-class poker tournaments.”

The management of BetMGM has planned to offer a wide range of online qualifiers and a large number of in-person qualifiers which will all lead up to the “The Return,” including a $540+$60 Big Stack No Limit Hold’Em tournament which will be played on Tuesday, January 3. For more information and details of this and subsequent events that have been scheduled to lead up to “The Return,” players can check out the BetMGM poker platform.  

The leadership of BetMGM is aware of the strong legacy that past Borgata tournaments have lived up to and would not be more excited to work in collaboration with like-minded teams to ensure that there are online qualifiers for ‘The Return.” According to the director of poker at BetMGM, Luke Staudenmaier, the team is looking forward to bringing an online poker offering to its players. Players will have multiple ways of qualifying for the momentous event which will kick off 2023 with a bang. 

The current plan is to have Borgata host two extra events with additional guarantees between January 6 and 8; for a buy-in of 1,000 for the Borgata Bounty Event and $10,000 for the Super Survivor Event. Players will have extra time for testing their luck. For poker players who have played in this establishment before, it is going to be a matter of revisiting what has once thrilled their existence. It will be interesting to see how the management will handle the first event after the return because some people still have a sour taste in their mouths regarding being turned away after a Borgata event sold out. 

In addition to that, Borgata has been reported to be hosting the first-ever Mystery Bounty event with $1,000,000 in surefire bounties on January 2. If you are familiar with the Mystery Bounty events, you are aware of the potential to win huge rewards by drawing a Mystery Bounty envelope with a topmost prize of $250,000. Instead of winning a standard bounty, players draw Mystery Bounties as soon as they have eliminated another player. 

If you are interested in playing at the Championship event, check out the BetMGM casino app for regular updates on the same. Early registration starts in early December and so is the scheduled opening of the Mystery Bounty event. For those that prefer in-person sign-up, this option will be opened as of January 1 inside the poker room at Borgata.  

With high-stakes poker, the outcome of a bet can either be a big win or a big flop. It is impossible not to speak about problem gambling anytime there is a discussion of betting in general. It is true that gambling can easily grow into an addiction especially for those that lack a proper plan of playing and spending. What do you do when you realize that you are hooked to gambling? Luckily, there is help out there for those who need it – even for their families. 

Final Thoughts

It is not unusual for a casino to reinstate activities or games that were once a source of thrill and excitement for their customers. The main activity of the Borgata has been poker; based on joint tournaments between BetMGM and PokerStars. It is through the publicity around these games that people from all walks of life warmed to poker, much to the growth of the industry. Today, poker tournaments are packed to capacity and people are creating authority videos for perfect play.

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