Slots Influencer Brian Christopher Supports Smoke-Free Atlantic City Casinos

Brian Christopher, a renowned slots player and influencer with millions of followers across social media, has announced his support for smoke-free casinos in Atlantic City. In a recent video statement, the Burlington, Canada native said he would only endorse and play at gambling venues that don’t allow indoor smoking on their gaming floors.

The 42-year-old wields significant influence within the slots-player community, particularly on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. His popular YouTube channel (@BCSlots),which features him playing at brick-and-mortar properties and top online casinos, boasts over half a billion views and more than 650,000 subscribers. 

Atlantic City casinos currently allow smoking on 25% of their gaming floors due to an exemption from state smoke-free indoor air laws designed to protect non-smokers from secondhand smoke. A proposed bill to ban smoking in Atlantic City’s gaming floors failed to pass late last year due to intense lobbying efforts by casino operators. 

The endorsement from Christopher is a big step forward in Atlantic City’s concerted efforts to transition to 100% smoke-free gaming, which is a crucial move toward promoting a healthier and more pleasant environment for all patrons and employees.

Health Risks Drive Support for Smoke-Free Casinos

For years, Brian Christopher filmed his slots playing sessions in casinos where smoking was permitted on gaming floors. However, he has now declared that he will no longer promote properties that allow indoor smoking.

The slots influencer cited alarming health risks associated with secondhand smoke exposure as a catalyst behind his support for non-smoking AC casino floors. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 58 million nonsmoking Americans are exposed to secondhand smoke.

The CDC also says that secondhand smoke puts nonsmoking adults at an increased risk of developing various health problems. It not only elevates the risk of stroke, heart disease, heart attacks, lung cancer, and a raft of other types of cancers by up to 30%, but is also responsible for more than 41,000 deaths each year in the U.S. alone. 

In casino settings specifically, the combination of poor ventilation and crowds leads to exceptionally high concentrations of toxic air. Studies have shown casino workers face increased cancer, heart disease, and respiratory illness risks due to constant secondhand smoke inhalation.

Many hospitality industry groups now support complete indoor smoking bans to protect patrons and staff. The American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation (ANRF) reports over 1,100 smoke-free gaming venues operate successfully nationwide.

Brian Christopher Hopes to Use Influence to Nudge Operator Decisions

A slots enthusiast since childhood, Christopher has developed into one of the most successful and well-known players out there. With a wealth of experience and expertise, he has documented his sessions on YouTube and social media channels 

His channels showcase his gameplay on popular slots such as Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, as well as newer releases such as Bragg Studios’ Royal Seven XXL Deluxe and Alpha Gold, which launched recently on leading online casinos in New Jersey, including BetRivers, DraftKings, and Caesars. 

Through his engaging personality and obvious passion for the games, Brian provides commentary, strategies and big win highlights to educate and entertain fans. With 653k YouTube subscribers, over 730k Facebook followers, and 1.3 million likes on TikTok, he is a force of influence among slots and casino players.

Christopher’s influence extends far beyond his dedicated fanbase. His decision resonated with organizations like the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation (ANR) and Casino Employees Against Smoking Effects (CEASE), who hailed his commitment as a pivotal moment in the fight for smoke-free casinos.

Casinos have also recognized his influence, frequently inviting him for special playing sessions and events. As such, he believes publicizing his pro-smoke-free position can compel casino companies to reevaluate smoking policies.

Concerted Push for 100% Smoke-Free Casino Floors in Atlantic City

Atlantic City, with its rich history and vibrant casino scene, has long been a center of debate regarding smoking policies. Currently, smoking is still allowed on 25% of the gaming floor on the Jersey shores, as they are exempted from the state’s smoke-free indoor air laws. 

This puts non-smoking staff and patrons at risk of exposure to secondhand smoke. However, recent developments suggest a growing shift towards smoke-free environments.

In 2021, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino became the first fully smoke-free casino in Atlantic City, paving the way for others to follow suit. Resorts Casino Hotel also implemented a smoke-free policy in designated areas, demonstrating a willingness to cater to health-conscious patrons.

A measure to prohibit smoking on Atlantic City casino gaming floors advanced late January after being stalled for three years. 

The New Jersey Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee approved a long-delayed bill on January 29, 2024, that would remove Atlantic City’s exemption from the state’s 2006 indoor smoking ban.

The proposed legislation faces more reviews but represents meaningful progress for smoke-free casino advocates. Bill sponsor Assemblyman John Armato said non-smoking customers and casino employees have been waiting far too long for relief from secondhand smoke.

Atlantic City is one of just three U.S. gambling jurisdictions with state-level smoking exemptions, joined by Nevada and Rhode Island’s casinos. This bill’s adoption would make New Jersey’s casinos entirely smoke-free.

As reported by AP News, the New Jersey casino industry leadership staunchly opposes a total smoking ban, arguing an outright prohibition could jeopardize jobs and tax revenue. As a compromise, casinos suggest investing in improved ventilation and creating dedicated enclosed smoking lounges staffed only by employees who voluntarily accept assignments there.

If the bill ultimately passes through the Assembly, Senate, and a full chamber vote, it will be signed into law by Gov. Phil Murphy, who has already endorsed the proposal. The casino operators would have 90 days to enact no-smoking policies, however some workers urge the state to allow a longer transition given the prevalence of smoking among loyal casino customers. 

Wrapping Up

Brian Christopher’s public show of support for 100% smoke-free casinos signals meaningful momentum behind this public health initiative. The prominent influencer and gambler has significant reach in casino spheres, so his promise to use his platform to further the smoke-free cause may compel operators to rethink current smoking allowances going forward.

As Atlantic City weighs its own smoking prohibition ordinance, Christopher hopes his pledge encourages Council members and casino executives to appreciate the viability of operating gaming venues without indoor smoking. 

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