New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement Drops Case Against Evolution

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) has concluded its investigation into live casino provider Evolution AB over allegations of illegal operations. The DGE found no evidence to further pursue action against the company.

The specifics of the initial accusations against Evolution remain undisclosed. However, public reports suggest concerns focused on the potential availability of Evolution’s live dealer games in jurisdictions deemed prohibited by the DGE. 

This outcome will come as a relief to iGaming provider after facing scrutiny over misconduct claims in New Jersey. With no grounds left for a case, the company can now refocus efforts entirely on its licensed operations in the state.

Evolution’s news follows just months after PlayUp reached a settlement with DGE. As per Kate Huber from, the Australian sports betting operator was fined $90,000 and had its gaming license in New Jersey revoked.

Investigation Background

The DGE launched an official probe into Evolution’s activities last October on the back of misconduct allegations that started back in late 2021. The case was initiated by the law firm Calcagni & Kanefsky LLP, accusing Evolution of this practice. Soon, local media brought to light that some of Evolution’s live online table games had potentially broken the law.

Allegations suggested that Evolution permitted countries under US trade sanctions to utilize their live dealer gaming products. These include countries subject to U.S. trade sanctions or those lacking robust gaming regulations, including Sudan, Iran, and Syria

Other questions in the investigation surrounded games streamed from studios in countries where online gambling is prohibited. As Evolution holds a transactional waiver to offer services in New Jersey, any unlicensed operations would violate permit rules. 

While the case related to regulatory breaches, the Swedish firm continually denied intentional wrongdoing. The company emphasized its commitment to following jurisdiction-specific regulations across state lines. 

As the investigation proceeded over several months, speculation mounted around the final outcome. Some analysts predicted minor sanctions as the likely result. Despite disruption to Evolution’s public image, few expected license suspension given its infrastructure investments in New Jersey to date.

DGE Findings and Resolution

Following a comprehensive review, the DGE announced on February 20, 2024, that it would take no further action against the company. In a short statement, the DGE confirmed its official investigation is now closed. 

The regulator indicated that reviews found no grounds to warrant further action against Evolution or its operational arms. With the case formally dismissed, Evolution executives expressed relief at the decision. In a press release, the company’s CEO reiterated full commitment to compliance as a top priority for the business.

The company says that extensive internal reviews have already optimized procedures to strengthen regulatory oversight going forward. This aims to mitigate any repeat compliance concerns as Evolution continues expanding in the United States.

What This Means for Evolution’s Future in New Jersey

Evolution, which launched Free Bet Blackjack over a year ago, welcomed the DGE’s decision, highlighting its vindication. While the company maintained its existing compliance procedures were sufficient, it acknowledged the investigation prompted an internal review. As a result, Evolution announced the implementation of additional measures to further strengthen its compliance framework.

The specific details of these enhancements haven’t been publicly disclosed. However, Evolution made it clear that these improvements were not a response to any identified compliance shortcomings, but rather a proactive step to solidify its commitment to responsible operations.

The conclusion of this high-profile misconduct investigation removes lingering uncertainties for Evolution’s future in New Jersey. As one of the first states to regulate online gambling, New Jersey represents a critical market for testing expansion strategies across the US.

With the regulator now satisfied, Evolution can progress license applications to deploy services directly from within New Jersey. The company emphasizes that establishing local live dealer studios and operations centers remains part of wider US growth plans.

These intentions appear firmly back on track as scrutiny shifts away from past infringement allegations. Evolution had already gained licenses to open live studio facilities in Pennsylvania and Michigan amid previous uncertainties in New Jersey.

Evolution will now hope to rebuild public trust in its integrity after months in the spotlight over the investigation. While the misconduct case heads into the past, Evolution still faces general industry challenges like skills-based gaming restrictions in certain states.

How This Could Impact the State iGaming Market

As New Jersey’s iGaming market, which saw a record monthly revenue of $183 million in January, continues expanding, regulators walk a fine line between business growth and consumer protection. However, strict oversight aims to uphold integrity as the state drives towards full maturation of online gambling.

Observers widely see the conclusion of investigations against Evolution as affirming the DGE’s impartial approach. Despite intense public pressures around high-profile cases, the regulator relies firmly on evidence to inform actions.

For other gaming providers eyeing the New Jersey market, regulators promise similar treatment. However, the state emphasizes zero-tolerance policies for deliberately breaking laws, even under transactional waivers. 

Providers must continually prove full compliance across their operational footprint. The recent scrutiny also highlights the complexities of cross-state regulations that companies now navigate. 

As more states discuss legislation to permit online gambling, alignment on standards could facilitate easier expansion for providers holding licenses interstate. For now, aligning with New Jersey’s strict requirements promises the clearest route into other regulated markets still maturing across the US.

Wrapping Up

The now-dismissed investigation into Evolution’s alleged misconduct removes a weighty shadow that had brought intensified public scrutiny over the company’s New Jersey operations.

With the regulator concluding no grounds for sanctions or license impacts, Evolution can refocus strategic efforts entirely on compliant growth across the state. The company emphasizes intentions to reinforce internal governance amid expansion into new US markets.

As one of the country’s pioneers in regulated online gambling markets, the case also highlights broader complexities around cross-state operations. However, New Jersey regulators promise impartiality and stringent standards, aiming to uphold integrity as the foundation for sustainable industry growth.

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