DraftKings Introducing Craps to its Online Casino Offerings

DraftKings is always on the lookout for new ways to keep the customer engaged and satisfied. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the iGaming operator has now added DK Craps to its many online casino offerings. DraftKings New Jersey, which over 3 short years has grown to become one of the most highly sought-after sportsbooks in the Garden State, will be the first to debut DK Craps for its eager punters.

Soon after DK Craps is debuted in New Jersey, a launch will soon follow in the remaining states. Specifically, the craps game will be premiered in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan after the states give regulatory approval. DK Craps is exclusively a DraftKings product that was designed and created in-house.


What exactly do punters need to know about DK Craps?

DK Craps was designed by DraftKings to expand on the 494 existing casino games already available to DraftKings customers. The game was created in-house by the DraftKings developer team and using DraftKings technology. As such, this means that you will not find anything else like it out there. DraftKings promises punters that DK Craps is one of the most realistic games available on the market. 

When combined with all the amazing iGaming products and gambling opportunities, DK Craps will help punters in New Jersey and other states soon to follow, enjoy a more enhanced gambling experience. DK Craps has been designed to include features that allow customers to enjoy unified in-app gameplay.

This is not just another game that’s been added to DraftKings’ ever-growing list of titles. DK Craps has been created with features that will allow players to have an authentic online gambling experience; as though they were playing in a real-life craps table. What exactly makes the DK Craps game so unique compared to what’s available in the market?

Apart from its very realistic format, DraftKings has made it possible to players to place multiple wagers with just a single tap of a button. In this way, DK Craps allows players to keep requesting multiple bets from a live dealer as though they were doing it in person. Plus, the game allows customers to determine which direction that they would like to roll or swipe their die.


What specifically does DK Craps have to offer?

This is an extremely convenient feature as it allows a punter to have a comfortable gambling experience. For example, if you are a left-handed gambler, you would probably go for a left-handed swipe, which makes the overall game feel a little more authentic than what is currently out there. Players can also choose to keep their wagers on the table after every roll.

For those gamblers interested in DK Craps but don’t know what they should do to get started, the platform has gone out of its way to include in-game tutorials that will make it a lot easier to acquaint yourself with the specifics. This digital craps game contains high-quality custom graphics and branding.

DK Craps has included several functionalities to make it easy for punters to place wagers efficiently, for instance, punters can decide whether they want their winning wagers returned in full or whether they should be credited to their total winnings, which leaves the initial stake in play. In addition to this, they can also set this option on a game-by-game basis for various types of bets including place & buy bets, prop bets, come bets, the pass line or don’t pass bets, and more.

DraftKings has been realizing in-house games such as DK Craps for years as part of its strategy for expansion. It already has 33 custom games deployed with most of what’s been developed by the DraftKings team being table games, specifically blackjack. So far, DraftKings has created the following custom games:

  • One Keno
  • One War Game
  • One Craps Game (DK Craps)
  • 16 blackjack titles
  • 3 baccarat titles
  • 6 slots
  • 5 roulette titles

According to DraftKings, it has created 50 original games in total through its in-house development and tech team. Some of the other titles serve seasonal promotional purposes such as Christmas Blackjack while others are region-specific like Pistons Blackjack, which is a huge hit in Michigan.


Does DK Craps have any competition?

Even though digital craps games are hard to come by, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any currently available to compete against DK Craps. At present, some of the other offerings competing against DK Craps include craps games at:

  • Scores Casino
  • Virgin Casino
  • Tropicana Casino 
  • Pala Casino

All four of these operators exclusively serve New Jersey customers. DraftKing’s biggest multistate competitors, the likes of BetMGM, FanDuel, and BetRivers, do not currently have craps products on offer. As such, when DK Craps debuts in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, or Michigan, it will be the first such product to ever be made available to punters in these states. DK Craps is also the first legal, real-money craps game for mobile devices to ever be launched in the country.


Final Thoughts

The online gambling market has grown rapidly in a short space- and DraftKings has been present for all the highs and the lows. As one of the best-reviewed sportsbooks out there, it is easy to see why DraftKings never runs out of customers. 

Because it is always on the lookout for new ways to innovate and create fresh content for its customers, DraftKings will keep growing and dominating the mushrooming online gambling market in North America. With this DK Craps debut in New Jersey, DraftKings Casino will continue to meet its customers’ demands long into the future.

As common as craps tables are in retail casinos, there aren’t that many digital craps games to choose from for online punters. So this launch is actually a bigger deal than it might first appear. If it is as realistic as DraftKings promises, then it is sure to be a huge hit in North America and beyond.

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