Caesars Enhances Its Rewards Program, Offers Tier Upgrades For Visa Users

Caesars Entertainment is augmenting its world-renowned loyalty program. According to Caesars, no other casino operator has worked to transform and upgrade its rewards program as it has. Caesars also boasts one of the most popular loyalty programs in the gambling space, boasting at least 65 million members.

With this rebrand, Caesars is offering its rewards members an opportunity to earn rewards credits, as well as a chance to boost a customer’s tier status. All the customers have to do is continue to make purchases using their Caesars Rewards cards. Before this rebrand, customers could earn points in this manner.

However, members were only allowed to change their tier status based on their casino play. The more one gambled, the higher their chances of climbing the tiers. With this new rebrand though, Caesars’ customers will easily move up with day-to-day purchases made through their cards. 

To sweeten the deal, Caesars is also giving new cardholders automatic upgrades so they can join the second tier straight away. These new customers will be allowed to activate their Platinum rewards just for signing up for a card. All they have to do is use the card at least once for any purchase that is not related to the Caesars brand.

This upgrade was made possible by Caesars’ partnership with Bread Financial. Bread Financial and Caesars announced that they would be teaming up to raise the stakes once more. By making purchases on their cards, Caesars Rewards members will now earn credits that they can redeem on casino play, entertainment, as well as travel to more than 50 destinations around the world.

Customers will also be able to redeem their credits for free play and sports wagering on the Caesars app. Under this upgrade, all current holders will automatically be eligible to earn rewards and tier credits. Bread Financials patented optimization method for value propositions is what has made this upgrade possible.

This updated way of earning has given Caesars customers the chance to earn more credits that they can redeem on their next vacation at Caesars properties. As soon as the changes take effect, the visa cardholder will be given 2500 tier credits and a platinum status upgrade. Customers will also receive 10,000 reward credits, as well as 25000 tier credits for every $1000 that is spent within the first 90 days outside of a non-Caesars establishment.

Customers will also be awarded 5000 tier credits for every $5000 spent every year. Customers will also earn 5 times the Rewards Credits for each dollar they spend at Caesar’s destinations. The customers will also earn 2 times the rewards credit for each dollar they spend on entertainment, cafes, and restaurants, as well as travel at non-Caesars establishments.

With this new plan, the Tier Credit levels with the rewards program will consist of gold, platinum, diamond, diamond plus, as well as the diamond elite. The final tier will be seven stars. On top of the special offers for gaming, earning credits, and turning those credits into free play, customers will also be given exclusive access to top-tier shows and WSOP poker events.

Bread Financial and Caesars will continue to collaborate to supply on-site and online solutions. The card will make use of tap-to-pay technology, which will be compatible with most digital wallets. The new rewards cards have also been enhanced to prevent instances of fraud while also creating a seamless customer experience for all cardholders.

With millions of members, such upgrades are the reason why Caesars is the largest loyalty program in the gambling sector. The brand has continuously been recognized as the leading program at several awards including the Global Gaming Awards, the recently concluded EGR Awards, as well as publications like USA Today.

This is not Caesars Rewards’ first rebrand

Caesars Entertainment rebranded its loyalty club in 2018. Before the brand changed its name to Caesars Rewards, the club was originally known as the Total Rewards. Originally, the Total Rewards program went by Total Gold but the brand spent millions to relaunch and rebrand it into Total Rewards. 

To accompany the rebranding campaign in 2012, Caesars organized a promotion dubbed “Escape to Total Rewards”. To ensure its success, Caesars organized simultaneous concerts all over the country and spared no expense. The brand hired some of the best performers and entertainers in the industry including Maroon 5, Lil’ Wayne, Mary J. Blige, as well as Cee Lo Green.

The adjustment from Total Rewards to Caesars Rewards took place in February 2019 and released a new rewards card to boot. Caesars Entertainment’s growth into the casino powerhouse it is today can be attributed to many factors including its loyalty club. The club was founded in 1998 by the then CEO Gary Loveman to borrow heavily from similar programs that have existed in the airline industry for decades.

When the switch took place in 2019, the program itself remained the same except for a few minor changes here and there. For example, Caesars made tweaks to the loyalty club for particular tier levels. Platinum cardholders, for instance, have been receiving a free night in Vegas or AC for every 5000 tier credits for up to 7 nights.

Diamond tier members have also been enjoying these perks. However, additional rewards also included 2 free nights at the Caesars Resort Dubai. The 7-star members, those who gamble the most at Caesar’s facilities would receive some of the biggest perks. As Caesars has continued to invest in its rewards system over the years, the value of the brand has skyrocketed and has become more vital than ever.

Final Thoughts

A wholly linked network consisting of a lot more than just gambling, it is easy to see why this program has managed to attract millions of members. Caesars Rewards card holde4 can redeem their rewards at more than 50 destinations for the experiences and services that they prefer and value. As the largest casino-entertainment company in the country, the Caesars brand is truly one of the most diversified entertainment providers.

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