Fox News partners up with Foxbet to promote legalized sports betting

They’re everywhere in newly legalized states; TV ads promoting legalized sports betting. Some advertisements are designed to draw attention to the perks and the bonus offers for new signees. Others focus on the enhanced fun one can now have when watching their favorite sports.

The most successful ads and marketing efforts, however, have proven to be those that feature celebrities of some sort such as newscasters and sports celebrities to capture the interest of curious parties. So it comes as no surprise, therefore when Foxbet announced that it was teaming up with Fox News in a bid to drum up some support for the fast-growing sports betting market in America.

Howie Long, who has been helping audiences understand the mechanics of gridiron play is the latest Fox Sports personality to take up publicity duties on behalf of FoxBet. Howie and his fellow Fox personalities will act as brand ambassadors, offering Fox Bet gamblers and sports fans as a whole, insights that can make their gambling experience better.

Bringing Howie into the mix could not have occurred at a better time – just before the anticipated beginning of the upcoming NFL season which just so happens to have some of the most loyal and supportive fans in the world.

Some of the other Fox Sports personalities that have taken up this mantle include Colin Cowherd, Terry Bradshaw, Shannon Sharpe, and Charissa Thompson. The point is to influence or encourage people that have never tried sports betting to try it. This market, of non-betters, is as large as 40 or 50 million so there are plenty of opportunities to grow especially in states that have already embraced legalized sports gambling as covered here.

A little about FoxBet

Unlike some of the other more established sportsbooks, FoxBet hasn’t been around for long. Launched in September 2019, FoxBet offers gamblers opportunities to partake in real money sports wagering, as well as free to play games to gamblers in the United States.

FoxBet is the first of its kind as we covered here. It is the first-ever national media and sports wagering collaboration in the United States. This collaboration was made by The Stars Group Inc. and FOX Sports to bring fans closer to the sports they love through the integration of real money sports wagering.

Thanks to this partnership, fans are now able to access content-rich programming that includes expert commentary and insights designed to help gamblers and fans make informed wagering choices.

Fox News Sports and legalized sports betting

Media companies have been looking for ways to get a taste of the action since the Supreme Court’s ruling that finally gave individual states the freedom to legalize sports betting. Gambling wasn’t always something that was accepted on TV let alone in social circles. However, media houses and collaborations with casino operators are helping to change the sentiment in a fast-expanding market.

These partnerships are not only helping to grow legalized sports betting, but they are also helping to normalize it. Before, sports betting was perceived as a shady activity reserved for people with control issues. However, due to partnerships with such well-known TV personalities and faces, people are starting to perceive sports betting as a legitimate way to have fun and even make money betting on their favorite sports such as soccer as covered here.

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TV networks these days are more than happy to run ads for popular fantasy sports sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel. And now, various sports leagues themselves are taking on the challenge and setting up agreements with betting operators and Sportsbooks that they were once at odds with.

For these networks, these partnerships are extremely beneficial because they keep the viewers connected and more engaged with live programs. When viewers are engaged, advertisers and shareholders are happy, which is the overall goal.

It’s not just Fox News Sports division that’s relying on this strategy Walt Disney’s ESPN, AT&T’s Warner Media, as well as Comcast’s NBC Universal, are all prime examples of brands that have tested gaming technologies or entered into partnerships with casino operators or offered games to their audiences.

Many of the country’s other well-known and respected media houses are also starting to embrace wagering on legalized sports betting. For instance, NBC Sports launched its 1st betting show during its broadcast of the Kentucky Derby in May. The show was streamed online, as well as via the company’s app to make it more accessible.

In another example, WarnerMedia’s Turner Sports also collaborated with MGM Resorts to highlight odds on several shots being taken by golfers Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson during its pay-per-view matchup. ESPN, as well as Turner’s Bleacher Report, have also landed landmark partnerships allowing them to set up production studios at Caesars Entertainment properties aimed at creating similar content to promote legalized sports betting.

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