Wynn Partners With Data Corp. Genius Sports

In another move by WynnBET to spread out its operations in as many states as have legalized betting, the operator has penned an agreement to work with Genius Sports Group. In line with the data partnership that will be valid across multiple states, WynnBET is going to benefit from Live Trading services and Data provided by Genius Sports Group. In the last four months, WynnBET has made incredible steps to carve a niche in the now vibrant United States betting scene. 

WynnBET is owned by Wynn Resorts and have just recently stepped out as an online gaming platform and mobile app sportsbook provider. In the same pace as various markets around the US have been receiving licensing, WynnBET has been on their toes to ensure that are not left behind. 

Although the operator is still a long way to go in covering the 20 legal betting markets in the United States currently, they have major business in destinations such as Michigan, New Jersey and Colorado. Quite frankly, the best performing sportsbooks have a data management company working alongside but behind the scenes. This is what the management of WynnBET must have had in mind when they pursued the partnership with Genius Sports Group. 

As a provider of data services to more than 500 organizations that are involved with sports, Genius Sports Group will support the operations of WynnBET. One of the key expectations that WynnBET has of Genius Sports Group is that they will help them to increase their offerings on top of what the market currently enjoys. 


The nature of the partnership 

The news of the new partnership between a betting operator and a data services provider was broken to the public by Genius Sports Group. The tech giant will support WynnBET in entertaining their customer base in Colorado, Michigan and New Jersey. The betting landscape in New Jersey is quite promising and has been used by many investors as a benchmark of what the rest of the US legal states should look like. 

For the length of the agreement, customers of this gaming provider will enjoy data driven betting experiences every time they are on the site. With eyes on the larger US market, WynnBET is on an expansion mission. 

The alliance with Genius Sports Group will roll over to more than 100 table tennis, volleyball, basketball, hockey and soccer leagues around the world. For WynnBET to find a means of taking over multiple markets in the United States is an achievement especially with regards to keeping up with competitors like FanDuel and DraftKings. 

These industry leaders thrive on user friendly and highly responsive betting platforms and any effort to upgrade WynnBET offerings is a win. Planning for the expansion before it actually happens means that the betting operator will enter new markets with an already functioning product. As part of the partnership, NASCAR has been mentioned as a solution when it comes to offering more than 15 bets offered in-race 

The inclusion of NASCAR will be covered for the entire 2021 Cup Series which is inclusive of the Daytona 500. WynnBet will be joining in with NASCAR where they have already established a strong brand presence. States that have on-site race tracks will soon be working with both WynnBet and Genius Sports for the mutual benefit. For Genius Sports, the greatest contribution they will make for this arrangement is creating a product for NASCAR that provides real time updates during games to facilitate in-race betting. NASCAR is optimistic that partnering with a sports betting provider is the key to increasing their fan base and growing revenue. 


About the partners

With so many betting operations being launched on the internet every single day, the services of Genius Sports are in high demand. Having been established in 2000, Genius Sports has grown into the industry’s largest provider of sports data. 

In ordinary terms, the company compiles and then distributes live video and data to more than 150 markets globally. Their work is enabled by the strong partnerships they have formed through the years – more than 500 organizations that are directly linked to sports. Apart from operating in goodwill from their partners, Genius Sports boasts of the support of the PGA tour, Premier League, and NBA.

It is this cordial relationship that Genius Sports has cultivated through many years that WynnBET will leverage when offering in-game live betting. The contribution of Genius Sports cuts across all sports types and because they understand data, they are helping sports leagues to make money from the data they have on gaming activities.

WynnBET already has operations in several states but for now, the business collaboration with Genius Sports will pay attention to growing Michigan, Colorado and New Jersey. The New Jersey market has proven to be fertile ground for growth; the profits from sports betting are already impressive and players are crossing over from neighboring states to be part of the enhanced player experience. For all players who register on the betting site, the unique feature they will only be able to access on this site and not on others is a live betting experience facilitated by data. 


Final Thoughts

Since Genius Sports has already built a reputation nationwide, they are the best partner to have partnered with WynnBET for their expansion efforts. The sports betting market is actively demanding in-play betting and players will therefore have no choice but to pay attention to this alliance. The United States gaming enthusiast is set to benefit from new gambling platforms and data products developed overseas as more states legalize betting. 

Judging from the benefit that WynnBET is going to get from partnering with Genius Sports, it is already a successful season for the betting provider. The rest of the year is dedicated to expansion to Iowa and Ohio. Needless to say, the data guru has also been forging its own alliances; there is a new agreement between Genius Sports and Superstar Racing Experience (SRX) whose main focus is to lend a helping hand to FanDuel as they upgrade their marketing. 

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