Tipico and TVM DOOH Agree Sports Betting Partnership for Colorado and New Jersey

TVM DOOH is currently the largest business entity in the US that is involved in the setting up of display screens in bars and restaurants across the country. The company has recently signed a partnership which will see them and Tipico working together over the duration of the NFL season. Tipico is a sportsbook operator that has a gambling presence in multiple locations around the world. 

As per the conditions of the deal, brand marketing content as well as betting odds for Tipico operations will be featured on hundreds of bar screens owned by TVM. For the upcoming season of the NFL, the deal will only be available to the Colorado market and exclusive to New Jersey

One of the main attractions and unique selling points for gambling brands is the provision of competitive betting odds which is what this news comes to address. With a visual platform on which to broadcast odds, potential customers are likely to be drawn into the industry. 

By working side by side with an already established sportsbook, TVM DOOH has expressed commitment to bring live odds to the people who really have use for them. The fact that TVM DOOH screens are installed in eateries and pubs means that the clientele is an already willing market so spending a little more on gambling will not take much thought. 

With this partnership, Tipico Sportsbook and TVM DOOH are looking forward to provide odds across a wide range of sports. The odds will be delivered in a manner that showcases money-line, allows for selection of over/under markets. This will be in addition to boosted odds, player props, as well as multiple real-time promotions. 

With such a large network of media content, one would expect that most of the revenue made by TVM is generated from customized content. This is indeed true, based on the fact that the content broadcasted on TVM screens is not only dynamic but also triggered in real time. The brands that advertise their business through these screens build their content on an API platform to ensure consistency of content. 

The screens owned by TVM are premium models and have been distributed around the country to form a sort of industry monopoly. By engaging the potential customer directly at a venue that allows them to open up, the experience of fans and bettors is impossible to replicate. The average bar or restaurant owns a few screens spread across the business premises but these are often for keeping up with current affairs. 

TVM’s presence in the US market and especially in New Jersey introduces a new way of promoting the gambling industry as a whole. For someone who would miss a promotion message because of their busy schedule, they will surely come across it when they are out for dinner or drinks at their local entertainment joint. 

Commenting on the partnership, VP of Marketing in Tipico US, Keith Gormley, reported that the entire management was thrilled about the decision to work with a brand whose core business is to bring promotions into people’s intimate spaces. He was particularly excited that his company was finally penetrating two of the most vibrant gambling markets in the US. 

Gormley has revealed that his company was keen on providing the market with premium betting insights as well as real time sports data. Since they were already developing the necessary content to promote the advantages that players will get from their service in comparison to the competition, a media partner like TVM is well deserved. 

Tipico is looking forward to capturing a significant market share with the help of this campaign so every avenue that helps them to achieve this goal is worth exploring. TVM possesses the platform which the betting provider requires to advertise their odds to current and future bettors. According to the management of TVM DOOH, the company has tailored its audience segmentation, venue and time of day to capture the attention of an audience that is relevant to their business allies. 

This strategy has never been applied before so it is interesting to watch how well it works especially for this new alliance. The media guru is in a position to offer a unique marketing experience to the betting operators’ audiences through tracking of revenue conversion that has in the past only been available online. 

By signing an agreement that will dictate the direction that Tipico takes besides TVM DOOH, the media team is looking forward to elevating the gaming experience for its customers. The Chief Commercial Officer at TVM DOOH, Pedram Danesh, referred to the partnership with Tipico as an opportunity to enhance the gambling experience for players. With exciting offers and providing players with live odds, the company is certain that their service to the industry will be reflected in the growth of their business. 

Danesh confesses that his company has been watching Tipico and analyzing their performance in the US market. According to this TVM executive, nothing would give them greater joy than to watch their contribution making an impact in the casino brand offerings. The future looks bright for Tipico as talks are underway to venture into the gambling market in Colorado; it is obvious that TVM has no intention of being left behind. 


Final Thoughts

It is not unusual to walk into a bar or restaurant that has TV screens mounted all over the premises. The content will however vary with the audience and time of day; the exact strategy that TVM DOOH is using to market Tipico on its media screens. Since people look at these screens to keep their minds busy when eating or hanging out, it is highly likely that the impact of this form of advertisement is going to be significant. This is just the start for TVM and the market has been briefed on additional innovations which they should look out for over the entire football season. 

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