Sporttrade Launches a Revolutionary Sports Betting Platform

SportTrade enters the betting scene flashing a revolutionary product before the customers it will be engaging in. On the website of the betting provider are two features, “always-on” and “in-play trading”, to facilitate betting at the player’s convenience. Although the company which was established in 2019 has been operating in locations such as Philadelphia, the New Jersey market will also be receiving a piece of this pie. 

Everything about the new platform screams ambling but the core operations of this new player are different in all aspects. The first area in which the platform stands out is in what it is offering altogether. Players who sign up for an account on this platform will be presented with a revolutionary product from the start. 

It is not just the promise of betting anytime that will lure customers here; players will appreciate playing in a transparent environment. According to Alex Kane who is the company’s founder and CEO, SporTrade was initiated to raise the bar in sports betting. 

In addition to offering players an opportunity to place their bets in an environment they can trust, the platform will drive customer experience to a new level. Given that most existing companies offer more or less the same product, what SportTrade is offering definitely makes it stand out from the pack. 


The mission of SportTrade is defined

With the announcement to launch of, Kane also announced that the company’s betting division will be employing the latest technology to offer its users an experience they will not be able to find elsewhere. The aim will be to ultimately democratize the operations of the industry to a level where sports betting acquires a new lifeline. 

Through the new platform, customers of SportTrade will be allowed to trade in sporting events just like it happens in the stock market. Actually, this is a double win for both players and the providers; the new platform allows players to trade sporting events as it happens with stock and in the long run improve the gaming experience. 

In 2020, SportTrade partnered with Twin River Casino to offer its services to players in the US market. The betting services provider has already established operations in New Jersey and will work in this market for a couple of years in view of the nature of the contract signed. At the time when Twin River Casino was getting into a deal with SportTrade, the latter was a startup business looking to gain a foundation in the industry. 

The 2020 deal allowed SportTrade to offer its products to the players of New Jersey under the approvals already acquired by Twin River following their purchase of the Bally’s Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. 


SportTrade thrives because of betting and trading knowledge

The decision to enter the US gambling market was inspired by SportTrade’s desire to be the first ever regulated sports betting exchange in the region. At the helm of its management is a team of able professionals who over the years have gathered knowledge and experience in sports wagering and stock market trading. The goal of the company at this new market is to present to its customers an opportunity to get stock market value out of betting. 

The management of SportTrade believes in the impact that will come out of combining these two totally unique business models. The performance of what has been started here is what will determine how quickly the rest of the market absorbs this new revolutionary experience. Kane looks forward to a time when the sports betting market as a whole will be anchored on technology provided by SportTrade. 

Kane is optimistic that the modern casino player is aware of the benefits of equity trading and more so when technology is used to drive innovation. This is the advantage that SportTrade has been designed to present to its users that the other players in the market have not taken the time to think about. In the same breath, it is anticipated that those who sign up on this platform will experience greater efficiency and fairness which in turn translates to better pricing. 


SportTrade algorithm is aimed at transparent and fair trading

Entering the gambling market as a platform for sports betting exchange, SportTrade will be offering the market an open betting stable platform. This digital platform has been designed with a bias on safety –players will be safer betting here because of the transparent and fair environment cultivated for bettors. In the long run, every customer will be assured of quality sports betting experience that is unmatched in the market. 

The design work of the SportTrade digital platform was done by a Philadelphia-based company known as Amor. The site trials that have already been conducted indicate that this platform will offer the gambling enthusiasts an experience they had never before experienced anywhere else. The average player should expect a fair and open betting gambling space for the ultimate wagering experience.

For users who will want to keep up with odds updates and events availability of the platform, they will be able to sign up for notifications. Notifications for features like “always-on” and “in-play trading” will keep players in touch with the site no matter what activities they are involved in throughout the day. 


Final Thoughts

The sports betting market has remained vibrant even over a period where most other businesses were suffering losses. This shows that the industry is not only promising to existing players but the newcomers as well. Since SportTrade will be entering the market with a promise of offering a revolutionary product, it will not be long before they carve out a niche. 

The business model at hand is unique and will definitely act as a pace setters for other investors. Those that sign up on the platform immediately stand the best chance of benefiting from this new system of making money as they bet.

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