Can a Sports Betting Supercomputer give the NJ House an Edge in Probabilities?

Pickswise, a division of Spotlight Sports Group, has launched an innovative predictive sports betting supercomputer. The new technology centers on key US sports betting markets such as totals, point spreads, and the Moneyline. The launch comes just in time for the NFL season.

How the Sports Betting Supercomputer Calculates Probabilities

The sports betting supercomputer can create pre-game probabilities with advanced machine learning and AI methods and a Monte Carlo simulation; this is useful for modeling the probability of different outcomes that can’t easily be predicted due to random variables. It’s a method used to interpret the influence of uncertainty and risk in prediction models.

That means that the supercomputer can model a sporting event more than 10,000 times, calculating a broad range of sports betting probabilities and outcomes within any specific event.

The supercomputer algorithm then comes up with a prediction for the performance of each player based on hundreds of variables; those variables are then used to run a simulation of the sporting event. The sports betting probabilities are dynamic and are constantly updated as new information comes in; new information can include weather conditions, team news, and movement within sports gambling markets.

The new Pickswise sports betting supercomputer is one of a kind, promising the most accurate odds for betting on the NFL. The odds for all major US sports are available for free on the Pickswise website.

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Spotlight Group Signs an Exclusive Deal with DraftKings

The maker of the sports betting supercomputer has signed an exclusive commercial deal with DraftKings for the 2020 NFL season. The deal is designed to help promote DraftKings’ odds and betting lines.

DraftKing’s use of the Pickswise supercomputer is intended to increase engagement by both new and experienced sports bettors; if gamblers believe they have a better chance of winning due to a supercomputer, they will be more likely to bet more.

While DraftKings is the first sportsbook to sign on with the supercomputer, other online sportsbooks are expected to sign on before the end of the 2020 NFL season.

What Sports Betting Experts Have to Say

When talking about the Pickswise sports betting supercomputer, Spotlight Sports Group Managing Director, Harry von Behr put a spotlight on the advanced technology; Pickswise can help engage new sports bettors while also retaining a platform’s pre-existing bettors.

von Behr pointed out that, “We consider a value bet to be one which identifies a discrepancy between the prevailing betting markets and our projections. Consistently identifying anomalies between our projections and the projected sportsbook odds can give bettors a better chance of being successful and having long term success as a gambler. This is a very attractive proposition for any enthusiastic sports bettor.”

von Behr went on to say, “In a week or two, we’ll also be adding an exciting in-game screen which has live in-game probabilities for spread, in-game player statistics, total and Moneyline and play-by-play data. This will allow users to follow what’s happening during the live game on the Pickswise website.”

Popular online sports tipster Jake Apperley, the co-founder of the Free Super Tips website, had this to say, “From our experience and research over the last few years, we’ve positively seen an appetite for sports betting content. Bettors want key pre-game and in-game picks and the Pickswise sports betting supercomputer can offer a full game experience through stimulating bets.”

“American sports are heavy on statistics, even the language used for performance is focused on stats. We know that betting tools like a supercomputer provide reliable information using statistics, and thus are popular tools for sports bettors to make informed decisions.”

Rob Black, Spotlight Sports Group B2B Head of Content Sales, said, “With sports betting operators opening up across the US there will be a lot of new sports bettors. We’re placed perfectly to partner with US sports betting operators to reach and educate a new audience on sports betting. Spotlight’s content, including our sports betting supercomputer, is specifically designed to reach and retain sports bettors while giving them superior information to place an informed and responsible bet.”


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