Pointsbet Strengthens Player Protection Efforts With New Hire

PointsBet has hired Teresa Fiore to be in charge of all its responsible gambling and corporate social responsibility efforts. The Sydney-based gambling firm hired Fiore to ensure that PointsBet is constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to keep gamblers safe and protected from harm.

With the rapid expansion of legal sports betting in the country, PointsBet wants to ensure that it established a safe and sustainable playing environment for all its customers. PointsBet was launched in New Jersey not too long ago and within that short space, it has managed to prove itself as a market leader to watch out for. This added measure to keep its customers safe will only help the established operator attract even more gamblers in a bid to establish itself as the market leader in the crowded American gambling space.


Problem gambling has become a real concern

Lobbying groups all over the world have been lobbying for the casino industry to roll out codes of conduct with gambler protection measures aimed at promoting and ensuring responsible gambling. According to the American Gaming Association, casino operators are required to be more transparent with their gambling customers while providing training to their staff.

Over the last few years, the impact of compulsive gambling has become devastating. As such, this is an issue that has dominated the entire industry. The American Gambling Association’s new code calls upon all casino operators including PointsBet to explain to patrons the basics of gambling such as the odds of winning or losing at various games.

The AGA also prevents casino operators in the US to run advertisements containing claims that a gambling event or activity will guarantee their social, financial, or personal fulfillment or growth. According to casino operators, 98 to 99% of casino gamblers are usually there with the intention of gambling responsibly. Over the years, however, it is the remaining 2% of addicted gamblers that have raised alarms.

All casino operators in the country, including PointsBet and other competitors such as MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment, have been committing to the code since it was established. What more operators are doing today is opening up the space for dialogue with their customers, which goes a long way in ensuring that they take part in gambling activities purely for the fun of it.


What are sportsbooks in the country doing to rectify the issue of problem gambling>

Numerous countries, including Spain, Australia, and the UK, have in the recent past come under attack over issues of problem gambling, especially, as it relates to iGaming. These markets in Spain, Australia, and the UK have been in existence for years, whereas the legal gambling market in America was only legalized in 2018, which isn’t too long in comparison.

In all of these countries, governments have been stepping in to stop gamblers from getting themselves into too much debt or steer them towards recovery programs. These countries have even gone as far as banning gambling advertisements to even prohibiting the use of credit cards for gambling.

And even though things seem to be spinning out of control in these international regions, the American gambling market seems to be different. That’s probably because the gambling market in the country is still in its nascent stages. Plus, each state has its individual rules and regulations that regulate sports betting ever since the Supreme Court ruled out PASPA.

Don’t get us wrong. American operators are still doing everything required of them by the AGA to keep problem gamblers safe and protected from harm. However, they are only doing the bare minimum; only a few go further in trying to stem the issue of problem gambling.

The good news is that as more and more states continue welcoming legal iGaming and sports betting, more lobbyists and experts are realizing that there is a need for controlling problem gamblers.  That’s because it’s to be expected that as more Americans start gambling, the issue of problem gambling will continue to take center stage. This is the scenario that other countries are dealing with currently. 

However, if American punters start offering player protections early, it could go a long way in helping to prevent the issue from blowing out of proportion. No one wants to see the issue of gambling addiction spiral out of control in the US. But if operators don’t do anything fast, history is bound to repeat itself in the North American gambling market as well.


Sportsbooks and iGaming operators in the US must make the first move

Sportsbooks such as PointsBet and DraftKings are doing what they can to lead the way. These iGaming operators have access to high-end technology at their disposal that permits them to identify problem gamblers and help them before the problem escalates. But here is the thing; not all casino operators use their technology in the same way.\

At present, no regulation requires them to do so. The best practices for player protection have not been made standard yet for all operators. As such, what is found today is a mix and match of state-sanctioned regulation, self-regulation, and launching private player protection initiatives aimed at reducing the number of gambling harm-related cases. However, nothing has as yet been legalized or formalized.

Sportsbooks such as PointsBet and DraftKings are doing their best to address the issue. But it is evident that more still needs to be done. In order to prevent the heavy hand of the government from slapping bans and prohibitions, iGaming operators and sportsbooks will need to take a more proactive approach to prevent problem gambling in the country from spiraling out of control.


Final Thoughts

 To get problem gambling in check, sportsbook operators must ensure that they keep leveraging the information that they’ve already collected on their customers. This information should then be used to ensure that none of the gamblers are getting in too deep or engaging in gambling activities that will negatively affect their lives or their families.

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