Paysafe Live in Colorado and New Jersey with SuperBook Sports

A recent announcement by the management of Paysafe indicates that the online payment platform is now available to the casino players registered on the sports betting brand SuperBook Sports in New Jersey and Colorado. It makes sense that the brand would want to set up operations in the Garden State given the other many casinos operating here. If the affiliation with SuperBook Sports goes well, it could very well be the nod the company requires to roll out its services to the other providers in these pilot states. 

For players registered on the SuperBook Sports’ online and mobile sportsbook in NJ, the betting provider now offers an additional option when it comes to choosing a payment method. Of course there are those who would rather not bet if not using Credit/debit or direct wire to transfer their money. Even for these users, the platform allows for the funds transfer to be processed via the Paysafe channel. 

Payment options available to SuperBook players now include both alternative as well as traditional methods like Skrill USA digital wallet, Paysafecard eCash and online wire transfer. This list provides users with their old familiar channels while at the same time introducing them to newer options. 

According to the CEO of North America igaming at Paysafe, Zak Cutler, the payment solutions provider is excited to be partnering with SuperBook Sports. Cutler states that their interest in the sportsbook has been largely influenced by its performance in the two markets which they now wish to penetrate. 

He describes the nature of the Paysafe payment option as state of the art due to the fact that it has an inbuilt analytics suite. In his view, Cutler is confident that this feature in particular will help SuperBook Sports in its efforts towards building a successful gambling platform. By the time 2022 arrives, players on this betting platform will have multiple ways in which they can deposit and withdraw money from their profiles. 

The other benefit that Paysafe is offering SuperBook Sports is access to valuable data through its back end data reporting and analytics suite. This means that the management of SuperBook will have real time data that allows for analysis and optimization of an individual payment option. In the long run, this data will be instrumental in shaping the future optimal payment offerings that are received well by most players. 

Apart from offering its B2B customers with a safe and convenient online based payment system, Paysafe is also a strong force when it comes to gaming-specific risk and fraud. The Paysafe platform is built around a solid infrastructure that will aid SuperBook Sport in protecting its brand and safeguarding the confidential data of players. 

One of the main reasons why some people are afraid to link their private accounts with the gambling profiles is the risk of fraud. Identity theft is a common theft practice that has cost people millions of dollars so the phobia is indeed valid. There are many payment solutions out there and without background information on the ability of the development team and history of past success, it can be difficult settling on the best. 

A move like what has been exhibited through the partnership between Paysafe and SuperBook Sport is going to cause a lot of online casino players to warm up to the idea of online payment solutions. By linking their operations together, the two brands illustrate that they have conducted due diligence on each other for the good of their clients. 

This partnership is particularly important for the future growth of the SuperBook Sports business. Customers are always on the lookout for brands that they can trust with their money. It is more than just being able to transfer securely but also being able to receive transfers in good time. Suppose a player wants to make an urgent transfer into their account for purposes of placing a bet. The choice platform would be a fast channel that reflects the transaction in their account immediately. 

The Executive Vice President at SuperBook Sports, Jay Kornegay, stressed on the importance of a reliable funds transfer platform in the growth strategy of any sportsbook provider. There can be no wagering without a credible payment system that is why it was important for SuperBook Sport to seek an alternative to the already existing options listed on the platform. 

The casino industry as a whole needs to step up to the needs of the larger sports betting industry. The younger generation of bettors is keen on fast and effective solutions so adoption of web enabled payment services is a must. Paysafe enters the market at a time when a lot of people have had a mind shift about working and playing online. 

Due to the movement restrictions imposed on various populations over the Covid-19 period, many people learnt the importance of the internet not just as a tool for engaging over social media but also for facilitating payment, managing employees and affecting productivity. Money is an important component in the life cycle of an avid gambler. 

It is often believed that the true thrill of gambling can only be gained if the player spends money to access it. This is why free mode play can have so many reward sessions but the screen time will not be as exciting as compared to when a real money bet has been placed. 

SuperBook is the first betting operator to adopt the use of Paysafe and this is expected to just be the start of alternative and secure online payments for casino players. The management of the sportsbook brand is optimistic that the overall experience for players on their platform will be enhanced due to this partnership. 



Every casino investor must understand the value that their customers place on their resources. By introducing new and innovative ways in which casino operators can securely move their money, the confidence levels of customers for a betting operator will be enhanced leading to increased business.

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