Nuvei Selected as New Payment Provider for BetMGM

Every thriving brand offers multiple payment options for its customers to choose from. The more widely acceptable a payment channel is, the easier it is to do business because funds transfer becomes convenient for both parties. Nuvei Corporation has been supporting many major brands with payment solutions especially due to its global presence. 

In a recent announcement by the company, the global payment technology brand has revealed that it had been chosen by BetMGM as a provider for payment services for its customers. The reputation that Nuvei has built over its existence in the financial services landscape makes it a preferred partner for companies that want to build an overall customer experience. 

BetMGM players based in the US will now be able to choose Nuvei as a payment option when they are depositing or withdrawing cash from their player accounts. Leading iGaming operators from the international market have a positive rating for Nuvei and this is due to the company’s extensive knowledge and capability in growing fast growing markets. 

The new payment option now available to BetMGM is going to solve the many problems that traditional payments solutions have. On one hand is the customer who is unable to transfer their money because their local bank does not support global transactions while on the other is that business that has to verify money transactions so it will take up to 7 days for a transfer to go through. 

Partnering with BetMGM at a time when the gambling industry is in a phase of restructuring after the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic means that both parties are eager to make up for lost time. According to the Chair and CEO of Nuvei, Philip Fayer, this move that guarantees them business from BetMGM is confirmation of the brand’s prowess in its line of business. With deep set roots in the iGaming sector, Fayer is optimistic that the partnership that has been formed with BetMGM will be an expansion tool for both entities. 

Fayer admits that they have experienced rapid expansion in the US sports betting markets, especially vibrant jurisdictions such as New Jersey where laws have already been established to govern the sector. The company head is proud of his team for their demonstration of expertise in manipulating such a robust platform. This recent alliance is going to be an opportunity for him to connect better with customers as well as increase conversion.  


The operations of BetMGM

The BetMGM brand is an umbrella that houses the Borgata Online betting platform, PartyPoker, PartyCasino and BetMGM Sportsbook app all of which offer iGaming and sports betting services. With a license to run operations in 16 states, the management of BetMGM has plans to expand its operations into all areas of the US which have structured gambling laws. Bringing Nuvei into the picture as a financial services provider will be a great boost in the company’s effort to attract more business.

When BetMGM users hit on the payment options page, they will find Nuvei listed among the various solutions. To say that Nuvei has prepared well for a technology-forward future is quite an understatement; the technology is advanced to the point where it has eliminated delays and lapses common with online financial solutions. 

Some of the services that BetMGM will be leveraging directly from Nuvei include proprietary smart routing, payment orchestration and instant deposits to improve the success rate of online transactions. Currently, Nuvie boasts of an extensive portfolio in the areas of US payment options which encompass debit cards, credit cards, digital wallets, ACH, and eCash. 

One of the most frustrating moments for online casino players is when their deposits or withdrawals are delayed. The partnership between Nuvei and BetMGM offers casino customers the luxury of instant transfer options in the way of instant withdrawals. Real time payments {RTP} ensure that transfers are secure, convenient, and fast which will directly improve the web gambling experience for players. 


The Nuvei brand

Nuvei considers itself as the technology enable payment solution for top brands that operate beyond a single economy. The online intelligence surveillance and technology that Nuvei brings to the market is what every tech conscious business needs to thrive in an environment that is constantly evolving. 

By making it easier for companies to make money transfers locally and internationally, Nuvei is able to solve a perpetual problem that large businesses face when planning to scale. The brand also helps companies to consolidate their money transfer options while advising them on adopting solutions that will ensure a seamless payment solution in line with the nature of business. 

The proprietary nature of the payment platform supports both paying-in and paying-out of funds for customers. So far the brand boasts of being able to connect merchants to their customers which are spread out in more than 200 markets across the world. In the United States alone, Nuvei is already signed up by 45 markets to offer hustle free payment solutions for their businesses. 


Final Thoughts

Local and international businesses are regularly in need of better solutions to enhance their delivery. There are more than 10 different currencies in the world today and with the cryptocurrency revolution, there are an additional 40 options for legal tender. This presents a unique challenge to merchants who want to provide the best buyer experience for their customers without compromising their own money flow systems. Having a solution provider like Nuvei facilitating business for them is a crucial step towards achieving financial freedom. Customers are assured of shorter processing times and betting companies such as BetMGM have a safe system for collection and transmission of funds. 

BetMGM has a diverse clientele base based on the casinos spread out across the US operating under the provider’s license. There is now no difference to where a player is; their transaction will be process with the same manner of efficacy if they do it from the BetMGM platform.

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