‘Queen of Lifestyle Sports Betting’ Nicki Minaj Inks Ambassador, Advisor Deal with MaximBet

Everyone knows Nicki Minaj as a superstar rapper but she now has a new feather on her cap. After signing a deal with MaximBet, the queen of lifestyle sports betting will take up the role of advisor and brand ambassador for the sports betting and IGaming Company. According to a new release that was published by the brand management a week ago, Minaj will be working for the portion of the company that is owned and run by New Jersey-based Carousel Group. 

An excited Minaj also took to her social media pages to share the good news with her fans. In a Twitter post, the rap queen shared the news of the new deal with a one line post stating, “Make way for the Queen of lifestyle sports betting.”She joins the list of celebrities who have in the recent past found new passion in the NJ sports betting industry. As the first global ambassador and creative director for Maxim, Minaj has been bestowed with a huge responsibility. 

Those who known Nicki Minaj solely for her rap career might be wondering why the management of Maxim is entrusting her with such a huge responsibility; apart from the fact that she is a media sensation, the female American rapper is also an entrepreneur. She will serving as the director of Maxim magazine as part of the current deal. By singing the multi-layered partnership that has earned her great influence within the Carousel Group, Minaj goes down in history as the first woman to manage this achievement. 

Speaking on the nature of the deal, the CEO of MaximBet, Daniel Graetzer, looks forward to a future with Minaj as the brand’s strategic advisor. According to Graetzer, her contribution is invaluable to the entire business and everyone is looking up to her for growth and brand recognition efforts. The management of the sports betting and iGaming brand is confident that Minaj will be employing the same strategy she has used in growing a global presence on their own products. Every business venture requires a generous dose of creativity and savvy and this is what the rapper is anticipated to bring with her. 

In a matter of fact way, the CEO summed up his remarks by stating that the company has chosen the best talent in the market for the job. They could think of no one else that could help them turn their operation into a mainstream business venture. 

Minaj’s USP

Among her many duties will be the hosting of parties for Maxim fans on behalf of the management. Being that she is not new to this kind of life, Minaj has already started hyping her fan base for what is coming. Maxim has also teamed up with a global payments provider and Minaj will popularize this as well. 

Ideally, the job description of a brand ambassador includes work with parties, partnerships, fan engagement and branding; Minaj is going to have the same menu on her plate. Her success in the music industry makes her quite popular with a lot of people around the world and this will definitely work to her advantage in business. If there is a remarkable difference as far as the sports, betting, celebrity and entertainment aspects of MaximBet are concerned, she will have played her role perfectly. 

MaximBet has pledged their support to the rapper stating that they were eager to see her use her star qualities to promote the brand. The board will be looking out for adoption of her stardom to bring out the lifestyle components of the betting brand. It is also expected that more women bettors will be pulled into the industry owing to the level of influence that Minaj commands. 

Minaj did not shy away from promising results to the management of MaximBet. In a statement, she assured her employers and fans that her business savvy power was what was needed to move the betting business forward. She is certain that her fashion-forward, fun, sexy, creative and natural nature is in direct sync to the needs of the partnership she has signed. 

A native of Queens, Minaj has already begun rallying bettors to take a chance on her brand. One of her latest Twitter post reads,”scared money don’t make NO MONEY!!!! […] Place your bets!!!! Let’s GO!!!” Such posts are to be expected going forward because the deal will remain valid for multiple years during which she will be actively involved in its promotion plans. 

The introduction of a lifestyle brand

Having pulled the personality of Minaj into the MaximBet betting outfit is a statement of intent from the company. This move tells the world that the betting operator is “the only true lifestyle brand in the industry.” Since no other brand has a similar arrangement, MaximBet remains at the top of the pile of competitors. 

The idea is to make an impact and make sure that the entire industry feels the ripples fast – this has been possible since its launch at the end of 2021. At the beginning of the second quarter of 2022, MaximBet topped the headlines having signed a deal with Colorado Rockies outfielder Charlie Blackmon. This was the first ever agreement between a betting company and an MLB player that was still actively involved in their career.

Minaj’s appointment appears to be a perfect match for this betting brand that is well-known as an innovator and challenger of systems. Owing to the superstar’s popularity at the global level, this move could open up opportunities in the affluent sports betting and iGaming. Does this rookie betting brand have what it takes to go head-to-head with the big fish? It states that its reward for players is an experience that “money can’t buy.” 


Nicki Minaj is a rapper that many youngsters look up to because of her solid brand. For MaximBet to partner with her to grow their gambling business, they hope the huge following she commands will warm up to gambling. It is definitely a case of “wait and see” but the stakes are definitely high that it is going to work.

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