FanDuel and WSC Sports Partner Up to Offer Highlights to Sports Bettors

Users of FanDuel mobile app will start seeing promotional materials from WSC sports anytime they are logged in. This is after a deal was signed between the two sporting enterprises that on-boards WSC onto FanDuel infrastructure. For FanDuel, their strength is in a solid background as a sports betting company that has operation licenses in various states of the US. 

WSC on the other hand is in the business of creating highlights using artificial intelligence. This one of a kind technology even makes life simple for video editors who rely on AI assisted highlights to pick out theme specific videos on live broadcasts. 

Given that the highlights can be many in a day, the company needed a vehicle to broadcast these on a real time basis. The relationship between WSC and FanDuel is therefore quite symbiotic; WSC is based in Tel Aviv while FanDuel has operations in the United States. Vibrant markets such as the newly regulated New Jersey gambling scene with their impressive performance are the gauge against which the success of such partnerships is measured. 

In a statement describing the nature of their business, WSC spoke about using live sports to generate sports highlights. Using its technology, WSC has been able to generate highlights that are used by over 10 partners worldwide. Some of the most notable partners that have been served by Tel Aviv are YouTubeTV, ESPN, the NHL, FIBA, NBA, NASCAR and Eleven Sports. 

In total, WSC makes the task of live sports broadcasting easy for 17 different sports. The AI system is able to automatically identify events, analyze the live broadcasts and create short but customized video content that is then delivered to various digital platforms. 

While the current focus for the FanDuel-WSC partnership is golf, the companies have not ruled out other sports. In future, as it has been mentioned by executives from both sides, they will explore opportunities of expansion to cover other sports types. 

By getting into a partnership with WSC, FanDuel becomes the first ever company from the US to offer their customers sports highlights within their betting app.  Commenting on the partnership, the GM/VP of sports content at FanDuel Group, Adam Kaplan, expressed the company’s excitement at being in the frontline of revolutionizing the app betting experience. Betting on the FanDuel app will no longer be just confined to placing a bet but the experience will involve news highlights from golf events.

Kaplan pointed out the fact that customers of FanDuel will be exposed to sports highlight content on a weekly basis. This is in a way going to empower bettors because then they can use the information obtained from the highlights as they choose. 

In support of what Kaplan had pointed out Aviv Arnon, who is the CBDO at WSC Sports pointed out the two brands interacted with popular brands on a regular basis. The partnership is therefore quite timely in helping them to achieve shared goals. 


The new experience for bettors on FanDuel

With the new deal in force, betting on FanDuel will be unlike on any other betting platform. If there is any regulated golf event taking place, the highlights will be displayed on the betting app. This will be particularly helpful to sports enthusiasts who would like to keep abreast with news from different arenas in the sporting world. It will also be easier for players who have an interest in betting on golf events to gain knowledge of ongoing leagues.

Reiterating what Kaplan said on the new experience, the FanDuel customer is now going to be served with much more than a gambling platform. With the highlights they receive, bettors will be more enlightened and up to date with sports news. For now, the focus will be on golf content alone but bettors will in future be offered highlights for other games which they love. 

Co-Founder and VP of Business Development at WSC Sports, Aviv Arnon, commented on WSC being a startup that had already interacted with big actors in the betting industry. He is hopeful that this is a partnership that is not only beneficial to them as investors but which will also improve the user experience for the FanDuel app users. 


About the partners

Based in Tel Aviv, the startup WSC leverages AI to bring sports news highlights to its partners. In the current list of its recipients are various news channels from across the world; in excess of 150. For the startup, being able to offer sports highlights to some of the industry’s most reputable news outlets is quite an achievement. 

The channels do not only comprise of virtual broadcasters but also mainstream media such as ESPN, NHL, NBA< FIBA and NASCAR. In addition to news broadcasters, the customers of WSC also comprise various social media platforms. 

FanDuel has positioned itself in the world of sports betting as an entertainment provider that is keen on changing the lives of sports enthusiasts. People will always enjoy watching and betting on sports. 

The FanDuel mobile sports betting app allows bettors to wager on games and events without leaving their comfort. As a premier betting hub in the US market, FanDuel is powered by the FanDuel Group that has interests in daily fantasy sports, sports betting, advance event betting and broadcast media. 


Final Thoughts

The partnership between FanDuel and WSC is a reprieve for the modern phone user who prefers to handle all their businesses from a single gadget. There will no longer be panic of missing out on event highlights because the updates will appear on the betting app as it is being used. This is the only way for the app developers to assure players of their commitment to keep them informed in matters pertaining to games that they like. 

There is no doubt that this partnership is going to grow beyond what is currently being offered and soon the delight of players will be to catch all updates regarding all games on a single app. If there was innovation in the gambling industry that was worth copying, this is it.

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