Dan Alexander Joins Playstar Ahead of New Jersey Launch

PlayStar has been eyeing the New Jersey market for a long time and they finally get to set up operations there. As they move into this new frontier, they have already made plans to ensure that their operations will be profitable and sustainable. The company’s Chief Operating Officer will be Dan Alexander who is a new appointment. 

Before a company decides on an executive to be at the top of business, many factors go into play including their past performance, level of exposure to similar markets and feedback from colleagues along the way. The greatest measure of suitability for such high ranking company officials is how much revenue they have raked in compared to what they found being achieved. 

Before his current stint at PlayStar, Alexander served the gaming industry in various capacities; his most recent role saw him as the head of casino operations for bet365. Before that, he had been the product and platform director for Mansion. These previous engagements are an illustration of his leadership skills especially where casino offerings are concerned. 

When he was an employee of Bet365, Alexander was tasked with leading the casino brand into new markets around the world. He must have done a pretty good job while at it because Bet365 continues to be a globally recognized gaming provider. His role also involved managing a team of executives whose mandate was to ensure that the over 10 global betting licenses held by the company remained valid over time. 

Commenting on his appointment at such a crucial time in the history of PlayStar, Alexander expressed his delight a being part of PlayStar. Having been at the forefront of launching his former employers’ products into new markets, the new COO is confident of a good performance in New Jersey. It seems that Alexander is a natural at what he does no wonder he is looking forward to the success ahead. 

Some people find it an uphill task talking to new people they have just met yet this is one of the most outstanding qualities that Alexander is being hired for; his role demands that he does more than talking. His team must convince the modern bettor, who had multiple choices to pick from, that PlayStar deserves their attention.


The PlayStar winning strategy

Alexander admits that he is already aware of how PlayStar rus business. His observation is that the betting provider employs a combination of talent and technology to win. Up to date technology releases ensure that customers have an easy platform to use while exceptional talent means that the success of the business has a human touch.  

PlayStar brings to New Jersey an exceptional customer experience and Alexander is thrilled to be at the center of all the action. He openly gives credit to the management of Bet365 for giving him the opportunity to shine in such a competitive market. The new PlayStar appointee believes that he got a strong market management foundation which he will use to impress his new bosses. 

There is no doubt that his previous work has prepared him well for what lies ahead. Alexander is going to be in the frontline as the staff of PlayStar focus on creating fresh experiences in the Garden State. Under his leadership, the team at PlayStar is expected to grow not only in number but also level of experience. 

Since New Jersey is a new market for PlayStar, one of the key objectives of Alexander will be to lay the foundation work required for an online based casino product to do well. The market is quite vibrant but that does not rule out the fact that there have been other players offering more or less the same. The new appointee is on a mission to grab a fan base for his new employer. 

According to the Chief Executive Officer of PlayStar, Per Hellberg, Dan Alexander is an asset to any casino operator who recognizes talent. Hellberg is leveraging the wealth of knowledge and experience that Dan brings to the company. He is confident that his exposure to different casino products, industry trends and customer demands in marketing, will assist PlayStar to meet its operational goals. 

In his capacity as the head of the organization, Hellberg takes pride in ushering Alexander into the heart of PlayStar. The team is equally thirsty to forge ahead and new blood will come with new energy to do so. It has not been revealed how long Alexander will be sitting in the management team at PlayStar but his presence will impact New Jersey in a great way. 

Alexander brings on board a mix of leadership and management skills that are essential as they join other casino operators in New Jersey. The market is ready to receive this new operator and lucky for them, everything is ready for the journey to begin. In the long run, PlayStar is aiming at leading the current competition. 

Aside from seasoned leadership that is expected to pump in some fresh energy into the operations team, bringing Alexander on board is like a breath of fresh air. The success of this betting provider is pegged on skill set, agile tech platform and modern betting control systems. Tech tools are in most cases ineffective if used alone; PlayStar aims to combine them with the top talent in the market. 


Final Thoughts

Executive appointments are in most cases accompanied by a reasonable list of expectations of what the new employee is expected to achieve. In the casino industry, managers are constantly moving between organizations and this is great for ironing out the best practices. A manager that has cross border experience brings on the table such bargaining power that it is difficult not to change the direction of an organization. PlayStar brand might not be as powerful as some of the earlier New Jersey market entrants but it is definitely going to get there because it has an able driver at its steering wheel. 

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