Kindred Extends Gamban Software to US Customers

The Kindred Group has been collaborating in matters of business with online sites security services provider, Gamban. Following a recent move by Kindred, gambling users registered on the Unibet platform will be able to block internet-based betting sites from whichever device they are using.  

This is a great move for controlling gambling especially for players who are looking to control their expenditure on gambling. The site blocker can also be used for account administrators to limit the amount of time computers and other devices are logged in to betting sites. 

In the recent past, Kindred, which is based in the UK, has been operating in Australia and Europe. The offerings of Gamban will now be available to Kindred customers who are based in the United States. The Gamban application operates under a similar framework to a gambling-focused exclusion tool that prevents site access on select devices. 

Players can now take charge of the amount and money they spend on gambling by limiting access to betting sites. While the move might seem counter-productive for casino providers operating online, it fosters a culture of healthy betting where bettors can come in and leave as they wish; this is different from promoting addiction gambling where players have no control and will stay on betting sites for extended periods of time.

Commenting on the new collaboration, the Co-founder of Gamban, Jack Symons expressed his excitement in working alongside Unibet to offer the US gambling market with a site blocking tool. Symons terms this new tool as a big leap in the online gambling industry. He is optimistic that their innovative product is among the few solutions there are for gamblers to control their habit. 

Various platforms encourage their players to gamble responsibly; without support tools the implementation can be a bit challenging. The Gamban offering can now be coupled with responsible gaming education to empower players on upholding responsible conduct of betting platforms. 

While the licensing authorities have not made it mandatory for service providers to facilitate blocking through apps, organizations like Unibet that are taking initiative should be commended. Customers like to feel safe on betting platforms and it is through such features that they can truly have confidence in the providers. 

Partnerships between a betting services provider and site blocking apps indicate that the industry is ready to enhance the safety of its customers at all costs. Site protection is a key pillar of betting industry sustainability. Site blocking apps put the power of responsible gambling jointly in the hands of the players and their providers; providers must promote it for the users to utilize it. 

Kindred is one of the strong industry players that has already declared its commitment to the fight against harmful gambling. The provider has declared that it is on a mission to achieve 0% revenue raised from unethical gambling. In February of 2021, Kindred became the first casino operator to publicize the chunk of revenue collected from this segment; this is going to happen on a quarterly basis. 

Living up to this commitment requires serious actions which Kindred has not fallen short to take – all customers who feel that they would benefit from Gamban app have been allowed to download it free of charge. It gives them the freedom to lock their device out of some sites temporarily and for as long as required.

As the head of responsible gambling and research division at Kindred group, Maris Catania is confident that Gamban app will make it much more safe for New Jersey and Pennsylvania customers to enjoy safe and thrilling gambling. The management of Kindred has come to the realization that they need licenses for safe gambling in Iowa and Illinois. 

For a long time, Kindred has been seeking entry into the United States having already had successful operations in the UK and the larger Europe. It is a good thing that Gamban enjoys a cordial relationship with Unibet because that is what caused the operator to redefine the gambling experience without much restructuring.

Catania has revealed that Gamban had for a long time desired to use European know-how for the benefit of the US customer base. Given the long history that Kindred and Gamban share, there is no doubt that the two companies have shared resolutions. 

Being a pace setter as far as regulation of gambling in the US is concerned is something to be proud about and the award goes to Kindred. By allowing customers to block sites, the provider has successfully secured inter-state gambling for its customers. 


Preventing harmful gambling

Harmful gambling is hard to detect just by looking because it is a conclusion based behavioral problem that can only be detected through data analytics. Kindred has expressed a desire to improve the experiences of customers on their site by focusing on building tools to collect product insights. 

For the innovations team at Kindred, the success in prevention of harmful gambling will be achieved from various approaches. The brand has chosen to start their mission on a challenge solving attitude and follow this up with a series of experiments to put new ideas to the test. 

The first step in detecting harmful gambling is to identify patterns in the history of a player’s account. For instance, the customer can be tested for how in control they are of their gambling activities by mapping sessions where they spend money on bets. 



Harmful gambling can very easily be the cancer that eats away at the roots of a well-defined gambling economy. It is important that all betting services operators consider inbuilt data analytics tools that detect behavior change or erratic gambling trends before they turn a good sport into a nightmare for everyone. Installing apps that block gaming sites for a while on multiple devices is a good idea because it deliberately removes convenience out of gambling. It also allows players to exercise control over their own online habits.

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