MyGame Whiz: Partypoker makes NJ Players Better At Their Poker Game

Partypoker has launched MyGame Whiz, an amazing free poker tool to help you improve your game. It’s designed to help players improve their poker skills, taking their game to the next level. Any successful poker player knows they got to the top of their game with practice. Also, by analyzing their games.

Partypoker’s MyGame Whiz works quietly in the background, analyzing play using a Game Theory Optimal algorithm. Game Theory Optimal is something elite poker players use and MyGame Whiz uses it to help every poker player be the best.

MyGame Whiz can be launched in your browser via the Partypoker software in seconds; this extremely powerful tool can help any player improve their game exponentially.

MyGame Whiz Report Card

The MyGame Whiz software creates a player report card, to see at what level your game is currently at. It ranks poker play in percentages, ranging from Rookie all the way up to Elite Pro.

  • Rookie – 0-40%
  • Social – 40.01-50%
  • Intermediate – 50.01-60%
  • Solid – 60.01-70%
  • Advanced – 70.01-80%
  • Pro – 80.01-90%
  • Elite Pro – 90.01%+

Score increases as players learn from their cash game, SPINS, and multi-table tournament mistakes.

A Partypoker diamond appears under the current skill level. The score also depends on how many hands have been played; the more hands played, the more accurate MyGame Whiz is. But the diamonds only appear after a certain number of hands have been played:

  • One diamond = 100-249 hands
  • Two diamonds = 250-999 hands
  • Three diamonds = 1,000-4,999 hands
  • Four diamonds = 5,000-9,999 hands
  • Five diamonds = 10,000-24,999 hands
  • Six diamonds = 25,000 hands

Analyze Play With Key Statistics

Players will also find a wealth of statistics to instantly uncover where their game needs work, as well as their strong points. For instance, MyGame Whiz shows key statistics; for example, how many hands have been played, how many hands have been raised preflop, and how often a player bets or raises instead of calling and checking.

As players dig deeper into the statistics, it reveals major and minor leaks in how they play. Improving and eliminating these points increases wins in the long run. And that’s the point of Partypoker, winning more and winning big.

Players can also filter their hands, focusing on a range of hands or a specific hand. Highlight those hands, replay in the replayer, to learn from your mistakes.

MyGame Whiz Courses

The MyGame Whiz “Courses” tab launches free learning courses available to every Partypoker player. Players can dive deep into the fundamentals of poker, including odds, position, table image, and managing your bankroll.

Once the fundamentals are mastered, players can take their game to the next level with easy to understand courses on “The Clinic” tab.

Track Hands During Play

An interesting MyGame Whiz feature is a pop-up window recording poker hands in real-time. Just open the MyGame Whiz window and every hand played appears in the live feed once the hand finishes. Players can immediately replay their hands and even share them with friends on social media.

Once 100 hands have been played, MyGame Whiz creates a report on every session. In that way, players can see in real-time how they’re performing at the table.

Export Hands to Your Computer

Many Partpoker players like to use different types of software to analyze their poker sessions. That’s possible by selecting “Export Hands”, and choosing dates within the last 40 days. That will download a file to your device. From there, the file can be uploaded to any poker analysis software.

Show Off Your New Skills at the Tables

Put your MyGame Whiz to work, on some Partpoker cash games, SPINS, and tournaments, to see what your skill level is right now. Set a challenge to improve your game to the next level, and share your progress with friends and fellow players on social media. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your game improves.


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