MGM and BetMGM Announce Joint Approach to Promote Safer Gambling

As other key gambling services providers get into partnerships to strengthen their control of the market, BetMGM and MGM Resorts International have joined forces to ensure that players remain responsible during betting. In the commitment that all employees of the two companies, gamblers will be equipped with all the tools they need to make wise decisions as they play. 

The announcement to work together comes at a time when both companies have joined a larger league to ensure that players in the gambling space are in the right state of mind at all times. Although the focused campaign will run for a limited period of time, the Problem Gambling awareness impact will linger on for a long time. BetMGM and MGM will for a month or so work under guidance from the National Council on Problem Gambling for the duration of the campaign. 

The fact that igaming and sports betting are rapidly taking over the gambling scene as we know it is no secret. The real issue is the many people who unknowingly become slaves to this industry. It initially starts as a way to pass time, or perhaps a good time with friends but later turns into a deadly addiction that is capable of milking out one’s sanity and resources. 

Without taking the fun out of gambling, BetMGM will be integrating responsible gaming education into customer experience and support. Joint efforts by the employees of BetMGM and MGM will be seen through an educational program that will run on a weekly basis. Facilitated by EPIC Risk, the program will expose employees to the diverse challenges that players face and how to tackle them. 

By getting into the heart of the problems that gamblers have to deal with on a regular basis, the program is anticipated to provide unique perspectives and insights that operators can then use to combat problem gambling. According to BetMGM Responsible Gambling Program Manager, Richard Taylor, the company is in the process of equipping staff members with the relevant tools they need to promote responsible gambling. 

The company has realized that their customers require care and service that does not promote gainful business for the operator. They are in dire need of information and empowerment to give them control over betting and not the other way around. By placing the mantle of this partnership squarely on the shoulders of their employees, BetMGM and MGM are expressly giving them authority over their customers’ wellbeing. 

During the duration of the joint industry campaign, customers will have access to expert information on the nature of irresponsible gambling. They will be taught on the role of policy and research along with their own personal contribution to staying sane. The management of BetMGM is pleased that they can join with others to drive such a noble initiative forward. 

At the same time, BetMGM will be promoting its annual screening event. Now in its 8th year, the annual gambling disorder screening day is meant to enable gamblers to pinpoint at symptoms that could indicate that they have a gambling problem. The screening exercise is conducted by a division of addiction experts from Harvard Medical School. 

Participants of the event are subjected to screening through online resources. Even for those who may not squarely fall into the danger bracket, they will be screened for behaviors and habits that group them under the risk category. These are players that could easily fall into the problem gambling group, if nothing is done to change their habits. 

Since the initiative is intended for as many players as possible, BetMGM is going to include some resources on the betting app. ideally, the app is supposed to address younger players who are the majority smartphone owners. 

For MGM Resorts this is not the first time that the company is getting involved in activities that are related to responsible gaming. GameSense is a program by MGM Resorts that has been recognized on various occasions. The program might go unnoticed to many because it has been integrated into MGM casinos all over the country. 

GameSense was created by British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLB); that was in 2017 which is the same year it was licensed. The program introduced a new approach to gaming responsibility by blending the customer support model of MGM with responsible gaming education. By leveraging personal interaction through partnering with trained personnel or interactive features like touch screens, the program has a positive impact on player attitude when gambling. 

According to Stephen Martino who is the SVP and Chief Compliance Officer at MGM Resorts, the company has for many years been involved in the welfare of its players. They have had many initiatives for addressing problem gambling at various levels and this has been made possible by their team of dedicated workers. In all the campaigns which MGM has been involved in, the ultimate goal has been to keep the fun within gambling. 

The timing for the collaborative efforts between BetMGM and MGM Resorts is quite strategic because it was made at a time when the sports scene is gearing up for college basketball season. During such tournaments, bettors converge to place bets then sit keenly to await the results. If the focus is all on betting, then the players have left themselves no room to enjoy the games. 

The future of BetMGM is bright judging by the pace by which the betting operator is launching operations into new markets. For Martino and his team, gaming education is a key component of this expansion. 



Partnerships formed where there is a shared focus yield positive results almost all the time. For BetMGM and MGM Resorts, this is a risk that is worth taking. Reports on gambling addiction have been in an increasing trend as some people look to betting as a source of livelihood. By providing educational materials, the two companies are giving their fans an opportunity to see gambling for what it really is; a thrilling way to kill time. 

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