PartyPoker adds new MyGame Whiz to Online Poker Client

There is always room for improvement when it comes to poker prowess. Needless to say, many poker players invest heavily on material that equips them to handle the next game better than the last. It is therefore not a surprise when players spend time reviewing videos of play long after the game has been concluded. 

Reviewing games can be both time consuming and mind-draining so tools are always preferred over manual labor. One such tool is ‘hand histories’ that facilitates the review of very move made in a game. Players are systematically walked through the moves and it is up to them to decide why the featured player acted that way and if it was the best action under the circumstances. 


About MyGame Whiz

There are plenty of reasons for players to use MyGame Whiz tool as a trainer in their mastering of poker. This tool is first and foremost built for that poker player who feels that they need to improve their delivery. Interestingly, it does not rule out any caliber of player because the emphasis is on posting a better performance every time. 

During training, players are shown how common mistakes arise and how best to overcome them. Even though the virtual trainer has been optimized to open in multiple locations at the same time, every player experiences the tool as though they were alone. The one-on-one interaction capability offers a unique experience for each player. 

Before the training and coaching can begin, MyGame Whiz will analyze the execution style of the poker player. Unless you are using another players account, there is no way the tool will coach you at a level that does not match your current ability. It is important to note that MyGame Whiz centers the training on the player being trained, totally ignoring the style of the opponent. 

The role of hand history in the success of the training offered by MyGame Whiz cannot be underestimated. It is from individualized moves that suggestions and tips for better play in future games are based on. The tool is also a key companion for those who are looking to improve their decision making ability. 

As the training is going on, the player will receive targeted messages that are more or less ‘leakage’ to influence the next set of moves. Since this is happening in real time, a losing player can drastically change the course of a game to get a win. The tips offered within a game are primarily inspired by table actions.

For players who share PCs and laptops with other players, it is important to use one’s own account every time for the best outcome. Each account has a history of play that MyGame Whiz uses to guide and correct; a mix-up of accounts means inadequate training.

PartyPoker’s MyGame Whiz whose role is to sharpen skills and build confidence is an extension of the earlier tool that  New Jersey players on this platform already use to train on different poker strategies. MyGame Whiz can be best described as a personal trainer for poker. This is what to use to improve poker strategy without necessarily copying the game plan of another player – it helps you to develop your own style.

For best results, players are advised to save their poker sessions, replay them and as much as possible upload onto the tool.  As with any skills, the tool works better with player cooperation – the more hands are available for review, the better the advice given. With a diverse strategy, a player is trained on how to make decisions in different game scenarios. 

For players who love asking questions and seeking clarification, this tool is definitely built to accommodate their unique personality. Every poker related question asked to MyGame Whiz receives customized responses. 


Improving poker with a poker tutor

In an effort to promote poker skills, PartyPoker has brought poker training close enough to all who require it.. Using a specialized poker tutor to facilitate the training, the gaming giant is on a mission to not only improve its offering but also build a pool of skilled poker players for its tournaments. Given the level of AI used to develop this tool, interacting with it feels like it would with a human trainer online. 

The poker tutor is able to assess your skill level and cater its training to your level, making it an excellent tool for training for upcoming challenges and events. For PartyPoker officials, MyGame Whiz is their welcome bonus for new poker enthusiasts in New Jersey joining the platform. Given the nature of the tutor, players who have no prior online poker exposure can be trained in a comfortable space and pace. 

Complete with a grading and reporting system, MyGame whiz offers performance reviews to enable easy tracking of progress for players. Seeing areas in which you have improved and those that require you to do more, delivers great results most of the time in any learning environment. What about players who simply have no time to study poker but are interested in learning the ropes? 

The tool will do most of the heavy lifting for you; all that is left is for the player to go through the details of their game analysis and apply these tips in the next game. The tool is available on PartyPoker for all registered players who would like to make use of it. This is indeed a golden opportunity to have an unbiased party review your game then give you feedback that is good enough to use for tournaments and cash games.



Mastering poker takes time; not only do you have to get familiar with various strategies of play but players also need to be exposed to how other poker players handle the game. As with any other skills, it is possible to know the rules and approaches to a game but not how to be a winner. Training poker on PartyPoker is the golden opportunity that many poker players will use to sharpen their skills. Soon, the poker industry will boast of a breed of poker players that have entirely been trained online.

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