Gaming Americas Establishes New Branding Strategy for the 2021 Summit, Launches Summits by Gaming Americas

The North American casino and sports gaming summit has been rebranded. From this year going forward, the summit which is held on an annual basis will be referred to as the Summits by Gaming Americas. The rebranding is being directed by Hipther Agency, which is a digital events specialist. The agency had gone on to reveal that it is working on a new strategy to facilitate the rebranding of the previously known “Sports Betting & Casino Summit North America”

Under the new brand of the yearly summit, fans will be treated to a set of two separate events; Gaming Summit North America (#GSNA2021) which will be held on 22 June, 2021 and Gaming Summit Latin America (#GSLATAM2021) which has been slotted for 23 June, 2021. The summit as a whole is a pretty new concept having only held a single event which took place last year. 

It is the success of this past event that all future summits will be based on. In addition to that, the summit organizers are excited to receive feedback and suggestions from the public on how to make the event bigger and better. 

On their website,, the summit officials have already announced that there will be an entire day dedicated to discussions on the future of the gambling industry in Latin America. This discussion will comprise the content that will run on the summit website and any visitor to the website will be able to see and be a part of it. 

The new brand of the Summits by gaming Americas complements the efforts of the quarterly meet-ups organized by Gaming Americas by creating a platform on which industry stakeholders can build meaningful networks. The sessions also provide a safe environment in which industry players can offer insights into what they envision for their businesses across Latin and North America. 

According to Zoltán Tűndik, one of the founders and also the head of business at the rebranding Agency Hipther, Gaming Americas has been able to accomplish quite a lot in the less than a year it has been in business. Apart from proving to be a worthy partner to other players in the industry, the brand had been climbing the ranks and is now a one-stop shop for all media related services. 

The brand prides itself as being capable of offering high quality content on a daily basis as well as facilitates the industry’s leading conversations. Tűndik is quick to point out that Gaming Americas is looking to add to its portfolio by expanding its offerings to serve betting customers from even more regions. 

Tűndik’s team has already been briefed on what the client wants as they look into the future. Actually, as they plan now for the second briefing, which will be dedicated to the business of Gaming Americas, they plan to speak in length on the upcoming summit. The said meeting is supposed to be held on April 29 and top on its agenda will be the 22-23 June, 2021 summit events. There is already elaborate detail on the summit which has been outlined on the brand website for all to see. For those who are interested in the quarterly meet-ups of Gaming Americas, the details can be seen from


What to expect from virtual meet-ups

There will be a total of 4 meet-ups in 2021 and the first one has already happened. The next meet-up which will take place virtually has been scheduled for April 29, 2021. Summits by Gaming Americas hopes that these meet-ups will play a huge role in keeping all interested parties updated on what is going on in the industry. 

Fresh news and developments across the gambling sector in Latin and North America will be shared in these summits so industry trends are bound to spread in a flash. Those who will be attending will have the freedom to choose a location. 

Part of the reason why the meet-ups are happening online is the Covid-19 pandemic which makes it unsafe for people to converge in confined spaces. The other reason is that much of the gambling taking place in the current times is happening over the internet so it makes sense to share industry notes via a familiar channel. 

To make the summit relevant to the individual participants, the organizers have grouped the attendees based on their regions. Regions will discuss topics in line with what is happening in their industry. To ensure that the discussions are beneficial and worth it, the conversations at different points will be joined by industry experts and even government representatives. 


Further expansion into Latin America

In another move that targets the Latin American gambling market, Spieldev will now be known as Vibra Gaming. This follows the appointment to the company leadership of Marcelo Blanco and Ramiro Atucha who are both co-founders of Leander Games. In the recent past, the duo has played an active role in supporting the founder of Spieldev, Fernando Rivas, in expanding the company’s presence. A lot of work has been done over the last few months by the three to create a casino games collection for the Brazilian casino customer. 

With a new name, Vibra Gaming will accommodate Atucha in the role of CEO; Blanco will offer leadership as CTO while Rivas takes up COO duties. For this team, Brazil appears to be a sleeping giant much like New Jersey was before gambling was regulated.  The gambling community as a whole will be receiving a fresh dose of the casino experience –tailor made content and user friendly platform. 

With prior exposure to the Latin American market, the new faces at the helm of Vibra Gaming hopes to revolutionize gaming in the region. 



Rebranding plays a huge role in sparking new interest in old players and making new customers pay attention to the new market entrant. While the industry is clearly a time when expert heads need to come together to strategize on the future, it was about time that businesses leverage the internet to reach wider at a lower cost.

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