Can Online Casinos In New Jersey Cancel Your Bonuses?

The best NJ online casinos offer a basketful of bonuses to make players happy and ensure they keep coming back for more action. No-deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, and free spins are usually designed to attract newbies. They also offer a bountiful range of reload bonuses, free spins on certain slot games, giveaways, and cashback to keep existing players engaged.

Bonus offers are especially great for rookies who are looking to try out new games and get the feel for a particular casino before using their real money. If used wisely, you can build your bankroll and improve your online gambling experience with bonuses.

However, in our experience in the NJ online gambling market, we’ve seen sites cancel the bonuses they’d awarded to gamblers. Because we know how important casino bonuses are to you, we’ve put together this nifty guide to explain why and how bonuses are nullified, and what you can do about it.


Casino Bonus Cancellation by Online Casino in New Jersey: Get the Answers

1) Can NJ online casinos cancel my bonus?

It depends, but the short answer is almost always a yes. You may not realize this, but most casinos squeeze a clause into their player agreement saying they’ve got the right to nullify a bonus without giving any explanation. This right applies whether you were initially eligible for the bonus or not.

As you may already know, NJ online casinos reserve the right to refuse to award any player a bonus. This could be through the casino’s own judicious action. It could be that you’ve signed up for a duplicate account, haven’t verified your identity yet, or any other reasons in between.

The fact is that gambling sites always use their discretion when deciding who to award and who to refuse to give bonus offers. This is because they have these rules giving them the right to do so in the Terms and Conditions.

Bonus cancellation usually happens when you breach their T&Cs or if the casino suspects fraudulent/suspicious activities on your account. What’s more, NJ online casinos have the right to mete out penalties other than bonus cancellation and may even impose additional consequences on your account.

For instance, if you’re found guilty of violating the casino’s terms & conditions or rules, your account may be suspended or closed permanently. They take these control measures seriously, especially when it has to do with suspected underage gambling.


2) Can an NJ gambling site legally nullify my bonus?

Once again, yes – the casino reserves the right to cancel bonuses depending on their discretion. As long as the casino has stated clearly, in a written statement, that they have complete control over the terms and conditions of the bonuses, once you agree to the T&C’s, they become legally binding.

Agreeing to the bonus terms and conditions is a legally binding contract that the casino can use to cancel or nullify your offers. Therefore, if the gambling site does cancel your bonuses, according to the terms, you have to accept and move. You can of course lodge a complaint with the support team, casino operator itself, and eventually escalate the dispute to the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE).

For this reason, we highly recommended that you go through the bonus and casino’s terms and conditions, word to word before agreeing to them. The same is also true when signing up for a gambling account at a particular NJ online casino. Before clicking “agree” on the terms, be sure to read through the fine print.


3) Is cancellation of casino bonuses common in New Jersey?

Are you wondering if bonus cancellation happens frequently in the NJ online gambling market? According to our experience, player reviews, and industry analysis, the cancellation of bonuses in the market is fairly rare.

The reason behind this is that online casinos want to maintain their reputation. If a particular casino is known to cancel bonuses willy-nilly, players will talk and no one will want to sign up with them. Some of the few cases of cancellation reported were valid and almost always justifiable, including cases of bonus fraud, underage gambling, etc.

That being said, this shouldn’t be something you should be worried about if you’re a genuine player looking to make an honest buck.


Top Reasons Why Online Casinos in New Jersey Cancel Bonuses

Online casinos are not in the business of handing out free money, nor do they condone fraudulent and suspicious bonus activities. That’s why they put a lot of measures in place and impose a plethora of restrictions and limits on their bonuses.

With that in mind, here are the most common reasons and situations that may trigger an NJ online casino to cancel your bonus.

– Your gambling account has been flagged for suspicious activities

If your gambling patterns and behavior seem suspicious or fraudulent in nature to the casino operator, all of your gambling activities will be suspended, plus the bonus and your winnings may be confiscated. For the most part, this is a fuzzy subject because it often boils down to the casino’s idea of what suspicious activity is.

In some cases, winning big amounts too frequently at an online casino can sometimes be flagged as suspicious. Of course, you’ll get the all-clear if they find no evidence of cheating, rigging, or tempering, but losing your bonus is never something to write home about.

One of the classic examples is when the casino suspects that you’re moving odds, compromising their software, or gaming/manipulating the system. Unfortunately, only a simple hunch or suspicion is enough for the casino to decide to remove your bonus.

Here’s what you can do to avoid being flagged for suspicious gambling behavior:

  • Bet your bonus-qualifying deposits at least once. If you don’t, that can be flagged as a case of money laundering.
  • Don’t bundle up several bonuses
  • Make sure to use up all of your bonus cash
  • Avoid logging in from too many IP addresses, locations, or devices. From the casino’s end, this may seem that multiple people are using your account.
  • Don’t place large amounts of money on a series of low-risk wagers.

Most of the stuff that often gets red-flagged is a way the casino protects itself from serious bonus hunters, criminal activities, fraud, and hedge bettors. You should always use gambling platforms fairly and legally.

– Your bonus offer has reached its expiry date

Here’s what many newbies don’t know. Nearly all casino bonuses and promos have validity, a period in which they are valid. Most casino bonuses are valid for between 48 hours and 7 days.

If you have not met the wagering requirements or used up the bonus cash, then you may have to forfeit the whole bonus amount. The casino will simply cancel the entire bonus and you’ll have to make an actual deposit to continue playing.

There’s a good reason for this. By design casino offers like bonuses, free bets, free spins, and credits are meant to carry an element of urgency. This way, you can take a timely desired action – for example, make a deposit to take advantage of a Tuesday-only cashback bonus.

Casino offers like no-deposit bonuses are meant to be a one-time perk and should vanish if you keep your new account dormant. The good news is that the expiry period of each bonus offer is clearly mentioned in the terms & conditions.

If it’s valid for 7 days, then you can plan your gambling sessions around this period and make sure to complete the playthrough before the time elapses. For multi-package offers like welcome bonuses, you may have up to 30 days or longer to meet the necessary wagering requirements. It’s simple: always read the fine print.

– You’ve shown untoward behavior towards other players

Some of the best NJ online poker platforms and casinos offer live bingo and live dealer games that allow you to chat and interact with other players. That’s granted that you behave well toward the staff and other gamblers.

If you display rude behavior toward other players, that’ll be a violation of the casino terms and conditions. For instance, you may have used foul language, made racist comments, or simply abused others.

There are many other instances that amount to rude behavior:

  • Harassing other gamblers – the harassment can be bullying or saying hateful, sexual, or racial slurs.
  • Having an offensive attitude in chat rooms
  • Distributing obscene material using the casino’s platform. For instance, some players have been suspended or banned for sharing nude pictures or pornographic images
  • Marketing or promoting other gambling sites in chat rooms
  • Spreading unfounded, defamatory, or inflammatory statements about the gambling site you’re playing at.

It’s not uncommon for players to share their frustrations with the casino on interactive platforms like bingo live rooms, chat-rooms, or poker virtual tables. Don’t take it out on others. Instead, you should use the legal channel; simply file a formal complaint and resolve the dispute the right way.

– You’ve shown rude behavior towards the staff

The casino staff, particularly the customer support team spends tireless hours addressing players’ issues and being there for you 24/7. That’s why you need to treat them with respect even if you’ve got a dispute with the casino.

Some players have been known to yell, abuse, or use hateful words towards live dealers when they lose a hand. You should never harass the casino staff, especially by using words or terms that reference their race, nationality, or gender.

Most casinos have zero tolerance for players who display rude behavior towards their staff. If you’re found to have harassed or abused the casino staff, your account will not only get suspended or closed down but you will also lose your bonus and other perks.

– You’ve created duplicate accounts

In the New Jersey online gambling scene, you may only create one account per NJ casino. Any other subsequent accounts that you create on the site are regarded as ‘duplicate accounts’. This is an automatic red flag.

All of the bonuses and winnings made on the “duplicate account” will be confiscated. Besides, you may be suspended or removed from the site altogether. If you have lost logins to your old account, you should contact customer support to help you retrieve them or create a new account.

NJ online casinos all sorts of tools and strategies to check if you’re playing through more than one account. For instance, they check the details entered during registration, the login IP address, and the bank account information.

There’s no finding your way around duplicate account gambling. If you’re found out, you will lose all of your bonuses and winnings. Make sure to sign up for a single account per casino.

– You’ve shown signs of irregular play

Irregular play isn’t the same as suspicious gambling. It isn’t a fraudulent activity, either. But when using a casino offer, you may lose your bonus if your play is deemed irregular or unfair.

This might actually not feel fair to you because you want to win too, but that’s how casino gambling is set up. Here’s what you need to do to avoid irregular play

  • Don’t make equal wagers on even-money bets of blackjack, baccarat, etc.
  • Don’t place low-risk wagers on blackjack, baccarat, craps, and other table games. The casino will assume that you’re taking advantage of the low house edge.
  • Don’t play the bonus across too many games
  • Don’t use delaying tactics when playing multi-round games

At the end of the day, the casino doesn’t want you to make too much money from the bonus. As such, you should stick to normal play, lose a bit, and meet your wagering requirements.

– There’s been a bug or technical error

Although rare, some bugs, software glitches, and technical errors can work to your advantage. This gives you an unfair advantage over the house. When the casino discovers this, they’ll likely remove your bonus and reverse the winnings.

– You played using VPN

NJ online casinos use geo-location to ascertain your exact location. That’s because you’re only allowed to gamble when you’re physically inside the state of New Jersey. When you use a VPN, you can gamble from pretty much anywhere across the globe.

Most NJ casinos explicitly prohibit the use of VPN software while gambling at their sites. If they discover that you broke this rule, your bonus may be canceled.

Other reasons for bonus cancellation include underage gambling, if the player has self-excluded, canceled deposits, and if you cheated.

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