Playstar Casino: Focusing on a New Approach to the US Gaming Market

There are deals being signed everywhere in the gambling industry and for PlayStar Casino the story is the same. For the casino, however, the focus is on trying something new to boost business. PlayStar Casino recently signed two deals that would define its future operations in the industry. 

One of the deals is long term and involves GiG while the other, a partnership with Ocean Casino Resort, will be operational for several years. While it is still too early to comment on the success of these two partnerships, it definitely appears like PlayStar Casino is living up to its ambition to take over the gambling scene in the United States. 

Before we understand how deeply these two agreements mean to PlayStar, it is important to know how the casino interacts with its customers. PlayStar Casino is built on a customer focused model unlike any other online gaming platform on the internet. The able developers that created PlayStar have a long list of other successful projects which they have been involved in. 

Their record in short borders on disruptive kind of businesses, the kind that would perform exemplary well in a vibrant market like the US. At a time when the US market is opening up to regulated gambling in various areas, there could be no better time to introduce the offerings that PlayStar Casino has. The management team at PlayStar is however aware that ordinary gambling products will not cut it in this market; the market needs to experience a shakeup with this new entry. 


Standing out in a crowded space

It is no longer a secret that the United States is fertile ground for investors who are looking to sow from the gambling industry. The nature of the gambling industry is that every player offers more or less the same product. The difference is no longer about how many games a casino is able to offer its players but on how many areas a casino operates and how well known the brand is. 

For PalyStar Casino, the management is leveraging value as the unique selling point for its players. The brand is putting emphasis on exceptional customer support, site personalization and engagement at the heart of its operations in the market. 

The intention is to capture the attention of their player right from when they log in by making them happy that they picked PlayStar Casino over others. Although some brands are working on improving their engagement with their customers, the level with which PlayStar is approaching this strategy is definitely outstanding. 


The status of New Jersey licensing

PlaySars is doing everything by the book as it enters the US market; their eye is currently on New Jersey and the relevant signatories have already filed application forms for the same, the wait is on. Licensing in any new market requires presentation of necessary documentation and this too has already been done. 

For PlayStar, there can ever be reason enough as to delay licensing for any of the deals that they have got into. With the Ocean Casino Resort deal, PlayStar has already submitted to DGE so they are in good hands. Such processes must have a challenge or two and this one is not different. 

The greatest setback for PLayStar is the prevailing Covid-19 climate and its restriction for in person meetings. There are definitely ways to go around this challenge but it can be rigorous. The management is quite open-minded and look forward to passing over these huddles regardless of what it takes. 


Research findings on the potential of the US market

Every business person or entity must go through the research phase to establish whether a location or indeed the entire business is viable. For PlayStar, this process proved to be quite interesting. The research covered many locations in the United States necessitating the creation of area specific reports; special interest was accorded to New Jersey which was used largely as a reference point. 

The US gambling market is generally changing and with it the trends in consumer buying habits. There are definitely quite a number of lessons to be learnt from this research but the most impactful would be increasing market share. While it is commonplace for some businesses to pay more attention to the players, it is more profitable to encourage registration as opposed to entertaining a small fan base. 

When asked about how different business in modern times is from his experience in the 90s, Group Founder and Chairman, Joel Wikell, was quick to point out that technology has greatly evolved. As an experienced gaming provider, Wikell understands the ease with which gambling has been facilitated through technology but still picks regulation as the biggest industry driver. 

Quite frankly, doing business in the wild means that the government is not only involved in creating a favorable business climate but they are keen on punishing players and providers alike. The regulation in various markets around the US provides safety to a player which is quite important in growing business for online casinos


Final Thoughts

The state of New Jersey is among the newest gambling markets cropping up all over the United States. If you previously did not have a reason to register on a betting site, consider this; with so many gambling service providers merging to enter the US market with a bang, their offerings are quite generous. One outstanding reason for signing up at a casino in NJ is not only just for the convenience of betting apps but also the rewards that begin to flock your account as soon as your account has been confirmed. 

If you are lucky, signing up for a player portfolio could earn you many hours of free play. Casinos and their partners are out to make profit so even wins that appear to come by easily are governed by terms of conditions that players need to have knowledge about. Are you in New Jersey and have a knack for gambling? The best deals are given by casino platforms in strong partnerships with similar minded entities. 

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