Playstar Casino Boosts Compliance Needs via Maxima

PlayStar Casino is gearing up for a grand entry into the New Jersey gambling market by the end of the year. In an announcement that is seemingly directly related to this plan, the betting operator will be collaborating with Maxima Compliance. The main role of Maxima Compliance in this agreement is to conduct an in-house audit that will ensure that the casino is operating within the legal framework designed for gambling compliance. 

Maxima has been in the business of compliance for a while and they are experienced with regulation interpretation. While the betting operator definitely can manage to do this using in-house staff, they have chosen to focus on their core business. This is Maxima’s opportunity to showcase their capabilities to the industry and world at large. 

In order to be legally compliant, PlayStar Casino should meet all compliance regulations related to gambling. For Maxima Compliance, this is an opportunity to support a new betting operator as it sets up shop in New Jersey. As a relatively new market, it is important for a business to understand all the rules and regulations that govern their operations; the best fit for the job would be a professional. 

According to the CEO of Maxima Compliance, Antonio Zanghi, the company is thrilled to be working hand in hand with PlayStar. This is especially true owing to the fact that they too are in the process of setting up an operation in the state of New Jersey having not worked in the country before. 

This does not in any way mean that the Maxima team is inexperienced in their job. Actually, their portfolio of past work comprises various companies in the United States. They have not only served customers from different states but also facilitated their operation in various capacities. It is quite a coincidence that Maxima and PlayStar are both eyeing the New Jersey market and their collaboration will mean they have their first customer in the market. 

The nature of this alliance is such that Maxima will be expected to offer focused attention to PlayStar in matters concerning branding and customer engagement. Maxima will play a leading role in promoting PlayStar by specifically preparing launch material before and after events. Total takeover of this arm of business means that PlayStar can now concentrate on aligning its offerings to the needs of their customers.  

Commenting on the collaboration, Adam Noble, who is PlayStar’s executive VP mentioned that his company was committed to its fan base. At the center of all activities aimed was entertaining their players, who are the very heart of PlayStart. He noted that the only way they would succeed in offering customers the best was if they were internally compliant to gambling laws. 

It is not a new practice for companies to hire outside sources to ensure that their operations are compliant for certain certifications. Quality and operations compliance is quite crucial to the scalability of any type of business. As an organization plans to either set up or expand its base, it is important to have a professional analysis of what they are good at; this is what Maxima Compliance is helping PlayStar Casino to accomplish. 

The solid foundation that the two companies are currently laying will be their stepping stone to business success. While laying the proper structures is important in ensuring that they conduct business without being in trouble with the law, partnering with Maxima further enhances the sense of security. Success of this round of compliance means that the two companies will continue to walk alongside each other. 

While the current agreement will only pay attention to a single jurisdiction, Maxima will unlock future business by its delivery. PlayStar will definitely be interested in entering other US gambling markets as they emerge and so will other betting operators. Using Maxim for compliance takes the pressure off the current team.

In the casino business, some terms and phrases used differ in meaning to how other people are used to. It is important to not only use these words in context but also ensure that bonuses and rewards issued are in line with state regulations. Every clause and statement in the T&C should be easy to understand.

It is an open secret that the last few months have seen promising performance from the US market in general. As the company opens their first base of operation, Maxima is the best partner to team up with in ensuring that this momentum does not die. Hopefully, this momentum will spill over from New Jersey and into the other states that are in the pipeline.


Other partnerships with PlayStar

Various casinos operating establishments within the US market have realized that they stand a better chance of great performance if they join forces with other stakeholders in the market. Just a month ago, the casino came out to announce that it had signed a multiple year partnership with Ocean Casino Resort. They had by then already made plans to enter New Jersey during the period between July and December 2021. 

The analogy for collaboration stems from the fact that different establishments hold different licenses based on what and how they deal with customers. Casinos are looking for related businesses to complement each other. 

While the Casino has all the timelines for creating a strong fan base in New Jersey before the close of 2021, all activities will be bound by how fast they secure relevant licensing from state gambling enforcers. The good news is that this licensing application is coming at a time when the market is already getting a new lease of life from the effects of Covid-19.



Most organizations, especially the well-established ones have separated the various functions of their business. While it is common to find a sole proprietor who wears many hats within the business setup, the most productive approach is to specialize. Allow your team to specialize in rolling out products to match client needs and letting experts concentrate on building your business from the backend.

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