NJ Casinos Don’t Want Bettors To Withdraw Their Funds

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has received many complaints that withdrawal times for digital NJ casinos have been increased, giving the operators an opportunity to change their patron’s minds.

To put it simply, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement reports that some digital NJ casinos have been trying to forcefully retain their customers. Furthermore, some of these withdrawal problems were attributed to possible identity theft, fraud, and money laundering.

The increased number of consumer complaints has raised suspicion, prompting the Division of Gaming Enforcement to launch an investigation into the payment process used by some NJ casinos as well as making a commitment to protecting players and promoting responsible gambling.

During the investigation, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement factored in the high level of reports that NJ casinos used the withdrawal delay to get their patrons to reverse a withdrawal. In some cases, patrons were offered bonus money to reverse a withdrawal.

In response, the Division of Gaming Enforcement concluded that the existing rules of the Division prohibit soliciting or offering incentives to rescind or cancel a withdrawal by a patron.

 Delays for Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer Checks Allowed

However, the Division of Gaming Enforcement acknowledged the need for NJ casinos to perform mandatory anti-money laundering and know your customer checks, which takes time. NJ casinos are required to do this to prevent criminals and fraudsters from using online NJ casinos as a way to launder money.

However, on the specific issue of online casino patrons canceling their withdrawals, the Division is determined to enforce the rule allowing such action only when the patron has made the decision to withdraw their money. independently. That means, if an NJ casino asks a patron to reverse a withdrawal, this will be considered a breach of the responsible gambling practices upheld by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Taking it a step further, the Division strongly disagreed with withdrawal delay tactics that were performed solely for the purpose of keeping a patron from leaving the platform. Moreover, the Division described these practices as “unacceptable.

 No Tolerance for Withdrawal Delays

To clear up any misunderstandings in regards to the existing regulations, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has indicated that moving forward, withdrawal delay practices will not be tolerated. Any withdrawal delays must occur only when an operator needs to clear suspicion of possible money laundering, fraud, or other illicit activity.

The Division further explained that offering money to patrons as an incentive to reverse a pending withdrawal is misconduct. Also of note, is that if a patron should fail to provide all necessary documentation, and their withdrawal is subsequently canceled, this would not be considered a delay tactic by the Division.

NJ Casinos Held to High Standards

New Jersey is second only to Nevada when it comes to gambling. In fact, the Garden State led the charge to legalize sports betting in 2018. New Jersey has also led the fight against illegal, offshore sports betting.

Online NJ casinos are held to the same licensing standards as the land-based casinos in Atlantic City. Currently, there are 17 online and mobile casinos licensed in the state. Furthermore, each digital NJ casino must be affiliated with a land-based casino or racetrack in the state.

Also, New Jersey has also launched numerous initiatives to promote responsible gambling practices and educate gamblers about the dangers of using unlicensed sportsbooks. For example, NJ casinos are strongly encouraged to put self-exclusion programs in place; this allows problem gamblers to put themselves on a list, allowing the NJ casinos to temporarily prevent them from gambling. A gambler can file for a permanent self-exclusion in person at the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

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