NJ Borgata Online Casino Player Hits Progressive Jackpot Win on $5 Wager

The month of March 2021 has proven to be a lucky season for some casino players. In New Jersey for instance, 3 progressive jackpots have been won so far. In the latest win that comes a few days to the end of the month, the win was recorded at the Borgata online casino. At a time when many people are still unsure about how to bounce back from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on their livelihoods, the only problem on the mind of one lucky gambler is how to use the money. 

Some people might argue that the $717,427.87 that has been won is not such a huge amount of money but the fact of the matter is that the winner now has in their possession money that they did not anticipate to get. This is an opportunity to transform a life and if the right decision is made, this small fortune could rewrite the rest of their life. 


What does this win mean?

The identity of the progressive jackpot winner has not been revealed and it is not clear for how long BetMGM will keep it under wraps. The company did announce through a press statement that the winner placed a bet of only $5 to unlock the good fortune. 

Coming at a time when many casino players have opted to take the game online following strict Covid-19 containment measures, it is no wonder that the winner was playing at an online gaming site. This is according to BetMGM, one of the company’s largest payouts on a progressive jackpot to ever be awarded. 

Commenting about the win was Vice President of Gaming at BetMGM, Matthew Sunderland, who was quite proud to be part of a life-changing moment. Sunderland was optimistic that a lot of other players on the online gambling platforms will be getting the opportunity to transform their lives through the many wins they anticipate to see in the future. 

New Jersey players are however not new to these kinds of wins as progressive jackpots have won this market before. Sunderland considers this current win as an encouragement to other players within their new markets outside of New Jersey to try their luck too. 


Breaking the BetMGM progressive jackpot record

Although there have been other payouts for the progressive jackpot, the record is yet to be broken. The highest amount of money that has ever been won by a player at a BetMGM casino is $3,266,476.20. An epic win for New Jersey, this record was placed in 2020 by a player who wagered a bet of only $2. 

For players who have been betting online and never won a progressive jackpot, they could wonder what they do wrong. Gambling is a game of luck and most people who hand the jackpot admit to years of play before the big day; others win big on their first attempt. How then does one unlock the fortune of a progressive jackpot? 


Have a financial betting plan before you begin

The first rule in betting is to place a bet you can afford. At all times, let your budget dictate the size of wagers you place. Even for small bets, there is always the opportunity that you will win the highest prize. It is important to get familiar with the requirements of the games you are interested in – this is to avoid instances where you land the winning combination but are deemed not eligible for the entire jackpot pool. 

It is in good order to go through the paytable for casino games and their rules to establish rules and regulations concerning playing and winning. While it is possible to win a jackpot on a small value bet, it often takes a long session of playing on small odds to measure up. 


Go for the large jackpots

Did you know that the more a jackpot is attempted, the higher the chances that it will be won? Well, watch any jackpot pool accumulating and it immediately attracts all manner of players. It is these increased spins that will subsequently lead to a win being achieved. 

Oftentimes, the gambling big shots will spend more for spins on these jackpots because they are certain that a win is around the corner. Even with regular tryouts on the jackpots you are eyeing, you will increase your winning chances if you regularly play poker games that have jackpots with an attractive reward. 


Give priority to overdue jackpots

If a progressive jackpot stays a long time before it is won, the chances that it will be won before long increases. Since casinos are designed around a random number generator model of winning, the truth is that overdue jackpots have already generated a massive profit pool for the casino. The best payouts from jackpots are from jackpots that have surpassed the average size. 


Leverage bonuses to increase play time

Providing free spins to their players is a casino strategy for encouraging players to spend more time playing. At the same time, bonuses allow players to try out games more times than they would have with their own money. Promotions such as deposit and welcome bonuses add to a player’’s account money that allows them to place bigger and more bets. While some casinos will require a deposit before they can award bonuses, the trick is to shop for promising progressive slots before creating an account. 



It is barely 4 months into the year 2021 and already casino players are reaping great returns from their gambling ‘investments.’ As the month of March came to a close, a New Jersey online casino player went home with close to a million dollars. The win came from playing Cleopatra. 

The progressive jackpot winning trend has not been limited to the online scene alone; a few weeks ago, an Atlantic City Resident won more than a million dollars when playing at the Tropicana. 

Many of the online gambling platforms operating in New Jersey have games with an opportunity to win a progressive jackpot. While winning at a casino is a pure work of luck, every spin brings the prize closer. 

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