New Online Slot Allows Identical Play At AC’s Borgata Casino, BetMGM

BetMGM Resorts has launched a brand new and exciting addition to its gambling products and services. Not too long ago, BetMGM announced the introduction of a new cross-channel progressive slot game titled MGM Riches. The new slot game has been designed to offer BetMGM customers exhilarating gameplay while giving BetMGM customers even more ways to walk away winners.

Because MGM Riches has been designed as a cross-channel slot game, customers can enjoy the newly launched game through the brand’s online casino platform, as well as across BetMGM casinos all through the country. Since players will have a range of ways to access the game, BetMGM is hoping to stand out with this inventive solution.

What makes this new slot game so progressive?

The MGM Riches game will serve as a multi-level progressive slot game that has been designed to give BetMGM customers 2 thrilling theme options; MGM Riches 5x Sapphire, as well as MGM Riches Triple Ruby. The gameplay for these 2 themes will remain unchanged regardless of where a customer will be participating, whether at a BetMGM casino in the country or internationally online.

Since customer experience is at the heart of BetMGM’s operations, the brand believes that this new innovative product will allow it to stand out among tough competitors. In addition to the gameplay, the new slot game will leverage BetMGM Rewards, which will allow customers to earn and redeem benefits across BetMGM expansive portfolio of local and international casinos.

The senior VP of slot strategy at MGM, Mike Gatten, was quick to emphasize that this new slot’s focus was on engaging slot customers wherever they are located. Some of the perks and rewards that can be accessed via the game include tickets to huge sporting events and tournaments, concerts, and more.

This new cross-channel slot game was developed in conjunction with Everi Holdings, which is one of the most recognized suppliers of gambling technology and equipment. With these new slot games, the BetMGM brand now boasts a vibrant catalog made up of more than 70 slot titles. With this new cross-channel slot game, BetMGM has proven its commitment to keep pushing the envelope, especially as technology and innovation are concerned in the gambling space.

Technology is a must for operators to remain competitive

The gambling industry in the US is one of the most competitive in the world. This competition has been driven by several factors that have consequently created one of the most dynamic gambling markets in North America. From all the glitz and glamour that is linked to brick-and-mortar casino hotels in Atlantic City and Vegas to the growth of iGaming, the US provides gamblers more options than any other market.

One crucial reason why the US gambling market is so competitive has to do with the utter size of the enormous market, which unsurprisingly continues to defy expectations. By the end of last year, the industry celebrated its highest-growing revenue year yet. Combined, gambling companies and operators in the country generated $53 billion in revenue.

With the $53 billion in revenue generated, the previous industry’s record was smashed by more than 20% based on reports from the American Gambling Association. 2022’s results also exceeded 2020’s performance, when a pandemic-related industry was plagued by continuous shutdowns.

As such, the growth that the industry has experienced over the last couple of years is nothing short of extraordinary. Boasting a population of more than 300 million individuals, the market enjoys an eager and vibrant customer base characterized by varying preferences and interests. This has allowed gambling to grow, not just in brick-and-mortar casinos all across the country but also in online casino platforms as well.

The competitive nature of the gambling market in the US can also largely be attributed to the regulatory scene. In the US, gambling laws vary from one state to the next. Despite the differences, states have continued to legalize their markets in order to take advantage of the growing demand. This had led to even more competition as operators typically have to vie for licenses and market share whenever a new market is legalized.

It is worth noting that while the majority of the country enjoys legal gambling. A few parts of the country are still yet to legalize the practice. As of the start of this year, a total of 33 states as well as the District of Colombia had legal gambling. So far, 24 jurisdictions offer some form of online gambling with several more expected to join the market before the end of 2023.

Most of all, technology has emerged as a driver for increased competition in the industry. With online gambling becoming the first choice for many punters these days, operators such as BetMGM, Borgata, DraftKings, and more now enjoy more reach than ever before. This has considerably boosted competition not only among online casino operators but also between land-based casinos as the competition for eyeballs becomes more intense.

With mounting competition, integrating the latest and newest technologies is now non-negotiable. Embracing innovation has consistently helped casino operators stay ahead while meeting the changing demands of present-day punters. 

Plus, the emergence and integration of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, as well as machine learning have presented newer more exciting opportunities that the industry is taking advantage of. For example, artificial intelligence algorithms are being used by operators for an array of tasks including detecting problem gambling behavior, as well as enhancing gameplay.

 In addition, machine learning is also being utilized to come up with dynamic pricing models, as well as allow odds to be adjusted in real-time. Artificial intelligence technologies are also being used to improve fairness, as well as boost competitiveness.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is clear that if operators such as BetMGM want to thrive, not just survive, they must embrace and leverage emerging technology. By investing in technological innovation on both the gaming floor and online, operators are positioning themselves to be at the forefront of one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

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