Design Works Gaming live in New Jersey with Resorts Digital Gaming

The casino content developer, Design Works Gaming (DWG) can finally showcase their creativity to the gambling industry. For the first time ever, games created by the developer will be part of the large database that entertains gaming fans all over the US. 

 As its partner in this business leap, the developer has chosen to work with New Jersey based gaming operator, Resorts Digital Gaming. Since the operator has two platforms on which it conducts business, the alliance will include all the entities. Resorts Casino will be the new hosts of DWG and so will two Mohegan Sun Brands, and 

Gaming operators often host products developed by other companies which have dedicated their staff and nature of business to content development. There are some developers that are inbuilt within a gaming operator but most operate like DWG. In such a setup, the company creates an account for each of their partners and dedicates staff to handle the output based on the service level agreement. 

As part of the new partnership, DWG will be working closely with Resorts so as to learn the culture and vibe of the organization. This is important because creating bespoke gaming content requires a level of connection that aligns a developer to the values of an organization. Titles such as Armadillo Artie Gone Wild and Wonders of Africa already exist under the developer’s banner and they will gladly share them with their new partner. 

Although these will not be bespoke, they are a representation of the quality that customers can now expect of Resorts Digital Gaming products in view of the partnership. The gaming quality in this case will be a guarantee because the developer will have access to the systems of the partner. When a game is completed, players will be able to access it immediately and this quickens response time when a problem needs rectification. 

The two companies have had their systems integrated through SG Digital’s content distribution platform, OpenGaming. This is one of the first applications of a dual pilot system that sees to it that a developer has the operator’s platform code running in real time through their systems and vice versa. 

The CEO of Design Works Gaming, Troy Zurawski, terms his company’s decision to partner with Resorts as a very good idea. Zurawski reveals that he knew from very early in the negotiations that DWG’s relationship with Resorts was going to work. As soon as they sat down for their first meeting, he knew for sure that working alongside Ed Andrewes of Resorts was going to be a great business partner. 

According to Zurawski, people have different reasons as to why they start a business. Some are merely trying to mirror the success of others meaning that they lack a heart for the business they are in. part of the reason that Resorts gels so well with DWG is that they have never thought to thrive in business by following the crowds. 

DWG’s leader is excited as to what the future holds for the two companies; getting along with each other just shows how well they can work to bring a new kind of gaming experience to the entire market. Zurasski is optimistic that this partnership will be a game changer in the gaming industry; the plan is to offer bespoke content and repackaging the online casino product as it is currently offered in New Jersey. 

The CEO of Resorts Digital Gaming, Andrewe, on his part wants the partnership to kick off well on the ground like it had done on paper. Before they met to start this new partnership, DWG had operations in Europe which many companies could attest to admiring. The management of DWG believes that the US market will be a better place for the company as it expands into different parts of the world. 

Resorts Digital Gaming commends the work culture that DWH exhibits – they appeared to have gotten an instant grasp of what Resorts wanted from them. Customers are always looking out for original content and with DWG helped Resorts to deliver exactly that. While the gambling market is growing at a super-fast rate, the customer remains loyal to the brand that stays ahead of the trends. 

The management of Resorts is hopeful that their customers will find the products they offer to be unlike anything they have experienced. If they go not get rewards for winning, they will definitely get rewarded with new and thrilling content. 

The first step to making it big in business is stepping out and launching your offerings. DWG started by launching in the New Jersey market. All gambling stakeholders know just how lucrative this market is. As a matter of fact, people travelled across the border and into the Garden State to have a taste of the gambling environment. 

The greatest fuel for the gambling operations in NJ remains to be the supportive state government; they have passed laws to facilitate healthy competition and regulate the market for compliance. It goes without saying therefore that DWG chose to begin their expansion drive in a market where their business stands a high chance of succeeding. 

The plan is to set up base in Pennsylvania and Michigan as the next two operation stations. The content creating studio already received approval for both these additional states – the next step as we have already witnessed for NJ is to identify a suitable partner through which the company’s dreams can be realized. 


Final Thoughts

Partnerships in business are a bold step because they involve bearing each other’s name for mutual gain. In the US gambling market where various entities are responsible for specific functions in the industry, there is no shortcut when it comes to getting into alliances. A business alliance is not only cheap when it comes to sourcing approvals but also saves plenty of time that would have otherwise been lost waiting for licensing approval.

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