Borgata Has Second Overnight Shutdown for Tech Upgrade

It is normal for casinos and other tech driven businesses to close down for system upgrades so it was not a shock when it was time for Borgata to do so. What must have been a shock to many is the fact that the establishment had a repeat closure the same week? As this integration has nothing to do with the restaurant side of the casino, this section remained open to the public.

For those who rely on their gut feeling to visit brick and mortar casinos without reference to digital communication, it must have been a shock finding the doors completely shut. While the closure was only scheduled for the gaming space and had none of the other amenities affected, those who had no other business other than in the casino were greatly inconvenienced. 

According to a notice which the casino management has uploaded on Borgata gaming site,, the operations in the gaming floor would have resumed on the same day at 2 p.m. Every piece of equipment that was powered by some sort of digital code was to lay dormant during this time; racebooks, table games, live poker, retail sportsbooks and slots machines were all affected. 

The upgrade was supposed to optimize digital platforms and incorporate emerging technology to facilitate hosting and performance. Players who had initially expressed concern that their loyalty rewards, tier credits, and other earnings would be affected need not worry. All that was not affected and neither were the login credentials for the various individual accounts. 

During the period of the shutdown, members of the M life Rewards program were allowed to earn credit if they used money on other forms of entertainment, spa services, hotel facilities, and dining. The integration will see a direct connection between M life Rewards member accounts and their online betting accounts. 


The Borgata website has a new feel

An overnight site shutdown is a small price to pay for faster website response, better rewards and a customer-centric gaming experience. While the thought of missing out on casino fun for 12 hours is pure agony for some people, it is the token that must be paid to gain better. After the site gets back up, customers are expected to appreciate the downtime. 

For starters, the site will appear different – the digital formatting platform is constantly evolving and it is important for websites to regularly spice up their online presence. Modern websites are easy to use, quite interactive and offer much more than the customer expects them to. If it is in areas of offers for instance, customers expect that a casino site will break down all offers available even arranging them in a possible easy-to-follow list. 

Borgata’s tech upgrade process has incorporated the icon of a magnifying glass at the top of the main screen. Just run your eyes over the top bar and you will see it at the right hand corner of the screen. This feature has been included here to make it easy for players to locate resources; there is plenty of information shared on the site every single day and after a while may get lost for someone who is trying to make reference to it. 

According to Borgata casino management, the single major impact that the recent upgrade will have is on the $777 promotion; the public event will be halted for a couple of weeks to resume sometime in May. 

Other than information of promotions, players can use the search icon to get exact dates for entertainer appearances, offers on dining at the casino premises’ and a lot of other amenities. For players who like living their lives on the move, there is a feature called the “Open Indicator” that shows the open status of shops, spas and restaurants. This makes it possible to pop in or send someone over with a guarantee that you will not bounce. 

For the members of the M life Rewards club, the MGM and Borgata Express Comps are being merged to operate from a single application. Users who are loyalty members at both casinos can now put them together and redeem them at any of MGM Resorts’ premises. 

Regardless of whether a casino user is using a mobile phone, tablet or PC to access betting platforms, the Borgata player platform has been streamlined to make navigation a lot easier. It will now be possible to make dinner reservations, book a spa treatment or check into the hotel Borgata from any internet enabled device. 


The poker point has been put in order

Poke lovers also get to experience a new Borgata when the curtains finally rise after the nightlong shutdown. Express Comps is now available to poker players and it is important to note that the process for obtaining this privilege is a bit different than it was previously. If a player earns any Express Comps, these will be automatically added onto the balance they have on their M life loyalty cards. 

To make sure that this process takes place without any hitch, players with Express Comps should appear physically at the poker room and speak to the shift manager at the podium. For players who happen to have vouchers to play at slot machines, they will still work if they were printed after April 21. Anything before then should be taken physically to the main casino cashier and redeemed there. 

The entertainment bit at the Borgata will have to wait and guests must get used to the silence until after July. This is when the next set of four live shows being presented at the Borgata has been scheduled for. One of these events is a comedy show featuring Jim Breuer while another is a concert where the main performers will be Air Supply. 

The NJ casino appears to have its calendar full till august 28 which is when the Commodores will be live in concert. There is no official communication for events slotted till the end of the year but it is evident that the digital upgrade has come with a load of other goodies for players. 

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