Bally’s Hotel and Casino to Undergo Major Renovations Under New Ownership

Atlantic City Casinos thrive not only for their innovative products but also for the fact that they have tangible assets that guests and customers can constantly walk into for a real casino feel. Being a self-made gambling destination, the casino owners must keep their assets looking fresh all the time. 

The past one year or so have been a trying time for operators in AC due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact many casinos had to close down as directives for Covid-19 containment were enforced. This move in a way provided the perfect opportunity for which many establishments remodeled their premises in readiness for life after the pandemic. 

As a result, most casinos were found to be operation-ready when the Governor of New Jersey announced a lifting of Covid-19 movement restrictions. Walk into any casino in New Jersey today and you will be amazed by the classy interiors, flashy fittings and ample space that spell of affluence and prestige. 

A few days ago, the people of Atlantic City woke up to a new looking Bally’s Hotel and Casino. The curiosity among the residents was rampant as the brand colors and everything else had been changed. Unknown to many, this new look Bally’s was a mirror of the new management that had taken over the building and all its investments therein. 

Being one of the skylines of AC, it is highly unlikely that anyone would miss it and from whatever distance. Ideally, every tower that stands in this city has its own point of uniqueness. When you set your eyes on the building adorned with rose-colored exterior glass, you know that what you are looking at is the Bally’s Hotel & Casino. 


The history of Bally’s

It is impossible to speak about the early beginnings of AC and not mention that Bally’s Hotel & Casino was among the first buildings to be put up in that location. According to the senior management at the hotel and casino establishment, the construction of Bally’s happened in the early 1980s. While the building had stood for all that time and obviously acted as a landmark for many, it did not resonate well with those who mattered. 

Commenting on the sale, the Executive vice president in charge of casino operations at Bally’s, Phil Juliano, the casino building has bothered him for a while. He states that there has always been a single issue about the casino that concerned him the entire time he has been a part of the management team there. Why would there be about 15 or 20 windows spread over the building’s façade of different colors but not following any particular pattern?

To him and many others that never got a chance to voice their opinion on the outlook of the building; the mix of color was not appealing to the eyes. 

Oftentimes, it is not easy to find accessories used in renovations done when a building is being newly constructed. It will never be clear why the construction team decided to use some blue glass on some parts while the largest portion of the wall was covered by red-colored glass. 

Luckily for Juliano’s team, they located a renovations company working in New Jersey that agreed to source and replace the blue glass with the red colored alternative. Renovations are not done all the time so it was quite important that Juliano’s team ensures a clean job. Who knows when the next big job will be taking place? 

Juliano hopes that the new face of the Bally’s building will be a symbol of what the management and customers of the casino have stood for over the years. The new management is optimistic that the appearance of the casino will to a great extent stand for a new chapter in the life of Bally’s. By marveling at the appearance of Bally’s home from the outside, it is the hope of the new management that many walk-in customers will be curious as to what happens inside. 

Making the appearance of the building uniform by replacing some glass pieces is a small step but the management believes it is quite significant. When the contractors are done with replacing the glass, they will proceed to renovate the floor which also needs some touches and alterations before they can move on to upgrading the hotel rooms. 

Since Bally’s has room for hotels and restaurants, the new management is also looking to add restaurant types to cater for the diverse cuisine needs of casino clients. The current capacity of the hotel’s accommodation facilities can comfortably cater to a minimum population of 750 room occupants. The plan is to have all the rooms touched up to not only give them a modern look but make them fresh especially to those who have boarded there before. 

Juliano reveals that he has already set eyes on the planned renovations that will be done on the Bally’s Hotel & Casino building. Before the full ground work is to begin, he is optimistic that the public will have a sneak peek into the final outcome from a sample that the company plans to make; plans that will cover the entire gambling floor inclusive of poker tables and slots.



Those who have lived in Atlantic City long enough and been actively involved in the casino business must have noticed that Caesars Entertainment were the former owners of Bally’s. For Caesars management, this must have been a small investment given that the gambling group has not only been in the business for a long time but also owns massive casino properties in various states. It is normal to do renovations when a new owner takes over; it means that they are giving the property their personal touch. For Bally’s the nature of renovations must be carefully thought out because they will also serve in marketing the business.

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